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Maaneet - FF

Character Sketch:

Geet Maan Singh Khurana: She is a fun loving and protective mother of her son Aryaan. After struggling all her life, she met the love of her life and husband Maan Singh Khurana. She is a pure Punjabi Kuri who has a very "sherni" attitude if it comes to Maan or Aryaan.  She is sophisticated and very educated, yet she has the values of a traditional Indian woman. She loves her devar as her own little brother and treats Maan's family like her very own. She is a strong girl who protects others and then saves herself. Although she may come from a different background from Maan, but she knows her traditions very very well! perhaps more than Maan.

Maan Singh Khurana: He is the rude, arrogant and cold hearted man that fell in love with his sherni and wife, "Geet".  This man is the owner of Khurana Constructions and holds honesty, respect and hard work in high regard. He loves to romance his "Geet" and play with his son Aryaan! ? The all famous Maan Singh Khurana sets the whole world on fire as soon as he walks in! The ladies drool over him, even after he gets married! He is the eldest son and brother of the Khurana family.

Aryaan Singh Khurana: This lovable 6 year old is your average naughty boy who will "accidentally" throw his baseball into your window, thus breaking the window into small pieces. Just kidding! He is an obedient and fun loving child that holds his mother and father in high regard.  He is the oldest heir to the Khurana Empire! Although he can be quite a papa's boy at times! Like his father, he attracts all the ladies towards him.

Dev Singh Khurana: The middle child of the Khurana brothers and is quite the "drama king". He is a greedy and selfish man who would do anything and everything to ruin something for someone. He is the young and charming brother who woos all the ladies and after getting what he wants out of them' he leaves them immediately. He owns his own hotel business in order to compete with his brother Maan Singh Khurana. He hates Geet and only aims to hurt her and not anyone else.

Meera Singh Khurana:  The young wife of Sameer Singh Khurana! She a devrani to Geet and a very fun loving one as well. She spoils her little devil Aryaan with chocolates, gifts and tons of love. Geet and she were best friends since they were little girls and who knew! They became even closer in relation! She has a clean and pure heart that shows on her face. Like Geet, she is sophisticated and modern but still holds her traditions in high regard.

Sameer Singh Khurana: This naughty and young Khurana, is a fun loving guy who has clean heart! He makes mistakes, but always looks up to his brother Maan for advice. Both Meera and he live in Canada because he owns a business that runs there. Even before getting married to Meera he always treated Geet like his own sister and mother! His brother Maan is like a father figure for him! Meera is the love of his life in which he seeks comfort and peace.  He treats Aryaan like his own son and showers him with love!

Savitri Devi Singh Khurana (Daadi Maa): This wonderful woman is the grandmother of Maan, Dev and Sameer. She is a kind hearted and soft spoken woman who loves her children very much. She lives in the ancestral Haveli in Jaipur. She is a modern dadi, who still upholds her traditions to the utmost regard. She treats Geet and Meera equally as her daughters because she did not have any daughters in her own children.  She has the silent hand of authority in her household, but is a very leanient daadi maa. And how else to describe her? Well she's like every other loving Daadi maa in this world! :)

Naina Singh Rathod: Well... who could have imagined that a woman like her would be in a relationship with Dev. She is a self centered person who just cares all about wealth and power. She has a rough past... Everything got taken away from her when she was a girl and she landed up from a rajput family to a brothel. Since then, she has been out trying to gather herself and Dev was the only support she had.

Armaan Malik: The hearthrob of all doctors! He has been a very close friend of Geet and later became very close with Maan. He has always supported Geet in everything she did. He is a fun loving and honest guy who would literally make every girl's dil go " dhak dhak" in the hospital. He has been married to Shilpa for the same time Geet and Maan were married.  He fell in love with Shilpa while they were interns at Sanjeevani and his heart went " dhak dhak" for her. He lives his every moment cherishing his wife, his life and love. Although at the hospital he can be quite strict or serious... he never misses a chance to romance with his wife!

Shilpa Malik: A word to describe Dr. Shilpa: Sweet! She is a honest and sweet girl who lives her life the way she wants to. Her bubbly attitude and caring nature has left a thousand just breathless. Her innocence and charm is what Armaan fell in love with and now she is happily married with Armaan. She was playing hard to get, tough girl at first, but she slowly fell for Armaan! Their sweet and romantic love would make anyone want to go " hayeeeee" And she has been a friend of Geet and Meera since they all went to University together.

Prem Juneja: He is Geet's maternal cousin from Hoshiyarpur and a lawyer by profession. He lives with his wife Heer in Mumbai.Geet treats Prem like her elder brother and his wife Heer like her own sister. Prem and Geet have grown up together and she shares the littlest of secrets with him. He funded Geets education and helped start her construction business. He is a sweet guy that has respect for elders and everyone. Although you don't want to make him angry, but overall he is a nice guy and will do anything to help you. He and Maan get along very well because they are similar in personality and Prem knows that Maan will always keep Geet protected and loved.

Heer Juneja: Prem's wife and the sweetest girl you would ever meet. She and Geet went to the same school when they were young girls. She is a fashion designer by profession and no matter how busy she is, when it comes to Prem or Geet.. she always comes to their aid. She loved Prem since she was a young girl and Prem had feelings for her later.She may sound like a modern and snobby wife of a rich lawyer, but she is traditional and she still keeps her values in tact.

Part 1

"Oye... Aryaan! Idhar aao! Pehle dood khatam karo!" Yelled Geet as she ran after her son.

"Kya hua Geet?" called Maan as he shaved in the washroom

Suddenly, Geet stopped and smiled to herself. "Maybe this will help my situation a little bit" So she called out to him in her strict and angry voice that Aryaan was often afraid of.


Suddenly, Aryaan stopped and turned around. He walked towards his mother who had a large frown on her face. " I'm sorry Mama, Ill drink it". Geet smiled ," Aaja ladoo, yeh leh". Suddenly, Geet heard a loud beep and she turned around and said "Chal, teri bus bhi aa gayii". Aryaan smiled at his mother who looked at her son proudly.

Geet walked Aryaan to the bus and as she was helping his tiny legs into the bus, he kissed her on the cheeks and said," I love you Mama". Geet smiled, "Chal mere hero, jaa!". She kissed Aryaan on the cheeks and finally said goodbye to her son.

As Geet walked inside, she was smiling to herself and thinking of how perfect her life was after all those hardships she went through.  As she was walking, a pair of strong hands grabbed her waist.

"Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana, beta hai to kya hua? You have a husband that needs your help in getting ready as well, smiled Maan naughtily. Maan removed the piece of hair that flew into Geet's face. Geet closed her eyes and felt Maan's breath near her neck. Suddenly, Geet opened her eyes and said " Chadoo jii! Aap bhi naa' bacha ho gaya hai, aur aap apna bachpana bhoolay nahi! Maan smiled at her shyness. He thought to himself, "She's already a mother of one, how about helping her out with one more?" Maan smiled mischievously. Suddenly, Maan pulled Geet into his arms again. "Can I help you out with another Khurana Miss Hoshiyarpur?"  Geet smiled shyly and said, " buss kijiyee... koi dekhlay ga,,,'"

Maan suddenly started to kiss Geet on her forhead, cheeks, ears, and nose and finally almost the lips' when Geet stopped his lips from going any further, or even before she lost her self control. "Maan baas ki jiye' baad mein' " as Geet turned away shyly. Then Maan looked at her mischeviously, " Oh well' you have to pay for it later Mrs. Khurana".  Maan turned away and took the towel off the bed and went into the shower.

Geet turned toward her closet and tried to decide what she was going to wear for the day at the office with Maan.  She chose her favorite red and white Anarkali and smiled to herself, "Maan will like this one' I mean' he loves these colors on me" She decided on this outfit and changed into this outfit. She put her matching bangles and earrings on adoringly. Geet turned around and walked towards her dressing table where she sat down. She fixed her mangalsutra and put a tiny gold chain with a tiny diamond pendant.  Finally she pulled her sindoor forward and smiled and she dipped her finger into the little gold tin.

Shortly after 10 minutes, Geet and Maan made their way into the car. " Geet do you have all the files and supplies needed for the meeting?" asked Maan. "Yes I do, and stop worrying". Smiled Geet.  Soon after, Maan and Geet had reached KC.

Part 2

Both Maan and Geet entered the office with a very professional stride in their walk. Geet smiled to everyone, while Maan was the more serious one and nodded his head signifying his "Hello". Everyone stood up from their seat in respect. Both Maan and Geet stopped. Geet finally spoke and said, "Good Morning everyone! As you all know it is a very big day for KC as we have managed to get the biggest contract that we all have been working hard for. I want you all to present your best and give your best as this special contract goes through the meeting process. "finished Geet. Maan continued on, "Thankyou everyone and please get back to work". Maan then gestured Geet to follow him into the board room along with the whole team. As everyone sat down, Geet noticed that Maan was nervous about something. "Kya hua Maan? Kuch problem  hai kya?" asked Geet innocently. "Nahi nahi Geet, bus thora nervous ho raha hoon". Geet smiled at her husband and said, " Maan, aap fikar maat kijiye, sub kuch smoothly ho jayega!". Maan smiled and was relieved with the assurance that Geet gave him.

After ten minutes, the Rathods team had entered the boardroom. The meeting went very smoothly with all the presentations from both sides. Geet however, was the one leading the meeting because Maan had faith in Geet's presentation skills and knew she could not make any mistake. The meeting went very smoothly for about 2 hours. Geet had sat down after the meeting had concluded. She had full faith in this day and knew that she could not let Maan down.  Soon afterwards, one of the Rathod Representatives had gotten up and said, "Mr Khurana, we are very impressed with Miss Geet's presentation, in which we have decided that we are going to do this deal with you." Geet smiled and well…Maan was just beyond happy and of course proud of his wife! Maan and Geet stood up and shook hands with the Rathod team. Everyone left, except Geet and Maan. Maan looked at his wife's face with tears in his eyes. Geet walked up to Maan and hugged him tightly in which Maan held onto her tightly as well. Geet unfastened herself from Maan's hold and wiped his tears delicately. Geet returned to her comical self and said, " Oye hoye, aap to bilkul hi Meena Kumari lag rahe hain". Maan laughed."Chalein, lunch kartay hain aur iskay baad Aryaan ko lena hai school se." added Geet. Maan nodded and followed his wife out of the meeting room.

After Maan and Geet had their lunch, both went into the car towards Aryaan's school. As soon as they reached the school, the car stopped to let both of them out. Outside the school, Aryaan was waiting for his parents to come pick him up. Both Maan and Geet were looking for Aryaan until Geet spotted Aryaan sitting on the bench. Geet ran towards him and Maan saw that she had spotted him. Aryaan saw his mother and ran towards her as well. Both met in a tight hug and Geet said, "Oye hoye, mere hero, kaisa tha tera school?". Aryaan nodded and said," Good Mama! I learned so much today". Suddenly, Aryaan saw that Maan had walked towards them as well. "PAPA!!!" yelled Aryaan as he unfastened himself from his mothers embrace. Maan went down on his knees and opened his arms wide for his son. "Papa Papa! Aapko pata hai kay aaj school mein kya hua tha?" said Aryaan excitedly. Maan laughed and said, "Nahi beta, batao! Kya hua tha?".  Aryaan began to speak when some girls giggled, "Byee Aryaan!". Geet saw them and opened her mouth out wide," Haww!".

Maan smiled at his son and said, "koi baat nahi beta, main tumhe bacha tha hoon" winked Maan. Geet folded her arms with a big frown on her face. "Bye Mr Khurana" giggled the mothers of the girls who first called Aryaan. Geet was now raging in anger and jealousy. Maan stopped laughing and signaled Aryaan to hold his hand. Both walked upto their favorite lady and Aryaan said, "Mama, these girls are silly, don't worry!! You are my favorite girl". Maan smiled and continued seriously, " Haan, jo bhi Aryaan nay kaha". Geet smiled and turned around towards her two favorite men. She walked towards Aryaan and bent down, " you are my favorite too beta!" . She kissed her son on the cheek and stood up. Maan was expecting some sort of sweet gesture but Geet turned to him and held his collar lightly, " Agar phir se hua na, to main unkay chotay chotay tukray kar doongi aur aapkay bhi". She smiled and let go of his collar. Maan smiled at his wife's jealousy. All of them laughed and walked towards the car. The three got into the car where they drove off towards the house.

Part 3

As they reached home with Aryaan talking nonstop about his day, it was almost dinner time. As they entered their home, Geet told Aryaan to go freshen up. Maan went upto their room to freshen up as well while Geet went directly into the kitchen. "Nakul Kaka, main aaj ka dinner bana thi hoon, aap ghar jasakte hain". Nakul kaka added, " Acha beti, mainay khaana bana diya tha pehle say, par parathay nahi banayay". "Koi baat nahi, main baaki ka kar doongi". Nakul Kaka nodded and left the kitchen to Geet. Geet had started making the paratha's and prepared the dinner. She set it all on the table and found Maan with Aryaan in his arms coming towards the table. "Good timing Mr.Khurana" smiled Geet. Maan walked upto his wife and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Aryaan copied his father and gave her a kiss on the opposite cheek. Geet smiled and both men sat down on the table while Geet was serving them with the food. Maan stopped Geets hand and told her to sit down and eat as well. Geet nodded and sat down with her plate. All of them ate and talked with tons of laughter going around the table with Aryaan's stories.

Suddenly the phone rang and Geet stood up to pickup the phone, "Hello" said Geet. At that right moment Geet stopped dead in her tracks with a shocked expression. She dropped the phone and tears began rolling from her eyes. Maan stopped eating and walked over to Geet to see what was that matter. Maan saw that Geet was in tears and turned her to face him. She could not look in his eyes. The shocked expression just didn't leave her face. The large tears from her hazel eyes could not stop. She went into Maan's strong and protective arms in which she found her only solace and comfort.

 Maan was VERY worried right now and he asked," Kya hua Geet? Kaun tha phone par?". Geet was unable to give him a proper answer because she was crying. She completely broke down in Maan's arms. Maan did not let her out of his protective hold. Finally, Geet unfastened herself from his hold and told him, "Maan… woh… "stuttered Geet. Maan was getting very worried and impatient, "Kya hua Geet, dekho, daro matt! Mujhe khul kay batao".  Geet gathered up all her courage and finally spoke, " Maan woh.. phone par.. Dev tha…". Maan understood and started to rage with anger. " Uski itni himmat, kay Maan Singh Khurana ko dhamkki de raha hai?" Geet was very afraid because she knew that Maan would not sit quiet. Afterall, he was her Maan Singh Khurana… the arrogant and powerful man that could ruin anyone within seconds if they dare go near Aryaan or her. Geet immediately spoke, " Maan please… just let him talk… don't do anything" as she grabbed his hand. Maan let go of her hold and said, " Nahi Geet… aab woh mujhse nahi bachay ga… ab to main uska jeena haraam kardoonga!". Maan walked away angrily as if he was going to go kill Dev with his bare hands. "Oh no" Geet thought… I should stop him before it gets worse!". Geet ran upto Maan who was walking away with full anger. She suddenly felt dizzy and fainted right on the spot.

Part 4

Maan heard the loud thud behind him and turned around to see that Geet was lying on the floor unconscious. He screamed, "GEET!" and quickly scooped her up in his arms and took her upstairs. Suddenly, Aryaan came running in and asked Maan, " Papa! Mama ko kya huaa?". Maan replied in a hurry, "Nothing beta.... go get ready for bed…!" Aryaan obeyed his father and went straight upstairs to his room. Maan ran upstairs toward their bedroom and laid Geet on the bed. He quickly took out his cellphone and dialed their family doctor. "Hello, Dr. Khan… please come quickly… Geet fainted and is unconscious" said Maan quickly. "Jii… jaldi say aayay!" replied Maan.

After 15 minutes, Dr Khan arrived and required Maan to step out of the room so she could do her complete checkup.  Maan nodded and decided to go see if Aryaan was asleep. Maan entered Aryaan's room where he found him playing with his lego's. "Ari beta, aren't you going to get to sleep?" asked Maan. Aryaan looked at his father with questioning eyes. " Papa… Mama theek hai naa?" asked innocent Aryaan. Maan forced a smile and told him, "Yes… she is sleeping at the moment and Mr. Junior Khurana you should be getting to bed now". "Okay Papa" said Aryaan obeying his father. Aryaan cleaned up his toys and Maan picked him up and put him in bed.Maan laid beside Aryaan and slowly put him to sleep. As soon as Aryaan drifted into sleep, Maan turned off the light and slowly crept out of Aryaan's bedroom. Maan then walked towards his room where he found the Dr. Khan coming out of the bedroom. Maan ran upto Dr Khan and asked her, "Dr. Khan… Geet kaisi hain? Sub kuch normal hai?". Dr Khan smiled, " Congratulations Mr.Khurana, you are going to be a father once again". Maan smiled out wide and the happiness on his face did not know any limits and he said, "Kya? Such Doctor?" . Dr Khan smiled and said, " Geet ko hospital le ke aayi ga, kyunki humnay aur bhi test karnay hain". Maan nodded and escorted Dr. Khan towards the door. Maan ran upstairs to see how Geet was doing. As soon as he entered the room, he saw Geet smiling wide and crying at the same time.

Maan sat on the side of the bed and lifted Geets chin up. Geet suddenly hugged Maan so tight as if she felt he was about to go to war and would never come back. Maan equally hugged back and said, " Geet… mujhe yakeen nahi a raha hain!". " Maan… main bus apki khushi chathi hoon, aur pata nahin par.. aapko ek nanhi si pari bhi mil jayegi" smiled Geet. Maan could not believe it! He was going to be a father again and he could not wait till his nanhi pari came into his life. He would shower the baby with all the love, gifts and happiness of this world.After all these were Maan Singh Khurana's children, so they deserved it. Geet separated  herself from the hug and told him, "Aur ek vaada bhi chahiye Maan". Maan asked, " What is it Geet". "I don't want you to reply back to that Dev… just leave him alone… let our life go on with peace… hes already threatened us and done nothing" replied Geet. Maan took a deep sigh and said, " Acha Geet.. agar tum yehi chahthi ho to main kuch nahi karoonga". Geet smiled, " That's like my Maan Singh Khurana".Maan knew that he should give extra, extra care and attention towards Geet who cannot take any stress at all. 

The next morning, Geet did the same routine as she did every morning. She would get up and brush her teeth and get Aryaan ready for school. So she got up that day and walked to Aryaan's room where he was already awake and playing with his lego's. Geet smiled and walked over to Aryaan and said, " oye mere hero… you aren't ready yet". Aryaan replied without turning around said, "Aap nahi thi naa… to… main aapka wait kar raha tha". Geet frowned and said, " Beta! You are getting to be a big boy na? So you have to get use to getting ready without me and plus you have another little sibling to take care of soon as well!". Aryaan looked at her with wide eyes and said, "Yaaay! Ek aur sibling?". Geet nodded and Aryaan said, " But Mama, even when the new baby comes… I won't be able to do anything without you, so don't forget about me". Geet smiled and said, "Tu mera hero hai.. main kaisay bhool sakti hoon?.. chal teri help kardeti hoon". Geet added further, " Oye hoye… aaja… teri bus bhi aanay wali hogi!" . She offered her hand to Aryaan and he immediately grabbed it. She quickly got him ready in fifteen minutes and took him downstairs to eat breakfast. She made him his favorite Alloo Parathas and packed his lunchbag with sandwiches and cookies. Finally Aryaan's bus came and she again helped his tiny legs into the bus and kissed him goodbye.

Part 5

She went upstairs towards her room smiling and thinking of how her life is just perfect! As soon as she entered, she saw Maan still sleeping peacefully. "My God, he looks like a baby" thought Geet. So she slowly crept toward her bed and sat beside Maan who was still asleep. She slowly spoke, " Maan… aapko office nahi jaana kya". Maan slowly opened his eyes and nodded. Geet smiled but suddenly he turned himself around and put the pillow on his head. "Oye hoye.. biwi kay saath sharmana?" joked Geet. Maan opened his eyes and turned around. "Geet! Why did you not shake me awake! Office kay liye late ho gaya!".  "Oh ho… aap ka to office hay.. aap jab bhi aasaktay hain" joked Geet. "Good point Miss. Hoshiyarpur" added Maan. " But you madam Khurana wont be going to the office today because you need rest" explained Maan.

"Hawww… kyun? Excuse me Mr.Khurana… its my office too and don't give me the "you are pregnant so don't do anything" said Geet.  Suddenly, Maan thought, "Why don't I stay with her?... I mean she could use company". Geet read his mind and said, "Agar aap nahi jaana chathay to, office phone kar kay bol dein". Maan immediately took his cellphone and dialed the office and told them he will not be in today. Maan said, "Acha yeh to kar liya… ab Mrs. Khurana… mujhe jaa kar shower lena hai… agar tum kaho.. too… thori si madaat ki zarorat ho gi". Geet replied shyly " Maan.. aap bhi naa.. ek aur bacha ho jaye ga… thori si sharam karein". Maan kissed Geet on the cheek and told her, "Yeah yeah.. pata hain.. par thori si to madaat??" Geet said, "Maan!!" Maan replied, "Acha… jaa raha hoon…"

After 15 minutes, Maan was done and he told Geet  to go into the washroom now that it was free. Then after 20 minutes, Geet was finished with her shower and she came out trying to decide what she was going to wear, since she was going to be home for the day with Maan.  She was standing in front of her closet, trying to decide when Maan came behind her and grabbed her waist. "Mrs. Khurana… you should wear that pink one I got you from Mumbai". Geet agreed and didn't mind wearing it. Afterall… it was her Maan that decided it. They both were getting ready at the same time.  Geet was already ready and decided to go downstairs and make breakfast. As she was coming down she saw a slight figure of a person in the main living room. She stepped in front of the silk curtains that hung on each wall opening that lead to the main living room. As she stepped in she was shocked to see who it was.Everything went dead and silent in the room. It felt as if someone ripped her heart apart and threw it on the ground... All she could do is stand there shocked...
Part 6

"TUM YAHAAN KYA KAR RAHE HO" screamed Geet. " Darling' or oops.. Bhabhi jii' aisay welcome kartay hain mehmaano ko? Sneered Dev. "Aur ek baat bhi BHABHI' main is ghar ka sadasya hoon' afterall.. Khurana hoon na?" replied Dev calmly

Geet walked upto Dev in her protective sherni mode and immediately slapped him across the face. She screamed. " Tumhari itni himmat.. you disgusting devil". Geet was raging in anger. When she slapped Dev he sneered and smiled wickedly at her. " You stupid woman, I should have just thrown you out after I used you that night.. or even better.. used you till you were breathing your last" sneered Dev. Suddenly from above the stairs Dev heard, "DEV!". It was none other than Maan!

Maan walked up in full anger mode and said, "AGAR TUMNAY KUCH AUR BHI KAHAA GEET KO TO MAIN TUMHE ISSI ZAMEEN PAR DAFNA DOONGA". Dev replied, "Oh bro' bhabhi and I were just talking about past times.. you know". "SHUTUP DEV' I HEARD EVERYTHING.. DON'T EVEN TRY TO GO NEAR MY WIFE OR SON' YOU KNOW WHAT I WILL DO.. EVEN IF YOU ARE MY BLOOD' I WON'T EVEN HESITATE TO TURN YOUR LIFE INTO A LIVING HELL" yelled Maan. " Oh bro.. calm down' aap to jazbati ho gaye" said Dev in a perfectly calm tone. He knew that Maan would fume out his anger and that's exactly what he wanted. A Reaction.  Maan immediately told Dev to leave the house or else he will make sure that even if he tries to come, he won't have the courage to. Dev smiled wickedly, "Yeah' who else would want to stay in this frickin house anyway but to spend another one with....?". "SHUT UP DEV AND LEAVE THIS HOUSE RIGHT NOW BEFORE I FORCE YOU OUT MYSELF!" roared Maan. "Bro.. relax.. learn to talk with a calm tone" added Dev. " DEV, I SWEAR TO GOD... JUST LEAVE THIS HOUSE RIGHT NOW, YOU DISGUSTING MAN.. I HOPE YOU ROT IN H*LL" screamed Geet. Dev ignored Geet and said "By the way' tell Aryaan that his uncle said Hello' Im sure he would be thrilled" said Dev as he exited the home.

Geet felt weak on her knees and suddenly she began losing her balance. She fell onto the couch in utter horror. Maan turned around and went on his knees, " Geet tum fikar mat karo... main sab kuch theek kardoonga.. aur Dev ko bhi?" Geet went out of her trance and wiped all her tears away. She tried to smile and said, "Haan Maan' aap fikar maat karo par please... aap abhi kuch mat karna... us Dev ko bus reaction hi chahhiye... waisay mein aapsay kabhi nahi alaag ho sakti". Maan knew that fakeness behind her smile and said, " Geet, you know I will lay down my life if it means that you are protected from Dev". Geet immediately put her hand to his mouth and said "Maan.. please aisay baatein maat kijiye' yeh Geet apna tun aur mann de chuki hain aapko' and if it means protecting you I too will risk anything' even my own izaat to save you, even if I have to burn my whole body to provide you heat and warmth.. I will". "Geet.. aisay baatein mat karo... yeh tumhara Maan abhi zinda hai.. aur tumhari hifazat kartay rahe ga.." said Maan protectively. Maan took  her in his arms immediately and said, "Geet.. hum apni zindagi Aryaan aur apne liye jiyenge.. aur hamara anaay wala bacha kay liye bhi". Geet smiled said, "Chalein.. is baat ko bhool jayen aur nashta kartein hain". Maan agreed and helped Geet up and held her hand all the way to the breakfast table.

Part 7

"Geet' I have an urgent meeting, I have to go and quickly attend' I'll be back in two hours" said Maan in a hurry. "Acha Maan.. aap jayein" said Geet. Maan asked her if she was going to be okay and Geet replied in a nod. Maan left the home shortly five minutes afterwards and left Geet sitting on the swingset out in the garden. She went deep into her thoughts'


Kya karlogi jaan? Sneered Dev. "Are you going to call your savior and Superman?" laughed Dev. Geet screamed, " Don't even dare to go near me". Too late' Dev had already torn off Geet's Dupatta and the sleeves of her suit. " Man' I should take pictures of these wonderful moments' nahh. Actually.. they will be stored in my memory and yours too" sneered Dev. Dev grabbed Geet and threw her onto the bed where he stripped off his clothes. Geet was screaming and crying. She was a relatively strong girl but Dev's strong hold prevented her from slipping away. She was struggling so much that Dev put all his weight onto her and started tearing off all her clothes. Geet was struggling and crying so loud, but no one was there to save her because they were in a secluded area. Dev finally stripped Geet naked of all her clothes and started scratching and invading himself into her body. He bit her; he punched her' and explored her body tastefully. He was at this for a whole three hours and finally he let go and put on his clothes. Geet was as dead as ever. She could not move because her body ached and her tears dried up leaving mascara trails all over her face. Dev finished putting on his clothes and took another look at Geet's injured and bruised body. He laughed wickedly. He left the room. There was silence in the whole room. Geet finally attempted to get up and tore the sheets off the bed to coverherself. Geet could not believe that this would happen to her! She just didn't have a reaction at all' she was as frozen as a statue'

---------------End of Flashback------------

Suddenly Geet broke out of her thoughts and heard Maan coming in from the door. She wiped her tears and walked towards the interior of the house. Maan saw her and knew that something was horribly wrong. Maan rushed towards her, "Geet' kya hua? Dev phir se aaya kya? Usko to mein-" . "Maan, sach mein.. kuch nahi hua" Geet said cutting Maan off midway. "Geet tum fikar mat karo' I'll deal with him and no this time you aren't binding me with your promises" stated Maan. "Par Maan-" as Geet said trying to explain.

" Chup! Bilkul Chup Geet' Maan Singh Khurana jab thaan leta hai.. to woh har haal mein karta hain... koi bhi na rok sakta.. tum bhi nahi said Maan fiercely. Geet shut her mouth right away and smiled, "Acha Mr. Khurana' mere samne itne sher bante ho". Joked Geet. Maan laughed, "Tumhara to chuhe jaisa dil hain naa?". "Nahi.. main to Miss. Hoshiyarpur aur aapki apni sherni hoon" joked Geet. Maan laughed at her comment. " Acha ab upar chaltay hain' tumse kuch office ki baatein karni hain" said Maan seriously. Geet wasn't in the mood and joked, "Yeh baatein karni hain kya' woh baatein karni hain winked Geet as she trailed her finger through the side his face. Maan knew that if he said something back, he would lose his self control. "Geet.. seriously' we  have to talk". Said Maan seriously. " Eh lo' saru.. chalein.. baatein kartay hain... ab kiska chuhay jaisa dil hai" muttered Geet." Kya" asked Maan. "Kuch nahi' chaliye" said Geet. And they both went upstairs into their office area

Part 8

Later that night, Geet was lying on her bed and thinking very deeply… Suddenly, she went into that same thought of that horrible night that changed her look and personality.


"Someone please help me screamed" Geet as she screamed on top of her lungs. "No one is here.. .what am I going to do??? Its so late at night". "Kya karoon" thought Geet. Suddenly, she remembered that there was a little storage room and it might have some clothes in it... "I think the last owners just abandoned this little cottage… I wouldn't blame them.. its so creepy… " thought Geet. Geet wrapped the sheet around her even tightly and walked towards the storage room. As she entered the dusty area with cobwebs hanging, she found a large chest box. "Wow this is just not realistic is it?.. kya karoon.. I have to get to Meera's house" muttered Geet. So she opened the box and found a baggy shalwar suit that was a million times bigger than her size. "Good enough" thought Geet. So she changed into it and kept the sheet just in case  and saw a mirror while changing. She saw herself even closely than before… bruised, scratches and cuts hid her beautiful face. As she put her hand on her cheek, she started crying and thinking, " Oh god… ab kya hoga?...". Geet was helpless at the time but she knew that she needed to get herself out of this mess. Geet went outside of the cottage and found that it was completely pitch dark black outside. She expected some sort of guiding light… However, she prayed to God and entered the dark forest hoping she wouldn't get lost. As she was walking, she spotted a small river. "Great, I'll wash up the dried blood and hopefully wash off everything else too". She knew that no one was there and so she decided to bath herself a little before heading off even more. " I don't want anyone to ask me any question" thought Geet. So she crept her little self down towards the river which seemingly enough was absolutely beautiful. The moon shined onto the water which reflected its purity into the dark water. Geet took her bag and put it on the rock away from the water. She looked around to see if anyone was there. She went on and started to take off her clothes slowly and kept the sheet nearby. She wrapped the sheet in the way that it wasn't too long, neither was it too short. She tightly wrapped it two times and then crept towards the water. She found the perfect rock and sat in the middle of the water and started to wash herself. However, she wasn't not alone this time… Geet was too busy bathing herself/ relaxing after that horrible incident that would scar her for the rest of her life. Geet did not hear the footsteps in the bushes from above, but they were unsure and heavy footsteps…

----------------End of Flashback---------------------

"RRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIING… RINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG* roared Geet's alarm that was set to 6 am. She jumped up and realized the time! When she was getting out of the bed, she realized that Maan was still sleeping. So she slowly crept out and entered the washroom to freshen herself up.

Part 9

The whole day was her usual routine of getting Aryaan ready for school and then getting herself ready for a day at the office. However, now a days Geet has been getting even more exhausted where she just goes home a few hours early. Maan knew of the stress at KC and assured Geet that she would not be working anymore and to take care of her and keep an eye out for her, he would work in their home office.

However one day, Geet was home alone because Maan had to urgently attend an important meeting that had to be done face to face. So he left the house at about 10 o clock and told Nakul Kaka to keep an eye on her. That very day, Geet was walking around the large halls of her home and then she heard a, "BOO" behind her back. She jumped and turned around to see who it was. It was Sameer and Meera back from Canada! " SAMEER! BADMASH! Ek minute! Abhi khabar leti hoon" said Geet who was absolutely not amused by his joke. "Bhabhi!... spare me once naa? Aur kiskay saath karoonga?" joked Sameer. " You have a good point" joked Geet. " Waisay tumhari begum kahaan hain?" askedGeet lovingly. " Sameer ki begum yahaan hain" smiled Meera. Geet was overjoyed and she ran up towards Meera and gave her a tight hug. " Oye! Kahaan thi tu? Phone bhi nahi karsakti thi?" said Geet excitedly. " Sorry Geet' it was so last minute" added Meera. " Why do girls scream each time they see their best friends.. it's not like they've seen them the first time?" asked Sameer jokingly. "Shutup Sameer" said Meera and Geet together. Sameer put up his hands in surrender and said, " jo bhi aap pretty ladies kahein". They all laughed once again like they did in old times.

"Chalo tum log, aapka kamra dikhati hoon aur ek khush khabri bhi sunati hoon" said Geet excitedly. She loved having her devar and best friend over! Geet led them upstairs into their old room that she kept neat and tidy every week because she knew that her best friend and devar would come very unexpectedly. " Chalo.. yeh hai tumhara purana kamra' just the way you left it" said Geet. "Thanks Bhabhi'!" said Sameer with his million dollar smile. " Haan Geet' thankyou.." added Meera. " Aur ek aur khabar... well' I recently found out that.. well.. I'm pregnant" said Geet excitedly. "KYA" said Meera and Sameer at the same time with shocked faces. " OMG GEET! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! EK AUR FARISHTA ISS GHAR MEIN" said Meera excitedly who once again got the chance to become a chachi and mausii again. " Bhabhi! Are you serious?? Kab hua? Aur apnay phone bhi nahi kiya?" said Sameer who was excited with the fact that he had another baby Khurana to spoil. " Well' I found out a day or two ago and things have been so crazy at the office that I never got the chance to' sorry baba!" explained Geet. "Khair.. choro iss baat ko' phirr'? Kab hai due?" asked Meera. "Pata nahi Meera' bus hospital
jaana hai.. kuch test karvanay hain" replied Geet. "Bhabhi, Maan bhai kahaan hain? Aur mera champ Aryaan abhi school say nahi aaya?". "Oh haan! Usko jaa kar pick karna hain.. Sameer zara pick karlo na..main bohot thak gayi hoon" sighed Geet. " Aapka hokum sar aakhon par" replied Sameer.

Sameer went to go pickup Aryaan from school and later returned after 20 minutes. " Chachu! Meri
chocolates kahaan hain?" asked the impatient Aryaan. " Tumhari chachi kay paas hain' aur ek baat bhi.. Mama ko nahi batana" winked Sameer. Aryaan looked with wide eyes and said, " Chachi bhi yahaan hain??!?! Kahaan hai voh" asked Aryaan excitedly. " Aapki chachi yahaan hain beta.. " smiled Meera as she bent down and opened her arms out wide for her nephew. Aryaan flew into her arms and gave her a tight squeeze. " Chachii! I am so glad you are here!" said Aryaan. Geet smiled and said, " Aryaan.. pehle jaa kar fresh ho jao phir baat karenge" . Aryaan frowned, " Okay Mama' promise naa? You both will be there right?". Sameer and Meera nodded in a "yes" and Aryaan ran straight upstairs. Suddenly, Geet heard the all famous, "GEET".

Part 10

"Oh ho! Maan! Main yahaan hoon… kahi nahi gayii" yelled Geet. " Sameer Meera.. jaa kar chup jao" instructed Geet. So Sameer took Meera's hand and took her into the pillars which had curtains covering them. "Shh" whispered Sameer. " Geet? GEEET? GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET" yelled Maan. " AAYIII" yelled Geet.  Geet walked over towards Maan, but he was quick and got there even before her. Maan wrapped his arms around her waist and said, " Geet… kahaan thi tum?" ." Maan.. buss.. kijiyee… koi dekhlay ga.. Aryaan dekhlay ga" said Geet shyly. She hadn't expected it to go that far.. Oh how embaressing! In front of her devar and best friend.  Meera was giggling but Sameer quickly put his finger to her lips to quiet her down. Maan started nuzzling her neck and said, "Aaj mat roko… even if Aryaan comes.. I don't care".

Geet was blushing bright red. Suddenly, Sameer and Meera jumped out of the curtains and yelled, "Surprise!!". Maan quickly let go of Geet and was shocked. Maan cleared his throat, " Sameer? Meera? Tum dono kab aaye?". " Waisay Meera.. tumhe nahi lagta kay hum kabhi kabaar ghalat waqt par aaja thay hain?" teased Sameer. " Aap to bus kijiye.. mere Maan Veerji ko har waqt satatay hain" replied Meera. Sameer and Meera quickly rushed upto Maan and went into his embrace. Maan welcomed them with open arms and hugged both of them. " Tum log kaisay ho?" said Maan lovingly. " Hum theek hain.. buss apki aur Geet Bhabhi ki yaad aa rahi thi" replied Sameer and Meera. Maan smiled and said, " Acha hua… tum dono kitnay din kay liye aaye ho?" asked Maan.

" Actually… we aren't going back to Canada at all… we thought that its time to move back to our own house.. with our own family" replied Sameer. " REALLY? SUCH MEIN? TUM LOG HAMESHA KE LIYE AAYE HO?" said Geet excitedly. " Haan Geet… ab hum sab saath rahenge" replied Meera. Geet was overjoyed! Two of her most favorite people in the world were here to stay! She wouldn't have to miss them anymore! " Waisay, tu na Meera.. mujhse pitay gi.." said Geet. Meera laughed and said, "Kyun?". "Actually.. Sameer.. tum mujhse maar kaaoge."

"Actually bhabhi.. aap apnay pyare se haathon se mujhe Alloo kay parathay bana dijiyee  na?" asked Sameer who was obviously hungry. "Oh haan! Itni pagal hoon main.. poocha bhi nahi kay tum dono ko kuch khaana hai ya nahi!" said Geet as she smacked her forhead. " Acha pyare devar jii.. bana deti hoon…" smiled Geet as she squeezed his cheeks. " bhabhi! Aapka haath ka khana to mein chakne ke liye taras gaya tha" said Sameer excitedly.  " Chal Meera… tujhse to gupshup hi karni hain" as she said pulling her towards the kitchen.
"Maan bhai you don't know how much Meera and I missed you guys!" said Sameer as he hugged his brother once again. Maan smiled and said, " Kaisay ho Sameer?.. actually.. tum mere saath chalo…" Both the Khurana brothers walked away talking and disappeared into the large hallway.
As everyone started to sit down for dinner, Meera and Geet were busy in the kitchen trying prepare the last bits of dinner. "BOO" yelled Sameer as he came behind Meera, literally scaring the life out of her. "SAMEER! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT" yelled Meera. " I was joking baby" as he grabbed onto her waist ( pulling a maan trick he learned earlier seeing his brother romance with his bhabhi). Meera blushed bright red and said, "Choro naa… Geet aajayegi… kisi ne dekhliya to?. "Dekhne do… waisay bhi.. if you didn't know already… I'm your hubby" joked Sameer. " Sameer.. baad mein.. please… you know I get shy" replied Meera who just was about to drop. " Kya horaha hai yahaan par" asked Geet as she stood there amused, but still managed to keep a serious face.
Sameer let go of Meera and Meera quickly fixed up herself and they both stood there serious. Geet laughed and said, " lage raho… I'll go" as she left the kitchen. Sameer kissed Meera on the cheek and then quickly ran away. Meera was about to smack him with her wooden stirring spoon. "Abhi bata ti hoon… Mr. Khurana… you act like a lion in front of me… and then Maan veerji ke saamne chuhe ban jate ho… I'll definitely get you back for that one" said Meera.

Part 11

Everyone was seated for dinner and then Geet and Meera were putting food onto each plate. As soon as they were finished, both sat down beside each of their respective husbands. Everyone was talking and then suddenly Meera started to play footsies with Sameer. She ran her tiny toes onto his legs and feet but still managing to keep a conversation. Sameer looked shocked. Maan noticing this, " Kya hua Sameer? Sab kuch theek hain naa". "Haan Maan Bhai' sab kuch theek hain" stuttered Sameer. Maan nodded and contined onto his other conversations." Meera' kya kar rahi ho" whispered Sameer as he put his head near her ear. Meera still smiling and eating replied, " Kya? Khana ka rahi hoon.. aur kya karsakti hoon". "Meera' tum ghalat insaan se panga leh rahi ho" smirked Sameer. "Tum ne to ghalat ladki se pehle panga liya tha' mein kya karoon?" replied Meera. Their whispered conversation was interrupted by a phone call on Maans cell phone. Maan picked it up and said, "Hello?" . Maan continued, " Yes Ms. Sprikley' I will meet you for that meeting tomorrow' lets say around lunch time?... We could have our lunch and discuss about this important deal". Geet stopped eating and with wide eyes she then squinted. Maan said good bye and put down the phone. " Yeh gori Sprikley kaun hai?" said Geet as she squinted. Maan replied,"Geet' she is one of our new contacts' kyun?", " Ah hah' yeh gori sprikley office mein nahi mil sakti?" said Geet jealously. "Geet' important kaam hai.. aur tum bhi nahi jaasakti mere jage kyunki tum pregnant ho and you need rest" replied Maan as he ate his food not realizing how jealous Geet looked. Once again, Maan's phone rang and he picked it up, " Oh hello again Ms. Sprikley, yes' and the reservations are at the Italian restaurant..? thankyou' I'll be sure to come tomorrow' thankyou for your time Ms. Sprikley". Geets mouth opened wider. " Haye rabba' Maan' I can't believe that you are actually going' Yeh goriyaan chotay chotay kapray pehn kar office jaati hain...bus aap bhi jasakte... '".

Suddenly Maan realized that Geet was definitely jealous. " hayee rabba... churail sprikley teri kursi toot jaye.. tera ghar jal jaye... " mutted Geet. Maan heard her and smiled. Sameer heard this and said, " Aap se kaun punga lega bhabhi? Someone should tell Sprikley that she shouldn't mess around with her". Meera kicked him in the leg to tell him to shutup right now before he gets the beating of his life. Sameer went quiet and started to eat."Geet' tum jealous to nahi ho rahi" asked Maan who had a smirk on his face. " Nahi JII. Aap bus khana khale and guess what? You're sleeping on the couch" replied Geet who suddenly got up and cleared up her plate and went into the kitchen.

Maan's smirk turned upside down and had the "joru ka ghulam helpless look on his face".  " The lady has spoken' you're sleeping on the couch' what will you do now?" teased Sameer. " Maan veerji, I'll talk to Geet' don't worry" assured Meera.  "Nahi' aur Sameer mein tumhe baad mein dekhta hoon" said Maan quickly. Afterwards, everyone cleaned up together and then went into the living room to talk some more. Five hours passed so quickly while catching up. They all later went to bed very late.
That very night, Geet definitely meant it when she said he is going to sleep on the couch for the night. Maan had no other choice and he felt too tired to even argue back. So Maan laid on the couch and turned to look at Geet who was already asleep. " She looks like an angel till today' he tried so hard to strip her her innocence but he failed." thought Maan as he looked at Geet. "She filled my life with colors, while her's was as dark as the night... she kept protecting me selflessly... she changed the arrogant and selfish Maan Singh Khurana into a human being.. " thought Maan. Maan closed his eyes as he was looking at Geet for quite awhile. He drifted off into a deep thought


Maan loved to go camping every weekend because he found it relaxing to stay away from the bustling and busy city of Delhi. Maan went into the woods looking for some more logs, as the ones he used were running out. As he was walking, he approached a beautiful river that was black in color at night but the moon seemed to be shining on it, creating a more relaxing and beautiful atmosphere. "I probably need some water to put out the fire when I'm sleeping anyway. So he approached the area where the river was located and then he suddenly saw a slight figure of a person. As he moved closer and closer he saw a petite woman sort of figure. He was getting curious' Maybe he was seeing things? He walked slowly daring not to make a sound. Maan wanted to know who that woman was. Suddenly, there was a tree that helped him peer over the river in perfect view up at a little height. He knew he couldn't move any closer. So he pushed the branch aside to get a closer look at this woman. As he moved the branch aside, he saw a beautiful woman wrapped in a clear white sheet bathing in the middle of the water. He thought he saw an angel. Maybe a fairy? She was far too beautiful. "Could she be real" thought Maan? The woman was playing around with the water and he saw heard and saw that her payals were making noises as she was splashing her feet into the water. Her beauty was unimaginable. The moon shined onto her pure skin leaving an angelic glow. She was washing herself from head to toe, but she didn't take her white sheet off. As she was washing herself, the drops of water were delicately dripping off her body. "She is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen' she looks like an angel from heaven" thought Maan. Suddenly Maan snapped back into his thoughts and said, " What the hell is happening to me? I feel like a total perv thinking that.. no Maan Singh Khurana... no women.. you know what they do to you". He was back to his own self but it was so hard to take his eyes off of her. He felt a sudden desire to touch her' to see if she was real or just in his dreams. "No' that's just over the top" thought Maan. He pushed back the branch and turned around never looking back.

--------------End of Flashback--------------------

"Maan! MAAN' MAAAAAAAAAAAAN" called Geet as she was getting ready for the day to go shopping with Meera. Maan startled awake and said, "KYA HUA GEET". Geet smiled and went upto Maan. She bent down and caressed his face and hair. Maan loved the feeling of her touch, as it sent shocks all through his body. " Maan' wake up' you have a meeting in a few hours" said Geet softly. Maan took her hand and kissed it, " Acha Geet' I'm getting up". Geet smiled and said, " I'm sorry Maan' maine jealousy mein aakar aapko sofay pay sula diya... ". "Koi baat nahi Geet.. waisay' tumharay liye jee jaan haazir hain' yeh sofa kya cheez hai" said Maan in his husky voice. "Chaliye chaliye' uthiye' aapko ready hona hai aur maine aapka breakfast ready karliya hai.." added Geet as she stood up and reached for her purse. "Acha' Sameer, Meera aur main shopping ke liye ja rahe  hain' aur aryaan bhi saath jaa raha hai" said Geet as she was about to exit the room. Maan nodded and got up off the couch and went into the washroom.

Part 12

"Meera!. .chall.. churiyaan lete hain" pointed Geet as she got so excited. " Haan Haan Geet.. ek minutee!" as Meera said as she was trying to buy new payals. "Chal, mujhe us wale stall par milna" said Geet as she was walking away from Meera. Meera nodded and continued trying to look for her own things. As Geet walked towards the stall, she looked around and was just admiring the whole mood around her. She entered the shop and started to pick out churiyaan for all her new suits and well... for the future ones as well. Geet was so into picking out churiyaan that she didnt realize that someone came behind her. They put their hand on her shoulder signalling her to turn around. Geet frowned and turned around. Suddenly, a look of shock overtook her.

 "Dev! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE.." said Geet as she got into her protective mode. " Arey yaar.. Geet... oops. I mean bhabhi... aap yahaan?" said Dev sarcastically. " Dev yahaan par scene mat create karo.. yahaan se jao or else I swear to God I will kill you with my bare hands" said Geet as she clenched her fists. " If you kill me.. then who will take care of your coming child while ur in jail"added Dev with a smirk. " Dev. you better leave right now. or else I;ll create a scene and make sure that ur accomodated in the nearest jail cell" added Geet with a smirk on her face. " Shutup you b****..." snapped Dev. " Dev tumhe shayaad yaad nahi hai... kay mein Geet Maan Singh Khurana hoon.. aur agar tumhe aankh utha kar bhi mere ghar ko dekha na.. to main tumhara itna bura haal karoongi kay koi tumhe pehchaan nahi payega. " added Geet.

Suddenly, someone put their hand on Dev's shoulder who was just about to literally rip Geet apart. "Dev... yahaan se chup chaap chale jao" said Sameer seriously. Dev turned around and turned towards his brother and put a smile on his face and said, " Sameer! kahaan thay tum? aur bataya bhi nahi". Dev was about to go in for a hug but suddenly Sameer put out his hand to stop him. " Dev, tum yahaan se chale jao... warna main tumhara bilkul wohi haal karoonga waisay jaisay Maan bhai aur mainay pehle kiya tha". Meera came behind Sameer and was shocked to see Dev. Seeing all of this Dev said, " Geet. ek baat yaad rakhna... I'll make you lose everything that you hold dear to your life... just wait.. like you took everything from me... I'll do it your style". Geet said, "Agar tumne Maan yaa Aryaan kay taraf aankh utha kar bhi dekha.. yaa unhe chooth pohchaney ki koshish bhi ki naa.. to koi mujhse buraa nahi hoga" said Geet protectively. " Jao Dev" repeated Geet.. Dev left and got into his car where he sped away.

" Geet! tum theek ho na?" said Meera as she ran up to comfort her best friend. Geet softened her expression and smiled, "Haan Meera... bus.. chal... kuch aur dekhte hain". Sameer walked upto both the ladies and said, " Bhabhi, aap fikar mat kijiye.. Maan bhai aur mein.. Dev se nipat lenge.. aap bus apni looong ladies shopping khatam kiyjiye" said Sameer with a less serious expression. "Ah hah. Devarjii.. aap to bilkul.. woh kya kehte hain. superman? haa.. superman.. ban gayee hain" joked Geet. "Woh to main hun.. itni pretty ladies mere samne hai to mein kya karsakta hoon... kabhi kabaar superman buna parta hai" joked Sameer. All of them laughed and continued on with their shopping.

Geet was extremely bothered the rest of the day after they came back after the bazaar. After a few hours, Maan came back from his meetings all throughout the day. Geet was sitting in her bedroom thinking of the whole day. She had to tell Maan... she just had to..she hadn't hid anything from him.. neither did he hide anything from her. " Maan will not be happy... oh God. if he finds out.." thought Geet. Maan came into the room and took off his tie. He saw Geet and sat on the other side of the bed. He was taking off his socks and just relaxing himself. "Kya hua Geet ko? usually woh nonstop bolti hai... aur complain karti hai kay main kyun late aaya" thought Maan. He knew that if she was dead quiet, something was surely going through her head. So he turned around and asked her, " Geet.. tum itni chup kyun ho?". No answer. So Maan asked her again. No answer again. Maan got really worried and sat near her. He put his hand on her shoulder. She jolted out of her thoughts and said, "Maan.. aap kab aaye.. maine aapko aaye vay suna nahi". "Geet... main to abhi 5 min pehle aagaya tha" said Maan. "Geet.. kuch hua kya? mujhe baatao" said Maan again.

"Maan... aaj phir Dev ayaa tha" admitted Geet. Suddenly, Maan clenched his fists and his blood was starting to boil. "I was buying churiyaan in a nearby stall... and he just appeared there" added Geet. " Geet.. tumne mujhe phone kyun nahi kiya.. how dare he come near you?" said Maan angrily. " Maan.. main kaisay phone karti.. par I dealt with him.. so you don't need to" assured Geet. Maan stood up and said, " This was the last straw.. now I will definitely deal with him". Geet stood up and said, " Maan... he won't dare go near you or Aryaan.. he knows that you are my weakness... or else he should know that messing around with Geet Maan Singh Khurana's husband or son will cost him his everything". " Geet... your Maan Singh Khurana will never let anything happen to you or his son... you know that I will turn the sky and earth upside down in order to protect you and Aryaan" added Maan.
" We both are here to protect the coming baby and Aryaan" said Geet. Maan nodded his head  and said, "That's like my Geet" said Maan proudly. Geet softened her expression and walked upto Maan with a naughtly look on her face. She stood in front of him and put her hand on his shirt button and said, " aaj to tussi itnay sexy lag rahe ho". Maan came out of his thoughts and had a surprised look on his face. He looked down at her with a serious look on his face. " Jab aap ghussa kartay hain to aur bhi sexy lagte hain" smirked Geet. Maan continued to stare at her. She started to unbutton his shirt and he just stood there frozen.

Geet loved that he wasn't doing anything. Suddenly, he grabbed her waist and said, " You messed with the wrong person Mrs. Khurana". They were so close together that they could hear each other's heart beat faster. Maan could hear Geet breathing faster as her heart beat increased. He inched his face closer to hers and was aiming directly at her lips. She inched in further where their lips were almost touching. Maan finished the distance between their lips and touched his lip to hers. Geet felt weak at her knees as he tastefully explored her mouth. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held onto his hair. They both were kissing eachother as if they were about to be separated forever. Geet let go of his lips and could not breath. " Mr. Khurana.. I feel like I'm falling in love with you again". Maan smiled and suddenly took Geet into his arms and placed her on the bed. Geet surrendered herself to Maan and closed her eyes. He laid on the bed and was on top of her carefully not putting any of his weight on her as she was pregnant. She pulled him towards her.And then both became one body once again.

Part 13

That very night Geet was awake in Maan's arms who was awake. Her head was on his bare chest where as he held her hand which was on his chest as well. She could hear his steady heartbeat and slow breath while sleeping. She felt peace and security in his arms. She inched herself closer and tighter to him. He was sound asleep, but something was bothering Geet which kept her up. She closed her eyes and remembered that night again.


"Haye rabba... atleast the blood is off" said Geet as she stepped over the rock and onto the dry sandy spot. She looked around her to make sure no one was there. No one was there. She stripped off the sheet and put on the shalwar suit that she was previously wearing. " Haye rabba.. why did this happen to me" said Geet as she teared up.  She wiped her tears and said, "Dev.. tumne ghalat ladki se panga liya hai... ab meri baari hai... tumne ". Geet finished changing and climbed up the big rocks and finally reached the top. "Us kam**nay ne Geet Handa se panga liya hai.. ab mein uski zindagi barbaad karke rahoongi". She walked on swearing and cursing him. Geet reached the end of the forest and into a long road that led to the city. She walked in and  put her dupatta on her head and covered her mouth leaving her eyes uncovered. Geet reached a bus stop and said, "I'll take this bus to Meera's house". The bus finally arrived and Geet climbed in. She reached a stop and she got out of the bus. Geet continued walking towards Meera's neighbourhood. Meera lived alone because she was an orphan. Meera was a well off lady doctor and businesswoman in New Delhi and was one of the most powerful women in all of Delhi. She lived in her own apartment alone. Her best friend Geet was one of the top well known businesswomen in Delhi and as well held enormous power in Delhi, due to her business. She and Meera  rose from ashes to something, when they came to Delhi from Hoshiyaarpur.

Geet reached Meera's doorstep and rang her doorbell. Meera opened the door and said, "GEET? tu? yahaan? kya hua.. andaar aaja". Geet walked in and took off her dupatta. She turned around to face her best friend that had a obvious question mark on her face. Meera with wide eyes said,"GEET? WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? KIS NE KIYAA?". Meera ran up towards Geet and grabbed her shoulders. Geet started to ball her eyes out. Meera took her into her TV room and sat her down on the couch. She quickly brought a box of tissues and a glass of water. She sat beside Geet who put her head on Meera's shoulder and started to cry. After about 15 mins, Meera finally calmed Geet down and got her to talk. Geet wiped her tears and composed herself and said, "Dev kidnapped me from my apartment, he shot all the guards and broke into my house. He dragged me, I tried to get away... he  shut my mouth with a kapra... then he took me to this weird cottage and I tried running away... I even started to dial the police... and I tried to hit him with a vase but he was too strong for me... then he threw me on the bed and for 3 hours... he... he.." Geet stopped. Meera said, " Geet kya... boloo".

"He raped me dammit" spat Geet. Meera's expression changed into a shocked/ angry face. " Geet? WHY DIDN'T YOU REPORT TO THE POLICE?" demanded Meera. Meera eyes teared up and she hugged Geet tightly. She stroked Geets hair like a mother while Geet was sobbing quietly. " Chal Geet.. go change.. I have clothes upstairs.. go take a shower and come down.. I'll warm up dinner.. Im hungry anyways" said Meera as she let go of Geet. Geet nodded her head and headed upstairs.

After Geet had finished taking a shower and she changed into other clothes, Meera was preparing dinner. Geet walked upto Meera and said, " Meera.. thankyou so much... tu meri sabse achi dost hain.. aur mein kuch bhi nahi desakti.. tu to bari well off hai. aur main kya dehsakhit hoon". Meera turned around and smiled, " Geet.. aisi baat mat kar.. tu ne mujhe behn ki tarah treat kiya hai.. aur tu meri sabse achi dost aur behn bhi hai.. to aisi fazool batein mat kar.. and stop the tears.. you look like Meena Kumari". Both girls laughed and sat down for dinner. As both were talking, Meera finally said," Geet.. tu Dev ke baray mein kya karegi?..." .Geet stopped eating and looked at her best friend,"Meera.. I'll deal with him.. he messed with Geet Handa.. the Geet Handa that will turn him into ashes.. stupid B*stard... he doesn't know what I'll do now". Meera looked quiet concerned but she knew that he was definitely going to suffer. "Geet.. tu soch samaj kar karna.. waisay.. teri yeh dost tere saath hain". Geet smiled, " Ab mein uska woh haal karoongi kay dunya dekhti reh jayegi". Both smiled at eachother and contined on
Dev was definitely going to suffer.. since he messed with two of the most powerful women and he was an ant compared to Meera and Geet.

-----------------------End of Flashback-----------------------------------------------

Geet opened her eyes and realized that it was morning and Maan still was asleep. She smiled and leaned forward and kissed Maan on the cheeks. Maan slowly opened his eyes and a small smile crept on his face. He turned his head toward Geet and kissed her forhead. " Good morning Jaan." in his husky tone. Oh that voice of his drove Geet crazy. Geet smiled, " Good morning Mr.Khurana... how was your sleep?" Maan said, " oh it was good.. but the night was even better.. you really did get me tired". Geet smiled naughtily and said, "Maan... jaldi se uthiye aur naha lijiye."Geet got up out of bed and wrapped herself with her silk night sheets. Geet's slender body drove Maan crazy... he just had that feeling of pouncing on her and having her all day. Geet opened the blinds and to welcome the new rays of sunshine into their room. Maan was on the bed just smiling and staring at her angelic beauty that he fell in love with the first time he saw her. Maan came out of his thoughts and got up off the bed and went into the washroom to take a shower. He was done shortly and told Geet to go into the shower but said, "Geet... can I help you in there?" smirked Maan. Geet smiled, " Nahi Maan ji.. aap bus ready ho jayein.. main abhi aati hoon". Geet laughed and went into the washroom.

Part 14

The following day, Maan, Geet, Sameer, Meera and Aryaan all went to their Haveli in Jaipur. Geet and Meera were especially nervous because they remember going to the Haveli after getting married with their respective husbands. Geet was even more nervous than Meera because as the eldest daughter in law, people would have their eyes on her the most. She always shielded Meera from everything and everyone when she first married into this house while Geet was already married to Maan. She had not grown up in a household, she lived in an orphanage all her life. Whereas Geet was aware of rajasthani traditions because she was married longer.

" Geet.. mujhe darr lag raha hai... what if I do something wrong?" said Meera worriedly. " Meera.. chup kar.. kuch nahi hoga.. main hoon naa.." smiled Geet. "Chachi.. don't worry you'll do good... and I will protect you if someone bugs you" added Aryaan. Meera hugged Aryaan and said, " I know you will baby.. aap har waqt mere hifazat karnay wale hain naa?". " Jaisay chachu aur papa aap dono ko protect kartay hain  to Aryaan Singh Khurana bhi karega.. afterall.. I am a big booyy now!" said Aryaan proudly. Meera kissed him on the cheek and smiled warmly at him.

After a few minutes, all of them arrived at the Haveli. As soon as all of them got out of the car, the guards and servants bowed down to them. Maan and Sameer were both leading them whereas Meera and Geet were walking behind them with Aryaan in the middle holding Geet and Meeras hands. The doors opened and as soon as they entered, an old woman who looked like an absolute queen at her age but had an extremely kind face was standing at the entrance. Maan and Sameer smiled and touched her feet together and said, " Namaste Dadi maa". " Jeete raho beta..." smiled the woman. "Tum dono meri bahuein leke aaye ho naa? warna main khud unko yahaan leke aajaoongi" replied Dadi maa. " Dadi maa, hum dono yahaan hai" said Geet. Both Meera and Geet stepped forward and touched Dadi maa's feet. " Sada suhagan raho" smiled the woman.As soon as Dadi maa gave her blessings she hugged Meera and Geet lovingly. She welcomed them in with the thali rasam and said, " Mera Aryaan kahaan hai?". "Main yahaan hoon Dadi Maa!" replied Aryaan. He let go of Geet and Meera's hands where right then Dadi maa scooped him up in her arms. " Aap kaisay hain Aryaan?" asked Dadi Maa. " Main theek hoon, aap kaisi hain Dadi Maa" replied Aryaan innocenttly. Dadi maa replied, "Hum to theek hai.. par aap aagaye hain to aur phir theek ho gayi hoon". Dadi Maa laughed and said, "Chaliye mere saath, undar aayiye..". They all followed Dadi maa inside the haveli.

"Meera.. stop fidgeting" whispered Geet as they all walked through the vast hallways overlooking the large gardens. " Kya karoon.. yaar.. how can you pull this bari bahu thing off and I can't"whispered Meera. " It comes with experience.. tu bhi naa.. har waqt pareshaan hoti rehti hai.. Sameer theek kehta hai.. tu to pareshani ki maharani ho" chuckled Geet. "shutup Geet.. main aisi nahi hoon.. waisay bhi.. tu to bari jhansi ki rani banti phirti hai"joked Meera. Geet laughed and said, " Bana parta hai.. mere pati ko dekha hai.. har waqt Mogambo bante phirte hai". Meera and Geet laughed quietly.

Suddenly, Sameer slowed down to meet his bhabhi and wife who were talking and laughing quietly behind him. " Bhabhi... this raja-type walk thing.. I really can't do.. but Maan bhai seems to be doing it very well" said whispered Sameer. "Aur yeh bari bahu saa, maharani ki tarah chalti hain..." joked Meera quietly. The couple laughed and then Geet said, " Apne baray bhai se bhi kuch seekho Sameer..hurry up beside Maan or else he'll ask why I dragged you with me" joked Geet. Sameer put his hand on his heart and bowed down imitating a servant and said, "Jo bhi aapka hukum bari bahu saa". Geet lightly smacked Sameers arm and said, " Tumhe to main baad mein dekh loongi... ab jaao mere bhai !". Sameer chuckled and walked faster to meet his brother at the front.

All of them followed Dadi maa upstairs into the large hallways which consisted of large rooms. She turned around with Aryaan in her arms and said, " Aap thak gaye hoongay.. hum apse kal milte hain". "Chaliye Aryaan, woh hai aapka kamra" said Dadi maa as she put him back down. Aryaan smiled and Geet bent down in front of him and said, " Aryaan... main abhi aati hoon.. aur aapki madat karti hoon". Aryaan smiled and kissed Geet on the cheek and ran towards his big room. Geet got up and stood beside Maan. Dadi maa stepped in front of Sameer and Meera and said, " Sameer aur Meera beta.. aapka kamra us taraf hain.. apka samaan mainay rakh waliya hai". She smiled and cupped Meera's chin and said, " Sameer.. mujhe umeed hai kay aap hamari beti aur bahu ka khayal rakte hain". Sameer put his arms around Dadi's shoulder and said, " Aaapki beti mera khayal rakti hain... mujhse bhi zyaada". Dadi smiled and said, " agar meri bahu ka khayal nahi rakha to mujhse bura koi nahi hoga". She laughed and said again, " Acha aap dono jaa kar araam keechjiye". Sameer and Meera nodded and proceeded towards their room.
Dadi turned around to face Maan and Geet who were still standing quietly behind her. " Geet beta.. main sabse zyaada aapka intezaar kar rahi thi" said Dadi. They both leaned in to hug eachother tightly. As soon as they got out of the hug, Geet said, " Dadi maa.. hum sab aapko itna miss kar rahe thay kay jaldi se samaan baand kar hum apkay paas aagaye". Dadi smiled, " Chaliye... aap araam kijiye... aapka kamra us taraf hain". " Agar kuch cheez ki zarorat paray to mera kamra wahaan hai.. aur Nakul bhi hai" finished Daadi. Maan and Geet nodded and went into their  room while Daadi maa went into hers.

Part 15

"Geet... towel kahaan hai..." yelled Maan as he was still in the washroom. "Geeeeeeet!... Geet! GEEEEEEET" called Maan. No one replied. Maan reached out his hand from the washroom door. "Geet.. towel daydo.. jaldi se". " Yeh lijiye chote saab" replied a well recognized voice. Maan reached his hand out further to meet her hand... trying to well... be good old naughty Maan. He touched the hand and said, "Geet... tumhe ab sazaa milegi..abhi bahaar aata hoon". He grabbed the hand but realized, " Yeh to Geet kay haath nahi hai.. their so rough and manly". "Oh sh*t..." snapped Maan. "Chote saab.. yeh kya kar rahe hain aap... bari bahu saa yahaan nahi hai.. unho ne mujhe kaha tha kay main aapko towel daydoon" said a worried Ramlal. Maan came out of his shocked and embarassed state and let go of Ramlal's hand. " Acha daydoo yaar.. jaldi say" replied a frustrated Maan. Maan took the towel and Ramlal filed quietly out of the room. Maan came out flustered and quite angry. At that moment, Geet came into the room finally. " Geet... why did you tell Ramlal to give me the towel... why couldn't you do it?" snapped Maan. Geet turned around and folded her arms and said, " Maan... I had to do something for Dadi Maa quickly... sorry jaan". Maan couldn't stay angry with her and her excuse was valid... if Dadi Maa needed help then theres no way to argue.

 "Acha.. kal hamnay party rakhi hai... apparently, humaray aani ki khushi ki waja se" said Geet as she got ready for bed. " Acha.. I'm guessing that you need me to do something" joked Maan. " Haan jii.. since I don't know where to get what, so I was wondering if my wonderful pati would get it" smiled Geet. " Jo bhi aapka hukum bari bahu saa" teased Maan as he grabbed onto her waist. "Maan.. not here baby... what if someone comes in?" replied Geet shyly. "Arey Yaar.. tum bhi na.. purani actress ki tarah sharmati ho" said Maan as he grabbed onto her tighter. "Chaliye.. choriyee.. we have a long day ahead of us tomrrow!.. let's sleep!" as she turned around to face Maan while she was still in his hold. Maan let go of Geet and both retreated to their side of the bed.

"Geet... help me out with this lengha choli thing.. I need to properly tie it so I have the dupatta on right..." said Meera as she struggled with her outfit. " Chal.. chor.. abhi fix kardeti hoon.." replied Geet as she was finished getting ready. Meera stopped fiddling with her outfit and looked at Geet. She smiled and said, " Geet. you look so beautiful... you truly look like a queen..". " Oh ho.. tu bhi naa Meera.. shutup aur jaldi se mujhe yeh karnay day" replied Geet. Meera laughed and said, " acha jii..". Geet finished and finally put the pallu of the dupatta on Meera's head. They both looked into the mirror and Geet said, " You look beautiful Meera... you should wear this stuff more often". " Oh never after this day.. its so much weight on your head and body.. kabhi nahi!" said Meera quickly. "You'll get use it.. you only do get chances in parties to wear it" smiled Geet. Both hugged eachother and came to the large stairs that led into the big ball room type room.
They both gripped the side of their dupatta that was near their cheeks and grabbed onto the side of their lenghas in order to not trip and fall. They both took a deep breath and slowly made their way gracefully down the stairs. While they were coming down, everyone was staring in awe. Maan and Sameer turned around suddenly from talking to old friends. Maan and Sameer both smiled at their wives. " She looks beautiful.. it almost seems like Meera's an angel.." replied Sameer. " She came down as a pari in my life and looks even more beautiful than any other woman in this world"replied Maan as he was dazzled by Geet's beauty again. Meera and Geet were gracefully smiling at everyone as they made their way down. Finally they reached the end of the stair case and met with Dadi Maa who came walking to them to introduce to her friends.

As Meera and Geet were circulating around the room with Dadi Maa, Maan and Sameer could not take their eyes off of their beautiful wives. Suddenly, Maan motioned Sameer to go towards Meera and Geet. Geet at the corner of her eye while talking to an auntie, saw Maan coming toward her. She smirked a little and excused herself as soon as he came near her. Geet motioned Meera to move away as soon as Sameer would try to walk upto her. Well.. of course Geet was right and Sameer was trying to go near Meera but she quickly moved away to talk to another one of daadi maa's friends. This frustrated Sameer and Maan a whole lot. Geet turned around to meet Maan's gaze and winked at him quickly. She chuckled to herself and contined to talk to some auntie. Meera did the same towards Sameer.

After some time, Geet realized that Maan was nowhere to be seen and she glanced all around the room. Her eyes were searching for him everywhere in every corner and every crowd in the room. She couldn't find him and finally she saw Aryaan playing with the other boys. She quickly walked towards him and said, " Ari beta.. aap ne Papa ko kahin dekha ha?". Aryaan looked up at Geet and said, " Nahi Mama.." and quickly went back to playing. Geet was worried. Suddenly Ramlal came behind her and said, "Bari Bahu sa.. yeh apkay liye". Geet turned around and Ramlal gave her the tiny little note. Geet took it and read it... it said:

Geet... mujhe garden mein milo.. jaldi se


Geet blushed and said, "Yeh janaab wahaan hai.. aur mein unko pagalon ki tarah dhoond rahi thi". She quickly looked around to see if Daadi Maa or Meera would see her.  She did not want to be stopped by them at all. She quickly grabbed hold of her lengha from the side and gracefully and quietly she filed out of the room.

She went into the well lit gardens and walked through, as her eyes were still searching for him. Suddenly, someone grabbed her shoulder from the back and she stopped. Her hearbeat went faster and she slowly turned around, slowly trying to look up. As her eyes finally looked up, she stopped suddenly. She was absolutely horrified. She hardened her face and she clenched her fists. Her blood started to boil each second. "Hello again Geet...and my do you look beautiful tonight" said Dev.

Part 16

"You F****** b*stard.... what the HELL do think your doing in the Khurana Haveli.. you have been ?" screamed Geet. " Shhh... arey yaar.. bhabhi jii.. its a partyy.. why do you wanna ruin it" smirked Dev. " SHUTUP DEV AND LEAVE. NOW. BEFORE I CALL THE GUARDS TO TAKE YOU AWAY... DON'T MAKE ME REPEAT MYSELF DEV." roared Geet. " What the hell are they going to do?" smirked Dev. " They can't do sh*t honey.. no one can" added Dev. " Shut the hell up... get the  f*** out of my face or else I will make sure you get thrown out of this haveli personally in front of everyone". Geet was raging in anger... oh she was definitely feed him to the dogs if she wanted to.. in fact... that was a great idea. " Get out of my face Dev" repeated Geet, "What if I don't? kya karlogi tum?" sneered Dev. He rolled his eyes and said, " You were a wonderful pick of mine... God.. I wish I had taken advantage of you once more... queen like and moonlike beauty into one. He suddenly raised his hands to touch her cheeks just to make her even more angrier. She slapped his hand away and punched him in the nose.. causing a huge nose bleed. " That was for you.. you stupid b****... don't even mess with me.. dont even try.. you know what happened.." roared Geet.

Suddenly the guards surrounded Geet and Dev with huge rifles. " Isko meri nazron se dur le jaoo." ordered Geet. She signed her fingers and the guards did what she said. They grabbed Dev and he suddenly said, " I'll go myself... besides.. who would wanan sleep with this used b****.... she slept with two Khuranas". "HURRY UP AND TAKE HIM OUT OF MY SIGHT... I SHOULD NEVER SEE HIS FACE NEAR THE HAVELI" roared Geet. The guards were alarmed with the power of her tone and were surprised that a tiny woman like her would scream that loud. Dev loosened himself up from the hold of the guards. He walked off and turned around to look at her one more time.. except this time.. he smirked and said, "Don't underestimate me.. if I go to hell.. i'll drag you with me". Geet stood there wanting to beat the living crap out of Dev but she kept herself in control and she said to the guards, " Agle baar.. dehaan rahe kay invitations kay bina.. koi nahi aayegi.. chahe dur se rishtedaar ho... ap sab ko humse poochna parey ga" instructed Geet strictly. Theey all nodded and said, "Ji bari bahu saa.. jo bhi aapka hukum". "Ab jayiye.. and no mistakes this time.. and if there are.. then you all will have to deal with the consequences. They all nodded and  left to their duties. Geet was storming angry, but took three deep breaths and walked towards the main party hall.

As she entered the hall, she felt a strong hand pull her into one of the side entrances. She was still flaming angry.. and she got even more frustrated. " Maan!" said a frustrated Geet. Maan looked at her and analyzed her face and said, "Geet.. kuch hua kya?... why do you look angry..". "Nothing Maan... just leave itt... lets just enjoy the party" said Geet as she loosened herself from his grip. Maan pulled her towards him again and asked, " Geet... kya hua?". Geet couldn't lie to him... she just didn't have the courage to face it all on her own anymore.. she was just too frustrated. " Guess who came again?" said Geet as she rolled her eyes. Maan knew it. and in the most calmest tone he could say it, " Geet.. why didn't you call me?". "Maan I dealt with him.." said Geet. Maan widened his eyes and said, " How"?. "Oh.. I basically fractured his nose.. it bled a whole lot and I had him arrested and kicked out of the haveli... happy?" said Geet seriously. Maan's eyes widened even more and said, " you what?". Geet rolled her eyes and said, " I fractured his nose and yes it bled a whole lot and I got him kicked out of the haveli.. kutton ki tarah bahar pikvaya hai.. khush?". Maan was shocked. His delicate wife punched so hard?... he never let her touch the housework even when she  She was pregnant and she can't use so much force.
 " Maan.. don't be surprised please... you know the history of Handa's... boys AND GIRLS are taught archery, sword fighting and horse riding" added Geet with a smirk. "Oh right..." said Maan with a surprised look on his face. "I learned that when I was in my teens and she learned when she was younger... well.. she is my sherni" thought Maan... "Waisay bhi.. aap Mogambo aur Gabbar kay combination hain and I wouldn't want to take a chance in challenging you.." said Geet innocently. That made Maan smile, " Geet.. I want you to be strong... and the strong person you have become is just wonderful.. I love it". I won't let him bother us now jaan.. I won't. " This time.. hes done for...I'll make it hell said Maan in his typical arrogant and powerful attitude... Geet looked at him and said, " Maan please take care in whatever you do... and I want you to promise me one thing". Maan asked, " Kya". " You will protect Aryaan and our baby.. no matter what happens.. you know it Maan.. its either one of us.." said Geet. Maan knew. Maan couldn't ignore that promise... he could do anything for Geet. "I promise Geet..." said Maan as he raised her hand to kiss it. He put his hand on her tummy and said, " I won't let anything happen to you pari". Geet had tears in her eyes and cupped her hand around his cheek.

Suddenly, hands tapped Maan on the shoulder and he turned around. " Oh ho... dusray bhi iss mehfil mein hai.. zara nazar uthakay dekhlijiye. "Meera? tum" asked Maan. " Haan ji.. aur kaun.. aapki pyar si saali sahiba and choti bhabhi" smirked Meera. Geet blushed and escaped Maans cornering act near the pillars. She rushed beside Meera and said, "Chal.. daadi maa bularahi hongi". She was blushing hot red because usually these moments with Maan were with no one around and Meera seeing it is just too embarassing. Meera laughed and went with Geet, leaving Maan smiling to himself.

Although Geet loved having Maan all to herself. Truthfully saying.. she loves it when he grabs her like that.. she loves his possessiveness and attitude when he gets protective. Maan on the other hand loves it when she blushes likethat.. he loves it that she can act like a typical punjabi kuri and punjabi wife.. and act strong and modern too! They just loved eachother to bits...!

Part 17

When the party was finished that evening, the Khurana family were all gathered in the main living area. " daadi maa... the party was just fabulous!" smiled Meera. " I know beta! aaj kitna mazaa aaya na?" added Dadi maa. Geet was just "pretend smiling" because her mood was ruined by that stupid man. Maan nudged her to signal her that she needs to tell "THE NEWS". Geet suddenly remembered and said, " uhm. daadi maa.. aapko kuch baat batani thi". Daadi maa looked at Geet and said, " Jii bete.. boliyee... kya baat hai". " Woh daadi maa... main.. umm... " stuttered Geet. Daadi looked at her questioningly. " Daadi maa.. main phir se maa banewali hoon" said Geet as she blushed hard. Daadi maa's face lit up like a show of fireworks! " Geet!! sach me beta?!! mujhe itni khushi ho rahi hai kay.. mujhe yakeen bhi nahi a raaha". She looked at Geet lovingly and said, "Geet bete.. idhar aayiyee..". Geet stood up and sat beside Daadi maa. She kissed Geet's forhead and said, " Bete.. aap apna khayal rakhti hain kay nahi?". "Jii daadi maa.. Maan mera itna khayal rakte hain kay mujhe kuch karna hai parta.. mujhe ghar kay kaam  bhi haath nahi laganay dete" smiled Geet. "Geet bete.. humne faisla kiya hai kay aap sab yahaan mere paas rahenge jab tak bacha payda nahi ho jata.. hum Geet ka khayal rak sakte hain"said Daadi maa. " Maan bete.. aapko aitraaz nahi hai na?" asked Daadi maa in a hopeful voice. Maan looked at her and knew that all people out of everyone.. he just couldn't refuse his daadi maa. " I'll just have to work from the Jaipur office.. " thought Maan.He came out of his thoughts and said, "Acha daadi maa.. hum sab yahaan par rahenge.. aapke paas".

"GREATT.! THIS MEANS LESSONS ON HORSE RIDING AND ARCHERY BHABHI?" added Sameer jokingly. " Sameer! behave... aapko pata hai naa kay Geet pregnant hai naa... to woh bus araam karegi" scolded Daadi. " Oh come on daadi maa.. I've seen how good bhabhi is with swords, arrows and horses, she can be a good competition for Maan bhai" said Sameer. "Actually yess.. mujhe bhi dekhna hai Maan veerjii VS Geet Sherni Khurana" laughed Meera. "Meera.. tu naa.. pitay gi mujhse.. chup kar!" said Geet. " Sameer... daadi maa theek keh rahi hain.. Geet ko araam ki zarorat hai.. woh bechari kya laregi?"said Maan with a pretend serious tone. Geet looked at Maan with her full on sherni look and said " Oh hello jii.. main bechari wechari nahin hoon... aur aap kisko challenge de rahe hain?". " Geet.. mere itni himmat?" said Maan with a sarcastic tone. " Daadi maa.. dekhiyee.. Maan mujhse kya keh rahe hain" complained Geet. " Maan... aap meri bahu ko kyun tung kar rahe hain?" said Dadi maa. "Nahin daadi maa.. yeh Mogambo aisay chup nahi hongay...okay fine. Mr. Khurana.. I challenge you." said Geet. "Geet.. tum haar jaogi" said Maan with an arrogant look on his face. " Oh ho.. aap bus harnay ki tayaari karein.." challenged Geet. "Okay. done... " said Maan. "Geet bete! aapkay sehat kay liye yeh sahi nahi hai.. aap nahi karengi". "Okay okay.. wait wait.. ek minute yaar.. okay. how about Maan bhai and Geet bhabhi teaching ME how to do all of this?" said Sameer. " Theek hai.. waisay Geet ko araam karna chahiye.." said Maan. " Maan ji..shayad aap bhool gaye.. Sameer needs lessons.. and IM NOT tired." retorted Geet. "Theek hai Geet ji.. jo aapki ichha.". Geet and Maan both were pretty serious, whereas Meera and Sameer were just chuckling to themselves of how childish both can act even if they are the older ones. "Chaliye.. sonay ka time ho gaya hai.. aap sab jaa kar sojayiye" said Daadi maa as she shrugged off whatever was going on. Daadi Maa left and the two couples were getting up to go to into their respective rooms.


Dev returned back to his hotel after getting heavily drunk in the nearby bars. He was so drunk that he needed help to get upto his room. As soon as an employee helped him to his room, he threw himself down on his bed. "Thankyou and get lost..." said a drunk Dev. The employee looked at him with utter disgust and left the room. Dev was laying on his bed with his eyes closed thinking of the past few incidents that had occurred in the past two weeks. " That stupid bitch of a woman... I wish I just had killed her..." thought Dev. He suddenly went deep into this thoughts and recollected all the events that happened over the last 6 years.

-------------------------------------Dev's flashback-----------------------

"I hope she learns her lesson not to mess with Dev Singh Khurana..." sneered Dev. As he got into his car, he was thinking and laughing to himself how extremely fun that was. " Damn Dev.. you are just too good.. I haven't had much fun in sex before.. damn she was good" said Dev as he laughed to himself. He reached his home and parked his car in the front and gave the keys to the driver. Dev entered his home and went straight to bed.

The next morning Dev woke up from bed feeling a little too fresh from last night. He stretched and got up off his bed. He quickly brushed his teeth and got himself ready for the long day ahead of him. As he walked into his living room, he stopped. He saw a little petite figure not facing him. " Excuse me? who are you and what are you doing in my house?" asked Dev. The woman turned around and faced him with a smirk. Dev had a surprised look on his face and he could not believe it. "Tum?" said Dev. " Surprised to see me Mr. Khurana?" said the woman with a smirk on her face.

----------------------------------------End of flashback-------------------------

Suddenly, Dev was startled out of his thoughts when his cellphone began to ring in his hear. Dev opened his eyes and turned to lay on his stomach and reached for his cell. " Hello? kaun hai yaar... subah se pareshaan karke raka hain" said a frustrated and tired Dev. " Ab to tumhare sar pe pareshaani ka pahar hoga Mr. Kameena Dev Singh Khurana" said the voice. " you freaking ninnny.. get off your lazy a**". " Kaun bol raha hain" demanded Dev angrily. " Your worst nightmare"replied the voice.

Part 18

"Who the hell are you and WHY are you calling ME this early" demanded Dev. " Guess karo" added the voice calmly. " Stop these stupid jokes and tell me who the f*** you are" yelled Dev. " Okay idiot. bata ti hoon.. tumhari pyaaaarii si girlfriend Naina Singh Rathod" replied the voice. Dev's eyes lit up and he smiled. " Oh sorry jaan.. tumhe pechaana nahi.." said Dev apologetically. " Its okay... par tum itnay pareshaan kyun lag rahe ho?" replied Naina worriedly. "Kuch nahi yaar.. same old..the bro and the bitch issues"yawned Dev. "I swear to GOD that woman is just getting on my nerves-I.." said Dev. Naina cut him off and said, " Acha thats cool.. kab mil rahe ho?". Dev frowned and said, "Aaj nahi.. meetings hain... acha rakta hoon.. im tired.. let me go back to sleep.. bye". "Acha bye idiot.. waisay bhi mujhe koi interest nahi hai kay mein apna precious time nikalkar tumse baat karoon" snapped Naina. Dev put down the phone suddenly because he didn't want to hear his girlfriend constantly rant at him. 

-----------------------End of Dev's POV------------------------------------------------

That morning, Geet woke up early and did her duties as in getting Aryaan ready and looking over the preparations for breakfast. She had been instructing what to make since the morning and was busy running around. Maan on the other hand was planning to enjoy his next nine months in a hot and desert. No actually, that was a joke. Maan was CONSTANTLY thinking of how he will run KC in Jaipur. Sameer on the other hand was bent on learning archery, sword fighting and horse riding. Meera was well... spending time with Geet and daadi maa and of course using this time to take care of Aryaan.

" Ramlal! Tulsi! kahaan hain aap log!" yelled Geet. " Ji bari bahu.. hum yahaan hai" said Ramlal as he ran to see what was wrong. " Main aarahi hoon bari bahu saa" yelled Tulsi as she ran towards the same direction as Ramlal. Both quickly stood in front of Geet and said, " Ji... aap bula rahi thi". " Kahaan thay aap log... nashta bhi table par set nahi hua... kya kar rahe thay?!!?" said Geet. " Acha choro.. ab yeh lekar jayiye aur table par rakhiyiye". Tulsi and Ramlal nodded and did what Geet said. Iskay baad aap sab ko bulayiye... nashta ready ho gaya hai" instructed Geet as she washed her hands. " Jii" said Tulsi and Ramlal together.

After a few minutes, everyone was gathered at the table where Geet and Meera were serving the food. After they both sat down, everyone started eating and enjoying time with eachother.

A few hours later, Maan was outside near the horse stables where there was a little field to do horse riding. Maan took out his favorite horse and brought it towards Sameer. " Acha Sameer.. you'll be riding Raja today... I'll be on another horse" said Maan. " Okay... and how do you get on it?" asked Sameer excitedly, "Araam se yaar.. let me tell you how to control and tell the horse to stop and go" replied Maan.

Suddenly, Maan and Sameer heard a gallop sound behind them. They both turned around to see who it was.Sameer was shocked and had his mouth wide open whereas Maan was smirking and squinting his eyes from the sun. As Geet galloped with her horse towards them, she had the biggest smirk on her face. She stopped right in front of them and said, " Sameer.. tum apna waqt barbaad kar rahe ho apne bhai se lessons le kar.. hes just going to teach you the old budda buddi way" smirked Geet. Geet was dressed in a long sleeved pure white cotton anarkali with her hair in a side pony tail. " Bhabhi is that really you?" asked Sameer with his mouth wide open. " Jii haan.. koi shaq?" replied Geet with a smile. She got off her horse and stroked its mane. " Yeh rani hai.. my personal and favorite horse"said Geet. Sameer stroked Rani's mane and smiled, " Wow bhabhi.. kya entrance marii". " Main tumhari to bhabhi hoon naa.. thora style shyle to karna parta hain" laughed Geet. "Aap dono ki baatein khatam ho gayi hain to hum shuru karein?" said Maan impatiently. "Haan haan..chaliye" said Geet. Sameer went towards Raja and Geet whispered into Maans ear, " Darr gaye Mogambo?". Maan smirked and whispered back, " Nahi.. Maan Singh Khurana kisi se bhi nahi darta..". Geet smiled mischeviously and walked upto Sameer to help him get onto his horse.

"Araam se Sameer" said Geet worriedly. Sameer finally got onto his horse and held onto the reigns as Geet and Maan had instructed him to do so. Maan said, " Okay araam se.. just nudge him this way to let him know you want him to go". Sameer did what Maan instructed him to do and Raja began trotting around the mini arena type area. " Wohoo! this is fun..." yelled Sameer. Geet and Maan were both riding on their horses in front and behind of Sameer. "Araam se devarjii.." joked Geet.  "Sameer don't jump around too much" yelled Maan.

Too late! Suddenly raja was frightened and Sameer lost balance. Sameer fell right off his horse and onto the dirty.. sand/gravel mixed area. Geet saw this and quickly got off her horse and ran towards Sameer and Maan followed behind her. Sameer was on his back and Geet knelt down beside him and Maan followed. "Sameer! tum theek ho.." demanded Geet. " Ohh ouch.. yaar.." moaned Sameer. He was moaning in pain and had one eye open and one closed. Of course! it was Sameer.. dramebaaz. Geet and Maan realized that he was over exaggerating the pain. Maan and Geet helped him up and Sameer smiled, "That wasn't so bad?".

Suddenly from behind, Meera was running towards Sameer, Geet and Maan. She rushed towards Sameer and said as she cupped her hand around his face to make sure he wasn't hurt seriously, " Sameer! WHAT HAPPENED? RAMESH TOLD ME YOU GOT HURT?". " Kuch nahi hua yaar.. tum khamakhaa pareshaan ho rahi ho" said Sameer with a weak smile. "Khamakhaa?!! Sameer! you could have been seriously hurt!" yelled Meera. " Meera.. iski koi ghalti nahi thi... I should've kept a watch on him" said Geet. " Geet! tu iski tarafdaari nahi kar... I know its his fault!" said Meera. " Sorry yaar.. maaf karna.. I didn't know that it would turn out that bad" said Geet apologetically. " Nahi Geet.. teri ghalti nahi hai.. Sameer ki hai.." replied Meera. She put Sameer's arm on her shoulder and grabbed his sides to help support him while walking. "Meera.. mujhe andaar nahi jaana.. I want to watch" said Sameer. " Okay let's just sit in the nearby benches..." said Meera soothingly. She sat him down and he was looking straight ahead. She put her two fingers on his chin to turn his head around to face her. He looked at her lovingly and said, " I'm sorry Meera...". She smiled and said, " Koi baat nahi... just take care of yourself.. you scared the daylights out of me.. don't ever do that again Sameer." He kissed her on the forhead and put his arm around her.

Geet stood there just dreamingly staring at the young couple's romance. Maan came behind her and looked at what she was looking at. " Haiyee rabbaa.. main marjawa.. kitnay sweett lag rahe hain" said Geet. He inched towards her and placed his chin near her shoulder and spoke, " Miss Hoshiyaarpur... you want to start our challenge. His cool breath chilled her shoulder and rang sweetly in her ears. She got out of her trance suddenly and turned around.. and pushed Maan away with her two fingers.. typical Geet style. " Kitnay sweet hai naa.. tussi aisay romance nahi kartay.... BOOOOOOORING MAAN SINGH KHURANAA.. " smirked Geet. " Acha? Main NAHI ROMANCE KARTA? main tumhara shahrukh khan to nahi hoon.. naahi main woh... salman khan hoon." retorted Maan. " Acha chaliye jii... aapka challenge shuru kartay hain" said Geet sarcastically. Maan let Geet start first with the challenge like a true gentlemen. She smirked like a true punjaban and mocked Maan's arrogant style. He smiled, "Yeh ladki mujhe pagal kardegi".

Part 19

" Geet... jaan utho... subah ho gayii hai..." whispered Maan. Geet slowly opened her eyes to see Maan looking at her lovingly. "Maan...?" said Geet softly. " Main yahaan hoon Geet... kya hua?". " Maan maine dekha kay.. main aur aap Sameer ko horse riding sikha rahe thay..". Maan smiled and said, " Jaan.. we were joking yesterday... why would I let you do that in this halat? baby your pregnant... its dangerous for you"... said Maan soothingly as he stroked her forhead gently. "Par Maan... Sameer really wants to learn  and I feel bad that I can't teach him" said Geet. " Geet.. its okay jaan.. i'll teach him" said Maan soothingly. " Okay.. if you say so.. .acha.. chalein.. daadi maa is probably expecting us downstairs" said Geet as she slowly was getting up from bed. " Acha.. araam se Geet.. tumhe aaj checkup kay liye jaana hai.." said Maan as he helped Geet up from bed.

 Geet and Maan both came downstairs to eat breakfast with the whole family before they left for the hospital. As they both came downstairs, they heard loud voices in the main living room. They both looked at eachother and Geet said, " Kaun aaya hai.. and why is someone yelling". "Chalo.. dekhte hain.." said Maan.

As they both entered, they saw that Meera and Sameer were talking to some woman with familiar voice.. Maan and Geet looked at eachother with shocked faces. Maan suddenly got very angry and was about to say something. Geet stopped him by the arm and said, " Maan.. ek minute". Maan stopped but was still raging in anger. " Geet... kahaan thi tumm? I missed you so badly.. pata hai? I called you in Delhi but you never picked up.. so I thought I would see if you all were in Jaipur" said Naina with her "fake" caring tone. " Naina.. tum yahaan kyun aayi ho..." asked Geet sternly. Maan suddenly came in and said, " Geet.. why are you wasting your time and talking to HER?.. get lost Naina.. why have you shown your face here now". "Get out or else I'll throw you out personally" roared Maan. Naina laughed wickedly and said, " I think you all have a habit of throwing everyone out of your aali shaan haveli.. what a joke". " Naina.. sharaafat se yaahaan se chale jao" said Meera. " Oh shutup charity case.. nobody was talking to you... I was talking to Geet... " snapped Naina. " Don't you DARE talk to Meera like that Naina.." yelled Sameer. "Naina.. tumhari larayii mere saath hai... aurat bunoo aur mujhse baat karo" snapped Geet. " Thanks Geet.. see.. atleast this girl has some common sense"sneered Naina. " Yahaan kyun aayi ho Naina.. kaam ki baat karo"said Geet. " I just came to see how you and the family were Geet.. and Aryaan".

" NAINA.. DON;T EVEN MENTION ARYAANS NAME BY YOUR DIRTY MOUTH" roared Maan. " You have anger management problems Maan.. you should treat it soon enough". "SHUT THE HELL UP NAINA AND TELL ME WHY THE HELL YOU;RE HERE!" yelled Geet. " Okay FINE GEET.. you guys are just so demanding... Well.. Dev and I are getting married.. and I thought I would give you invitations personally"said Naina. She walked upto Geet and handed her the invitation. Geet took it and read it. She looked at Naina who was looking around the room impatiently. "Thanks but no thanks.. no one is attending" said Geet as she handed the invitation back to Naina. Naina threw it onto the ground and turned her back on Geet and headed towards the door. She turned around and said, " See you later Geet and Maan.. make sure you sign up for anger management classes". " LEAVE Naina.." snapped Geet. Naina turned around and left.

"What the HELL was SHE doing here?? Sameer.. tumne isay andar aanay kyun diya?" snapped Maan. " Maan bhai she just came in.. im so sorry.. I tried to kick her out" said Sameer. " Chadoo ji.. Sameer ki koi ghalti nahi hai."said Geet as she was protecting Sameer from Maan's anger. " I know why she was actually here..."  added Geet quietly. "Dev thinks that Aryaan is his child... after that.. night.. he thought he made me pregnant.... he thought I had hid the fact that he had a child from me.. but I didn't" said Geet with tears in her eyes. Maan seeing tears in Geet's eyes, he hugged her tightly. She was weeping quietly. " Shh.. baby.. he's our child.. Maan and Geet's son" said Maan soothingly." Maan.. don't let anything happen to Aryaan.. please.. hes my baby.. I don't want to lose him.. please.." pleaded Geet. " Geet.. listen jaan.. nothing will happen to him... no one can take our baby away from us.." He stroked Geet's hair softly while she was holding on tightly to Maan. " Meera.. Sameer.. take Geet into our room.. I'll deal with this". Maan let go of Geet and Meera and Sameer helped Geet into her room.

Part 20

That evening, Sameer and Meera sat with Geet in her room just comforting her quietly before Maan comes. Geet leaned her head on Meera's shoulder and could not stop crying. " Shh.. Bhabhi... kuch nahi hoga.. main aur Maan bhai hai.. Aryaan ko kuch nahi hoga" said Sameer soothingly. Geet was sitting on the couch and Sameer bent down and wiped his bhabhi's tears. " Bhabhi... I promise... I'll account for every tear, every moment of anguish and grief from Dev and Naina". " Yeh apka chota bhai aapki hifaazat karega... aur  kabhi aapki aakhon mein ansoo nahi aanay dega.." said Sameer soothingly. Geet looked up at Sameer and smiled. She cupped her hand lovingly like a mother on his face and said, " Thanks Sameer". She had tears in her eyes. What good has she done in her life to deserve a brother like Sameer... A husband like Maan and a bestfriend/ sister like Meera.. and finally a daadi/mother like daadi maa.

Maan was at the door quietly leaning on the door frame listening to their conversation. He had tears in his eyes just listening to his baby brother saying such sweet words of comfort to his bhabhi. " Papa papaaa..! aap kahaan ho??" yelled Aryaan as he ran towards Maan. He crashed right into Maan's leg and grabbed onto it. Meera, Sameer and Geet turned their attention towards the door. Maan quickly wiped his tear and scooped Aryaan up into his arms. " Acha Arii.. ..tum jaa kar khelo...." said Maan as he kissed his son on the cheek and put him down. Aryaan was about to go but he turned around and said, " Pssst.. Papa..". Maan turned around and bent down towards Aryaan's level. Aryaan whispered, " Aap mama ko nahi batao kay maine sheesha toora hai.. warna mama ghussa karengi...". Maan smiled and said, " Nahi bataoonga.. khush?". " I love you Papa.. come quickly" said Aryaan as he kissed Maan on the cheek. Aryaan ran away towards his room and disappeared towards it.

Maan entered his bedroom and walked towards the couch where Sameer suddenly stood up seeing him. He went up towards Sameer and hugged him like any brother would. Sameer smiled and said, " Bhaii... thankyou for being the best brother you could ever are like a father to me.. you raised me like a father.. you protected me and taught me what's right and wrong.. I love you a lot bro". "Thank you for being the best younger brother... I couldn't ask for a better lil bro... you taught me things I couldn't teach you... you stood up on your feet.. you proved yourself to the world.. you never needed to prove anything to me.. I knew you would go far Sam.. I love you a lot too " smiled Maan. They broke their embrace to see Geet and Meera in complete tears. Geet wiped her tears quickly and said, " Acha.. chalein .. lets just not cry.. I've had enough of Meena Kumari for tonight". Everyone laughed and lightened up their mood.

" Okay bhai bhabhi... Meera and I will leave you alone now" joked Sameer. Sameer took Meera's hand and led her out of the room.

Geet lightened up her mood and returned to her comical self. " Aap kabhi mera haath nahi pakartay... haiyee... marjawaan.. kitnay sweet hai na?.. BOOOORING M-A-A-N Singh Khurana" frowned Geet. " Acha? main nahi pakarta? Geet madam.. BTW... I taught him all the romancy stuff" retorted Maan. " Haan haan.. Mogambo ko ishq karna aagaya.. wah ji wah" said Geet jokingly. "Pakar kay dikha doo?" said Maan with his husky voice. "Chaliye.. choriyee... booring MSK..soo jaatay hain" yawned Geet. She headed towards the bed and laid down. She pretended to fall asleep. A frustrated and angry Maan headed towards the other side of the bed and pretended to sleep. A few minutes later... Geet crawled out of bed slowly and shut off the lamp lights. She went into her walk in closet and grabbed a white sarii and went into the washroom. She came back out shortly and went towards the laptop to turn on the song "Zara zara touch me touch me"... Maan opened one eye to see what was Geet up to... he slid his hand on her side of the bed.. no one there... Where's Geet? And suddenly Geet turns on the dim lights.

Part 21

Maan turned his attention to the front of the bed where Geet was dressed in a super hot sarii and was looking extremely beautiful. And the music starts!

All I Seee…
In Hersszzz Touch

Maan was so surprised with Geet that his eyes were wide open in shock... he was surprised and staring in awe of how sexyy his wife looked. Then Geet winked at him, which turned him on even more.

Wats D Fun ? Ah Ah
Do U Know Wht I Mean It Isz ?
Sup Sup
Can I Get Ya

(Guy's imagine Geet dancing like Katrina in that song in the beginning) Maan could not take his eyes off of Geet who was just dancing like a pole dancer in a strip club.

Can I Touch Ya
Can I Get Ya
Can I Touch Ya

Geet walked towards Maan who was leaned up against the headboard. She put her hands seductively around his collars and pulled him off the bed. She ran her fingers on the side of his face and had a naughty smirk on her face. That was it. Maan was officially turned on by his sexy wife.

Zara Zara Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me
Ah Zara Zara Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Ah Zara Zara Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me

She put her hands on his shirt button and started unbuttoning his shirt slowly. Maan grabbed Geet by the waist and held her tight. He looked at her with his hungry bedroom eyes. She looked at him with her " oh its not that easy mister.. its my turn to seduce you".

Ah Zara Zara .. Oooo Ooo Ooo

Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me
Ah Zara Zara
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Ah Zara Zara
Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me
Ah Zara Zara
Oooo Ooo Ooo

As she was done unbuttoning his shirt she slowly slid it off him arms, causing electric shocks through his spine. He just wanted to eat her up so badly... he could feel his groin tightening. Geet looked at his musclar and manly body that she just wanted so badly. She wanted to explore his body tastefully letting him into her body.

(Bin Tere Sanam Is Jahan Mein
Beqkaar Hum
Dum Da Dum Da Dum
Bin Tere Sanam Is Jahan Mein
Beqkaar Hum ) ….. 2

Maan could not help himself, he took her out of his hold and Geet took the opportunity to run away and just tease him. He grabbed onto her hand and pulled her towards him. She hit his rockhard abs softly and she closed her eyes in pleasure. Oh Maan was turning her on. He moved her hair aside and kissed her soft neck and whispered in her ear " Oh you made the wrong choice in messing with me.. now you are going to pay for it". His cool breath sent shivers down her body.

Zara Zara Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me
Ah Zara Zara Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Ah Zara Zara Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me

Ah Zara Zara .. Oooo Ooo Ooo

Maan slowly took off the material that was hugging her shoulder. Geet clenched her fists and could feel the constant tease through her body. She closed her  eyes in pleasure. As he slid the material off, he was kissing every single inch of exposed skin. She closed her eyes even tighter in pleasure. He brought a little distance between their bodies and started unravelling her sari.

Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me
Ah Zara Zara
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Ah Zara Zara
Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me
Ah Zara Zara
Oooo Ooo Ooo

(I Love The Way You Touchin Me, Feeling Me
Boy Im Gonna Be Rebelling
Boy My Little Secrets Gonna Let You Know
That Wen You Put Your Arms Around Me
I Love The Way You Surround Me
Oh Boy I M Gonna Loose Control ) ….. 2

Maan finished unravelling her, leaving Geet with her deep cut blouse and petticoat. Maan walked upto her slowly and bent down on one knee and kissed her stomach sending shivers through her body and his. She put her hands on his neck and pulled him up. He went behind her and started to take off her blouse. He kissed her back slowly. He got up and Geet turned to face him. She slid her hands into his chest and took off his black wife beater. She kissed his chest softly and was running her hands down his waist area and all the way up towards his neck.  She slid her hands down his pants and unfastened his belt and button. She slid his pants down stripping him of it.

(Tere Hi Tera Hi Intezaar Hai
Mujhe To Bas Tujhse Pyaar Hai
Tera Hi Tera Abb Khumaar Hai
Khud Pe Na Mere Ikhtiyaar Hai ) …… 2

(Bin Tere Sanam Is Jahan Mein
Beqkaar Hum
Dum Da Dum Da Dum
Bin Tere Sanam Is Jahan Mein
Beqkaar Hum ) ….. 2

He picked her up and slowly placed her on the bed. He put himself on top of her fully exploring her body. She moaned and whispered for more.

Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me
Ah Zara Zara
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Ah Zara Zara
Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me
Ah Zara Zara
Oooo Ooo Ooo

She flipped the whole scene around and put herself on top of him, kissing his every inch while he was pulling her tighter into him.

Once Time Touch Me Like This
I Like What You Want
What You Give Its A Risk
Two Time Touch Me Like This
Together Wanna Fasa D Style The Way Tat A Lover
Three Time Touch Me By Far
Gets Over Here Comes The Crazy With Me In My Car
Its One Time Touch Me Like This
I Know Wat You Want, Wat You Can, Wat You Say.. My Lover

They both moaned and whispered in pleasure. She kissed him on the lips and he kissed her back with full hunger. They continued this for hours.

(Yeh Dard-E-Dil To Ho Na Agar
Sataye Abb Dooriyon Ka Gum
Behek Jaye Na Yeh Kadam
Hai Tujhe Meri Jaan Ki Kasam ) ….. 2

Bin Tere Sanam Is Jahan Mein
Beqkaar Hum
Dum Da Dum Da Dum
Bin Tere Sanam Is Jahan Mein
Beqkaar Hum

(Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me
Ah Zara Zara
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Ah Zara Zara
Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me
Ah Zara Zara
Oooo Ooo Ooo) ….. 2

(Bin Tere Sanam Is Jahan Mein
Beqkaar Hum
Dum Da Dum Da Dum
Bin Tere Sanam Is Jahan Mein
Beqkaar Hum) …… 3

He gave her lovebites, she gave him lovebites. The night never seemed to end as they were enjoying eachother. Maan was biting her lips and tastefully exploring his tongue in her mouth. She pulled him tighter towards her. They literally went on for hours and hours until early morning where both had completely ate each other up. Maan completely ripped her clothes apart and Geet did the same to Maan.

Part 22

"Maan... uthiyee.. subah ho gayi hai and you have a meeting today too" whispered Geet. She stroked his hair and looked at him lovingly. Geet leaned towards Maan and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He smirked a little after the kiss but he still  didn't open his eyes. Geet frowned and said, " Chaliye.. aur drama karne ki zaroorat nahi hai jii.. mujhe Aryaan ki tutor say bhi baat karni hai.. Im thinking to get him home schooled for a while". All Maan could say is, " mhm... do whatever you want baby".

Geet slowly started to slid off the bed when Maan caught a hold of her and pulled her back. He was wide awake with a morning grin on his face. " Kahaan jaa rahi hoo miss hoshiyarpur.. apne Mogambo ko chor kar"said Maan naughtily. " Chaliye.. choriyee.." said Geet as she was trying to fight a smile. Maan let go of her slowly and Geet didn't move. He stroked his hand on Geets bare arm and kissed it. " If you keep on doing things like this.. you'll drive me crazy..."said Maan as he kissed her arm again and again. Geet had chills running down her back and she quickly got off the bed... oh if he had said one more thing.. she would have pounced on him.
She ran into the washroom and just before closing the door... she looked at Maan who was looking at her and she winked at him. He smirked and chuckled a little bit. She later came out and Maan went in and took a shower. She smiled to herself... " Maybe I'll wear this today... I have to run errands anyway...

" ARYAAN SINGH KHURANA... TUM KAHAAN HO? DON'T TRY TO HIDE FROM ME MISTER" said Geet furiously. "Main yahaan hoon mama" said Aryaan as he peaked through the couches smirking. Geet spotted him and her eyes widened in anger... she took off her heels and prepared to run after her son again. Aryaan peaked through again and said, " Maamaaa.. mujhee pakadooo!!". She could hear his giggles and laughter. "OYE HOYE.. TERE PAPA KA BHI YEH PROBLEM HAI.. PAKADOO PAKADOO.. ARYAAN! IDHAR AAO.. BEHAVE" yelled Geet as she played peak a boo with Aryaan except they had the couches to hide from. " ARIII.. COME HERE NOW.." said Geet as she was screaming her lungs out.  Geet was frustrated and started to chase him around forgetting that she absolutely cannot run.

Suddenly, she was about to slip and fall on her face when a strong pair of hands caught her protectively. She closed her eyes in fear... if she fell... the baby's life would be in danger. The pair of hands helped her up and she slowly started to open her eyes. " You're safe" said the deep voice.

Part 23

Geet regained her balance and looked up to the person who caught her from falling and who basically saved her and her baby's life. Her eyes slowly met the person's eyes and she stood in shock.

"ARMAAAN ?!?!!" screamed Geet as she cupped her hand on her mouth. " Hey beautiful.. kaisi ho?" replied Armaan with his signature smile. Geet was just SO happy... she couldn't even gather her emotions together! " I'm good.. Armaan! tum kaisay ho?" said Geet as calmy as she could. Armaan smiled at her and said, " slow down miss hoshiyarpur... train nahi choot rahi". " Shutup okay?"laughed Geet. Geet hugged him quickly and said, " Oye! tum kab aaye?? aur Shilpa kahaan hai". " Shilpa yahaan hain Mrs. sherni Khurana" replied a sweet voice that Geet instantly recognized. Shilpa walked upto Geet and both went into a tight hug. "Kaisi hai tu" said Geet and Shilpa together exitedly. They both laughed so hard, whereas  Armaan was looking at them as if they were a bunch of psycho's. Armaan cupped his hand on Geets chin and said, " So beautiful.. tell me how  you are?? aur Maan kahaan hai?". Geet put her hand on his and said, " Armaan main theek hoon.. andd.. thankyou for saving me". Armaan frowned and said, " Kyun? miss hoshiyarpur.. aaap to har musibat mein phasi raheti hain". " Kyunkiiii... IM PREGNANT STUPPIID!" yelled Geet excitedly. Shilpa and Armaan's  eyes were wide open in shock and they said, " KYA?", " Haan jii doctors.. I'm pregnant and VERY fragile and happy" said Geet. " No wonder you had that glow on your face" said Shilpa. " Haan jii"replied Geet proudly.

" GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET... GEEEEEEEEEET! GITH!" yelled Maan from the stairs. Geet looked over her shoulder and frowned. " HAAN JII.. AARAHI HOON.." yelled Geet. " Chalo.. tumhara Maan bhi aagaya" teased Shilpa. Maan came down the stairs typical "Maan style" and approached the living room. As he came in, two soft hands covered his eyes from seeing anything. He stopped and put his hand on the person's hand. "Guess kijiye?" said Shilpa sweetly. Maan smiled and said, " Meri Shilpa hogi..." Shilpa removed her hands and Maan hugged her and said, " Kab aayi? aur tumhara pati kahaan hai?". " Uska pati yahaan hai Maan." replied Armaan. Maan broke out of the embrace and walked upto Armaan. He got into his typical arrogant attitude and said, " How are you Armaan?". " Good" replied Armaan as he shook hands with Maan. Both looked at eachother very seriously.

Part 24

Both of them looked at eachother face to face, and then suddenly both crept a smile on their face. Then both guys burst out laughing hysterically. Geet and Shilpa looked at eachother so questioningly. Maan and Armaan hugged eachother and had big smiles on their faces. " Kaisay ho dude?" asked Armaan as he broke out of the embrace and put his hand on Maan's shoulder. " Main theek hoon yaar.. tu kaisa hai?" replied Maan with a glow in his face. The childhood friends were back on track... well after some patching up by their wives of course! " I heard you're a doctor now.. congrats man!" said Maan. " Haan dude.. bus.. bangaya.. aur humari patni jii mere saath kaam karti hain"replied Armaan as he winked at Shilpa. Shilpa got a little shy but Geet being the comical one she pushed Shilpa jokingly with her shoulder. " Oye hoye... tu kyun sharmane lagi" said Geet in her typical punjabi style. "Chup kar" said Shilpa as she fought a smile. The guys were just talking nonstop and were totally ignoring their better halfs so to say. " Chal chor.. Meera bhi yahaan hai... chal usko surprise detein hai.. woh tujhe dekhi gi to bohot khush hogi!" said Geet as she dragged Shilpa away.

Geet, Meera and Shilpa were both chatting in the opposite rooms just giggling their heads off and just plain catching up girl time. Geet was laughing so hard when she suddenly had throbbing pain in her stomach. It wasn't normal at all. She stopped giggling and instead she started throwing up and her face went completely ghost white. " GEET.. KYA HUA.. WHAT THE HELL.. MEERA.. THIS IS NOT GOOD.. WE HAVE TO TAKE HER TO THE HOSPITAL.. CALL MAAN AND ARMAAN" yelled Shilpa as she was horrified seeing this scene. Geet stopped throwing up and just fainted onto the bed, leaving her already pale complexion even more pale and with blood trickling out of the sides of her mouth. Both guys ran upstairs and Maan took her into his arms and they all drove off towards the hospital.

They ran into the emergency and suddenly nurses and doctors came rushing with a emergency hospital beds.. which actually looked like a stretcher.. except it had wheels. "DOCTORS.. HER CONDITION LOOKS SERIOUS.. ICU... NOW!" yelled one of the doctors. Maan placed her onto the bed and all of them rushed towards one the hospital rooms. The doctors stopped all of them from going in except Shilpa and Armaan. " Aap andar nahi jaa sakte.. Dr. Armaan and Dr. Shilpa.. please come this way". They both nodded their head and went into the room leaving Maan and Meera outside. " I'll call Sameer.." said Meera as she was dialing Sameer's number. Maan was just too scared and frustrated to even care what would happen. He just didn't want anything to happen to his Geet.. his angel.. his misthii..

Sameer came running into the waiting area outside the ICU with Daadi maa and Aryaan and said, " What happened?? is she okay? doctor neh kuch kaha?". " Maan beta! kya hua Geet ko?? doctor??" said Daadi worriedly. Meera stood up and said, " Nahi.. abhi kuch nahi pata". Sameer looked at his brother who looked half dead.. as if half his soul had been ripped out of his body. Maan had silent tears running down his face.. not even saying anything. Daadi maa had gone to Maans side and he instantly put his head on her shoulder and even more tears started to come out. " Kuch nahi hoga beta.. i promise.. please.. chup ho jayiye"comforted Daadi maa. Maan couldn't stop.... this wasn't the first time. Suddenly Shilpa and Armaan came out of the room talking. Maan instantly got up and with red teary eyes said, " Armaan... Geet theek hai naa.. usse kuch nahi hoga?". Armaan put his hand on his shoulder and Shilpa said, " Maan... abhi condition bohot hi nazuk hai.. abhi kuch nahi kehsakte". Maan's heart fell.. it broke into pieces in front of him. He couldn't move... he stood there frozen... not being able to process the information that his friends had just said.

Part 25

It had been almost two days and Geet was still in danger and very critical in the ICU. Armaan and Shilpa were in a meeting with the rest of the doctors discussing Geet's case. " Dr Armaan.. aapko kya lagta hai" asked one of the doctors. " I think its a case of poisoning... and especially in her pregnant state.. its very dangerous for her and her baby... someone might have put slow poison in a drink or food..." said Armaan. Shilpa looked at Armaan shocked! " Dr. Armaan.. what are you saying?!!? how.. why.!?!?!" exclaimed Shilpa. Armaan looked at her and said, " The reports have come in.. we have to see it.". Shilpa looked very worried... what would she tell Maan? " Dr. Shilpa... please open it.. " said Armaan as he tried not to show any emotion. Armaan handed her the folder and as she was taking it... her hands were shaking. She closed her eyes to quickly pray and then opened them once again. She flipped open to the page and it read, " THE BABY COULD NOT BE SAVED... THE CAUSE IS UNIDENTIFIED. SOME MORE REPORTS MUST COME IN BEFORE THERE IS A SET CAUSE FOR THIS INCIDENT."
Shilpa's eyes grew wide in terror and her heart broke into tiny little pieces... what would she tell Geet and Maan??! that their baby was DEAD? Shilpa fought her tears but handed the folder to Armaan who was looking at her with a worried look on his face. As he read the contents, he was absolutely shocked but did not show it on his face because of professionalism. Doctors cannot hold emotion in front of their work. " Doctors... I believe Geet will be okay... we are just waiting for her to respond to the medicine" said Armaan unemotionally. "Okay. thanks doctors... the meeting is over.." said Armaan coldly.

When the doctors left, there was only Armaan and Shilpa in the room. Shilpa had tears rolling down her eyes and Armaan saw it and he put his hand on her hand. "Shilpa.. we have to be strong.. for our friends... we're doctors.. we see this everyday..." said Armaan as he was trying to console her. Shilpa shot out of her seat and ran towards the window and started crying. Armaan followed her and said, " Shilpa.. stop jaan.. please". " Be strong.. let's just go inform Maan.. he has a right to know".  "WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSE TO SAY TO MAAN AND GEET? THAT THEIR BABY IS DEAD? THEY WON'T EVER SEE THE BABY AGAIN?" screamed Shilpa. She stood there crying as her knees felt weak. Armaan hugged her tightly and said, " Shh.. jaan.. its okay... main hoon na... I'll take care of it". Shilpa just cried and cried for an hour and was in the meeting room with Armaan... Armaan could not help his tears from rolling too... it was about Geet and Maan. Armaan sat Shilpa down and wiped her tears and said, " Shilpa.. please.. calm down.. we have to go tell him now.. its not fair" . Shilpa recollected her emotions and said, " Okay let's go... you are right.. its not fair". They both held hands and exited the room.

They found Maan sitting the same way... same lifeless body... unemotional man.. Sameer, Meera and Aryaan were both sitting with Maan. Armaan said, " Maan...". Maan jolted out of his thoughts and said, " Armaan.. geet theek hai.. kahaan hai woh". " Maan.. I need to talk to you"said Armaan. Maan was now very worried.. possibly more than before. Armaan took Maan aside and said, " Maan.. I want you to promise me that you won't act impulsive and insane after hearing this.." said Armaan. " Armaan.. I promise.. now please bataoo kay Geet theek hai naa?" said Maan. " Geet is almost out of danger... and we cannot identify what has occurred. Armaan continued, " And Im sorry to tell you this but... we couldn't save your baby". Maan looked at Armaan with wide eyes and he felt as if the whole world was taken away from his feet. "Armaan.. kyun? kaisay.." stuttered Maan. " We don't know.. ab police inquiry hogi.. Ive already called the commissioner" said Armaan as he put his hand on Maan's shoulder supportingly. Maan had tears coming down his eyes and Armaan hugged him. " Maan.. you have to be strong for Geet... please... it'll break her to see you like this" said Armaan supportingly. Maan broke out of the embrace and said, " Yeah.. you are right...". Maan wiped his tears and recollected his emotions.

" Okay.. Maan.. now we have to go see Geet.." said Armaan as he walked him to the waiting area. " Can I come in with you?" asked Maan hopefully. Armaan looked at Maan and normally he would automatically refuse something like that. " Theek hai dude.. aajao" said Armaan with a hopeful smile. So both guys went into the ICU where they saw Geet hooked upto machines. She looked so frail... so weak.. that even blowing air on her face would seem like she would fly away. Maan walked towards her and Armaan began checking everything. Maan sat beside Geet's bed and he put his hand over hers which felt like bones and a thin layer of white skin. Maan kissed her hand and just put his head down on her bed.

" Maan... Maan.. Maan.. please call My Maan... I beg of you" whispered Geet lightly as her eyes were closed. Maan lifted his head and said, " Armaan.. ARMAAN.. SHE SAID SOMETHING.. GEET... GEET.. AISAY NAHI KARTAY.. WAPAS AAJAO". Armaan turned around to see Geet.. and was surprised.

Suddenly, one of the machines started beeping loudly and the rest of the doctors including Shilpa rushed in. "GEET.. kuch bolo yaaar.. please.." said Maan as he was panicking. All of the doctors started to attend to Geet and Shilpa turned around to handle Maan. She held him back and said, " Maan.. please go.. jaoo.. please.. Geets in danger in again.. please JAO". She pulled Maan out of the room and outside she said, " Maan.. don;t panic... please.. Geet will be okay..". " Take care of my GEET SHILPA.. AGAR USSE KUCH HO GAYA NA.. TO MAIN TUM DONO KO KABHI MAAF NAHI KAROONGA" yelled Maan as Sameer, Meera and Daadi maa went aside to calm him down. . " I PROMISE YOU MAAN..KUCH NAHI HOGA GEET KO.." said Shilpa as looked one last time at everyone. She rushed into the room where the blinds were closed.

Maan sat down on the seat and was completely motionless... and everyone was by his side. Aryaan came upto Maan and said, " Mama ko kya hua Papa? mama theek ho jayengi naa?". Maan looked at his son and took him into his arms. He stroked his hair and said, " Nahi beta.. kuch nahi hoga Mama ko..".

Part 26

"Dr.Shilpa... have the reports come in yet?...I have been expecting them for awhile" said Armaan. " No they haven't... but good news is that Geet is out of danger." said Shilpa as she was doing Geet's checkup.

Suddenly, Maan came in quietly not disturbing Armaan and Shilpa during the checkup. " How is my wife doing?" asked Maan as he tried to be strong and smile. Armaan turned around and smiled at him and said, " Maan.. thanks for being such a good sport! and your wife is out of danger". Maan smiled and said, " Can I stay with her?". Shilpa smiled at him and said, " Of course.. after we shift her out of the ICU rooms". Maan walked upto Armaan and Shilpa and he hugged both of them together. " Thanks guys... You saved my Geet;s life... you saved my life". They all broke out of the hug and Maan told them he would be back to get Aryaan and some goodies for Geet.

Later that day, Geet was shifted into another ward and Maan went in for the first time. As he entered, he was smiling... he finally got to see his Geet. Maan entered the room and found Geet looking a little better than before. She looked less frail, but Maan thought she looked even more beautiful everyday... Maan sat beside her bedside and he looked at her lovingly and kissed her forhead... He put his hand on her hand softly. He put his head down near her hands and just rested there for a minute.

Suddenly, Geet moved her finger a little bit, as it seemed like it reacted to Maans touch. As if she could tell that Maan was there.. she could feel the touch of his palm on her skin... every line.. every vein... Maan put his head up surprised at the motion after almost 3 days. Geet slowly opened her eyes still fluttering her eyelashes because she wasn't use to the light yet. Maan looked at her with excited eyes and said, "Geet... jaan.. I'm here.. wake up. She opened her eyes and looked around the room. She thought, " Where am I and what am I doing here?". Maan understood what she was thinking in her mind and smiled at her. He stroked her hair gently and Geet turned her eyes to look at Maan. She smiled a little bit and tried to move her hands a little bit at the same time. She felt so sore... her body pained as she tried to move around a little bit. Maan stopped her from moving and said, " Geet.. you have to rest.. I'll call Armaan and Shilpa". Maan went to go get Armaan and Shilpa and soon all of them came into the room to find Geet's eyes wide open.
Shilpa walked towards Geet and smiled at her, " Kaisi hai tu?". Geet nodded and smiled a little bit to her. Geet smiled slightly and said in a weak tone, " Thori si sore hoon.. par achi hoon..". " Shhh Geet.. tumhe araam ki zaroorat hai" said Maan as he put his hand on hers. " Geet... you'll be discharged in another one week and after that..poora bed rest.." said Armaan as he checked her blood pressure. As soon as Armaan and Shilpa were done the checkup they left the room. Armaan put his hand on Maan's shoulder and gave him a nod to tell him, " Tell Geet.. she needs to know". Maan understood and nodded his head.

As both doctors left, Maan and Geet were in the room all alone. " Geet I need to tell you something" said Maan as he stroked her hand gently. Geet suddenly got worried... " What's wrong?". "Geet...three days ago.. you were puking in which you fainted and blood started to trickle out of your mouth". Geet knitted her eye brows together. Maan continued, " You were rushed to the hospital and you were in the ICU for about 2 and a half days... and... the reason why you were like this was because.. you were poisoned... with slow poison.. a very lethal amount was given to you". The words hit Geet like a bullet. Who would try to do that? thought Geet. " Maan.. I don't care about myself.. our baby is okay right?".

Maan looked down and then looked up at her again trying to fight back his emotions. " Geet...". " NO MAAN... PLEASE TELL ME THAT OUR BABY IS OKAY.. PLEASE.. PLEASE..." pleaded Geet with eyes full of tears. " Geet.. listen to me" said Maan as he tried to control her. " You're lying right?.. I knew it.. Maan.. its not funny" said Geet. " Geet... im sorry... they couldn't save our baby". The words just hit Geet even more and she started to cry loudly. Maan sat on Geets bed and took her into his arms. " Maan.. my baby.. my baby.... it was inside of me.. Maan.. bring me back my baby...please... please!". Every tear of Geet, hit Maan like bullets. He hugged her tighter and she cried harder.

Part 27

A week passed and Geet was to be discharged from the hospital. She tried to be strong... ... Maan knew that she was trying to be strong... it would have been worse if the baby was 7 months or even close to being born. Geet and Maan both felt the loss of their baby... their baby that they never got to know about... Both tried to support eachother and stay strong for the sake of eachother.

As Geet was about to enter the haveli for the first time in almost a week and a half.. .daadi maa was at the door to welcome her back. As Geet entered.. she looked around the house and her eyes were only looking for Aryaan. "Hum jaante hai aap kisay dhoond rahi hain..." smiled Daadi maa. " Ariii betaa!!! idhar aayiye.." called Daadi maa from behind her. Aryaan zoomed downstairs so excited that his mom and dad were here! As he was going downstairs.. he accidently tripped and fell down the last step of the stairs.

" ARYAAANN.." said Geet as she ran inside to go see if her Aryaan was okay. He got up and smiled and ran straight into his mothers arms. "Aryaan.. tum theek ho naa?lagi to nahi?" said Geet as she checked him to see if he had any cuts or bruises. Geet had tears running down her face... her baby.. Aryaan. Aryaan  wiped her tears, " Mama.. main theek hoon.. aap theek hai naa? mama.. mujhe pata hai kay naya baby nahi aanay wala.. mama.. don't worryy.. main hoon naa.. aap fikar mat karo...". Geet smiled while tears were coming down her eyes. " Thanks baby.. I love you too Arii..". She hugged him hard and he hugged her hard as well. Maan seeing this walked up to them and took Aryaan into his arms and hugged Geet as well. The three hugged eachother tight.

" Humay bhi thora sa pyar chahiye.." said Meera and Sameer together. The three looked at them and welcomed Meera and Sameer together in their arms. Everyone hugged as if they were never going to see eachother again. They all broke out the embrace and went into the living room.

"Welcome back home bhabhi!" said Sameer with a warm smile. " Kaisi hai tu?... do you need anything?" asked Meera. " Main theek hoon.. tu kaisi hai?" said Geet with a little smile. "Bhabhi...for your first time home in a week in a half.. Meera and I have organized a party for you!" said Sameer exitedly. " Sam... tumhe yeh karni ki zarrorat nahi thi" said Maan. " No ifs no buts.. bus... hamari party apke liye confirmed!" said Sameer. "Thanks Sameer Meera.." said Geet with a smile. " Acha Geet... jaa kar ready ho jaa... mehmaan aanay walay hongay... main teri madat  kar deti hoon". Geet nodded and both went into her room to get ready.

-----------------DEV'S POV----------------------------------------

"Naina.. KAISAY BACH GAYII GEET? TUM EK BHI KAAM SAHI SE NAHI KARSAKTI?" yelled Dev has he threw his whisky glass on the floor near her feet. Naina was frightened and was shaking. Dev was drunk and VERY angry. He turned around and started to walk towards Naina. Naina was even more afraid and she walked back trying to get away from him. He was too fast for her and grabbed her hair. " You stupid wh**e.. I brought you out of that wh**ehouse.. to what? do stupid things?" yelled Dev. "I'm sorry.. baby.. please forgive me.... I'll do it properly next time"said Naina in tears.

"SHUTUP... NOW IM GOING TO DEAL WITH THIS... DON;T EVEN COME BACK AFTER THIS NIGHT.. YOU SIGNED A CONTRACT WITH ME... SPEND THIS NIGHT WITH ME.. OR ELSE YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN." said Dev has he grabbed Naina and threw her on the bed. She had no choice.. he was right.. she had to.. or else everything would go wrong... Naina stripped off her clothes and went into the bed where Dev jumped right in. He explored her body, whereas she had no motion.. no reaction.. she was cold and done... Dev was just a devil... he had no humanity.All naina could do is have empty tears roll down her eyes.

-----------------------------End of Dev's POV----------------------------------------

Part 28

"Jaldi kar Geet..." called Meera as she did her last two touches on her makeup. " Haan haan.. ek minute yaar..." replied Geet who was frustrated with her earrings. "Acha.. main aati hoon.. i'll get you my other ones"said Meera as she exited Geet's room. " Jaldi aa" replied Geet.

Suddenly, Maan entered their bedroom to find something, but he found Geet struggling with her earrings. Maan quietly went behind her and started to help her out. Geet looked at him in surprise.. " Maan. main karloongi..". " Ek minute Geet.. I have it.. one sec.." as he almost fixed her earrings. Geet could not take her eyes off of Maan. She had tears in her eyes just looking at him... no matter how hard he tried.. she knew that he was hurting. She put her hand on his cheek and said, " Maan.. I'm sorry".

Maan stopped and looked at her... " Geet? kaisi baatein kar rahi ho.. tumhari koi ghalti nahin hai". " Phir bhi Maan.. I know how much you wanted that baby... and I couldn't give you your pari"said Geet as she had even more bigger tears coming out of her eyes. Maan wiped her tears delicately with his fingers and said, "Shh... its okay jaan...". He took Geet into his arms and she cried softly in his arms. " Geet.. its not our time to cry... its time for the other people who hurt you to cry..."  said Maan as he broke out the embrace to wipe her tears. " Thankyou Maan..." said Geet as she smiled a little. " Acha... I was wondering.... you and me.. date... here.. late..?" said Maan with a naughty smile. " Maann!" said Geet shyly. "Acha.. I'll think you said yes for our date.." said Maan with a smile. She grabbed his collar and said, " Mr. Khurana.. bach ke rehna". They both laughed and as they turned around they saw Meera standing at their door. She looked at them and wiped her tears. " Geet.. chal neechay.. sab tera intezaar kar rahe hai". Geet nodded and Meera turned around and walked away with a smile.

Maan took Geet's hand at the top of the stairs that let into the ballroom. Everyone turned their attention towards the pair. They looked at both with awe and Maan took Geet slowly down the stairs because she just had gotten a little better. They reached the bottom of the stairs and daadi maa was there smiling at them. She walked upto them and they took her blessings. " Jeete raho" she said to Maan. " Saada suhagan raho"she said to Geet. Maan and Geet smiled at eachother and Maan led her through the room saying hello to all the guests. As they circulated the room Geet heard something from the "gossip girl crew" of aunties. " Haan haan Hetal.. maine suna hai kay kisi ne zeher diya hai Geet bahu ko.. aur bachay ko bhi maar diya" said one of  the aunties. Meera hearing this turned around angrily and walked towards the auntie. " mausii jii... mainay suna hai kay aapki bahu and aapka beta aapse alag ho gaye hai?.. agar aapko kuch chahiye.. to bata dijiye ga" said Meera with a fake concern in her voice. The auntie being embarassed just nodded her head and nervously turned her attention towards her friends and started talking again. Meera turned around and walked away. Geet let go of Maan's hand and said, " Main abhi aati hoon". Maan nodded his head and continued talking to his business colleagues. Geet walked upto Meera and said, " Meera.. yeh karni ki kya zaroorat thi.. kis kis ka moo band karti rahe gi". " Geet.. zaroorat hai... and I can't stand anyone saying something  like that to you.". "Acha jii... but just don't hurt anyones feeling... I don't want anyone saying anything against our family" said Geet as she hugged Meera hard.

-----------------------------------Devs POV--------------------------------------

Dev was laying in bed beside Naina who was fast asleep beside him. He closed his eyes and remembered that very scene again... the one that turned his life around.. and possibly ruined it.


" I know you're surprised to see me Mr. Dev Singh Khurana..." said the woman. "Geet?? tum yahaan kya kar rahi ho... aren't you suppose to be dead in that cottage"said Dev with a smirk. Geet was in her business attire... and she managed to hide all the scratches and bruises pretty well with her makeup. She did not even look like she had been raped the night before. " I should've done a better job.. damn.. next time" said Dev as he folded his hand across his chest. Geet smirked and said, " That next time will never happen... oh and forget about coming to your office today". Dev knitted his eyebrows together and said, " Why?". Geet walked upto him and handed him the file of his hotel chains. " Since you were in so much debt... the bank decided to sell your company and house.. and clearly, you've written here that you give the bank the full right to do so"said Geet as she folded her arms. Dev grabbed the file and read it. " What the hell?". " What the hell is the right thing to say.. waisay... you know I have contacts with the bank and I've bought your chain of hotels". "You are no longer the owner.. you've cost the company billions in debts.."said Geet with smirk. " Mazak acha hai Geet.. you should've been a comedian" said Dev as he threw the file at her feet. She smirked and dialed her cellphone, " If you really think im joking.. then talk to Mr. Chopra". Dev grabbed her phone and talked to Mr.Chopra... he was arguing and yelling at him. Mr Chopra put down the phone on him and Geet took back her cellphone. " Well.. thankyou for your business.. literally...  Mr. Dev Singh Khurana". She smirked and turned around and left through the door and into her car. "DAMN IT.. EFFIN HELL... HOW DARE SHE?" yelled Dev.

------------------------------End of Flashback---------------------------

Dev got out of bed that evening and looked at Naina who was fast asleep. He roughly woke her up and Naina flung her eyes open. She put the sheet over her and said, " kya hua?". "Chalo mere saath.. jaldi se kuch pehno.. aur chalo". Dev put on his clothes and Naina jumped out and quickly got dressed. Dev pulled her roughly out of the house and threw her into the car. " I'll kill you and her for once and for all.. actually the whole family itself.." said Dev as he drove the car roughly.

He grabbed Naina out of the car and dragged her inside of the Khurana Haveli. She was pleading and yelling.. screaming.. He finally reached the ballroom and dragged her inside. Everyone turned their attention towards Dev and Naina. Maan and Sameer looked at Dev with full rage and walked towards him. " Dev. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE.." roared Maan. Dev did not pay heed  of  his older brother. "" DEV PLEASE.. AISA MAT KAROO.. PLEASE... CHOROO.. TUMNE KITNI ZINDAGIYAAN BARBAAD KI HAIIN.. USKO CHOR DO. PLEASE.." pleaded Naina has Dev grabbed her hair. Dev threw Naina towards Geet and Meera's feet. Geet and Meera helped Naina up quickly and Naina hid behind both ladies. Maan punched Dev in the face and said, " Yahaan se chale jaaoo Dev..." Sameer grabbed Dev and roughly pushed him away. Daadi maa rushed in between the guys and said, " Maan! beta.. kya kar rahe ho.. aur Dev.. tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho". Dev got up and you could tell that he was still a little drunk. Maan was raging in anger... he looked as if he would bury Dev right into the ground where he stood at.

Part 29

Armaan and Shilpa entered the ballroom to find this whole scene going on. They were shocked to see Dev there... why would he come?. Armaan walked up towards Maan and Sameer... " Dude? kya hua?.. what's going on?". " Armaaaaaan!! hellloooo.. how are you doingg dude?... surprise surprise.. THE Dev Singh Khurana is here?" said Dev in his drunk state. "Shilpa kaisi hai yaar? suna hai kay tu nay us item se shaadi ki hai" said Dev with a laugh. Armaan looked at Dev angrily, " Don't even DARE to take her name Dev... I swear to God I won't spare you". Shilpa rushed towards Geet, Meera and Naina. " Geet.. kya ho raha hai yahaan par?... aur Naina.. TUM? tum yahaan kya kar rahi ho"said Shilpa with a frown. "My oh MY.. the three strong.. college dudes... you just refreshed my memory guys.. " said Dev as he chuckled to himself. Daadi Maa was standing there looking so upset... and all the girls were comforting her. " Maan.. I always knew that you would get Geet.. she was afterall the hottest thing in college.. wasn't she?"said Dev. Maan stepped in front of all the other guys and into Dev's face...he looked at him with his full maan singh khurana angry eyes... his blood was boiling... every muscle in his hand was itching to skin him alive.

Suddenly, from behind Geet, Aryaan rushed towards Maan and grabbed onto him. He looked up at his father who was staring with anger at the strange man. He tugged on Maans sherwani and Maan looked down at his son, softening his face. " Papa..aap theek ho naa?" said the innocent Aryaan. Maan half smiled at his son and said, " hes no one.. no one beta.. you don't need to worry about it". Dev looked down at Aryaan who was looking at him with questioning eyes. Dev softened his expression and said, " Ari... Main tumhara chachu hoon.. actually.. who am I kidding.. im your dad". " Aap mere papa nahin ho sakte... yeh mere papa hai" said Aryaan. Aryaan hid behind Maan's legs and peeked through a little bit. " Geeet yaar.. tumne bataya nahin?.. daadi maa?". Daadi maa looked at Dev with disgust, " Dev.. mujhe sab pata hai.. aur Aryaan Maan aur Geet ka beta hai.. and main jaanti hoon kay aapne Geet kay saath kya kiya tha... mujhe ghin aarahi hai kay aap hamaray potay hai". Dev looked at his daadi maa, "That's what I expected... old buddhi will never listen...".

"DEV... DON'T YOU DARE...SAY ANYTHING TO DAADI MAA"said Maan as he grabbed Dev's throat. Armaan and Sameer held Maan back from doing something that will cost the family the eldest son. Geet rushed towards Aryaan and scooped him up into her arms and she stood in front of Maan. " Aryaan.. mera aur Maan ka beta hai... aur tumhari itni himmat kay tum mere ghar aakar mere parivaar ko beizzat karo?" said Geet coldly. " Aray.. tum jaisay insaan ko jail mein sarna chahiye.. and you've tested my patience... I kept it only for Maan and Aryaan.. I won't let my bad past ever come over them". She walked back and Meera scooped Aryaan into her arms. Geet came back and stepped in front of Maan and raised her one arm to divide Dev and the rest of the family. " Don't you dare come near my family Dev... I swear to God I'll ruin your life even more than I did last time.." said Geet with fiercely angry eyes. Maan stood beside Geet and took an extra step in front of her. " Dev.. tumne suna nahin? JAO YAHAAN SE WARNA I'LL THROW YOU OUT OF THIS HAVELI MYSELF" roared Maan. Aryaan covered his ears and put his head on Meera's neck out of fear. Meera protected Aryaan and inched his head closer toward her shoulder.

" Mahaan... Mahaan... Mahaan parivaar.. yaar tum logon ko starplus kay dramay main hona chahiye... you guys would win the best rhona dhona parivaar" sneered Dev. Geet widened her eyes in anger and said, " PARTY KHATAM HO GAYI HAI.. AAP SAB LOG JAA SAKTE HAI". The guests looked at eachother in confusion and they left out the door. As soon as the room was empty.. it left only the family and Dev. " Dev... yeh tumhari aur meri larayee hai.. and don't blame anyone else.." said Geet in anger. "You all really want to know why Im here?? why I hate Geet and Maan and all the rest of you?"said Dev out of frustration. Everyone looked at eachother.. Maan and Geet, Meera Sameer knew where this was going... And Dev told what and how he got to where he was... and how matters got worse.


Geet, Maan, Meera, Sameer, Armaan and Shilpa and I all went to the same University. Sameer and Meera were in 1st year, while the rest of us were in our 3rd year. Geet was doing her Bachelors in Architecture and Maan was as well. I was doing my Bachelors in Business... while Meera and Sameer were doing the same, except in different years and Armaan &Shilpa were doing their bachelors of science.. soon to apply to med school. . Geet and Maan never knew of eachother... they were silently competing with eachother with. marks... Although they never knew eachother... Geet and I were very good friends from the start... and I was always jealous of Maan..

I loved  Geet from the beginning of university.. Geet was the hard to get type.. every guy admired her for that attitude... they loved her simplicity, attitude and intelligence.. and even I did too. Maan on the other hand was the same with all the girls.. they went crazy over him.,.. he paid no heed to them.. I wish I could'v ebeen like that.. Geet, Meera and Shilpa were the best of friends.. the smart.. and beautiful bunch. Whereas Maan, Sameer and Armaan were the cool dudes of our uni and girls went crazyyy over them. I was never included.. ever... I was just the odd geek of a brother.. I had no friends.. nothing... I didn't have the best marks, looks like Maan did. It was always strange of how Maan Geet didn't meet for all their university years.. even being so near to eachother..

Anyway... I finally got the courage to tell Geet that I love her and want to introduce her to daadi maa and I did my best to look good... I walked upto her while she was in the library, studying for her final exams. She said hello and talked to me for a bit.. I couldn't look into her eyes.. but finally I did and I told her.. that .. I love her. Geet frowned at me and said, " Dev? are you okay.. tumhe kuch hua to nahi?" I replied that I was fine and I was very serious. She walked away laughing at me.. at my comment.. at my seriousness.. she thought it was a joke. I was angry.. " how could my friend do that to me?".

As days went on.. I loved her so obsessively that I grew lustful.. so sex crazy that I would go to desperate measures to calm myself down.. I hated seeing her around any guys.. talking to them.. even just taking her lecture notes from them... But I didn't budge... so I sent her a love letter.. again... saying that I would commit suicide if she didn't agree to be my gf.

Once I walked out of my classes and into the front of the uni to go to my car and drive home... I saw everyone just laughing at me as soon as I walked past them... And there was.. Shilpa and Meera standing there snickering along with Geet at the love letter I sent her. . Everyone was whispering and talking jsut looking at me as if I was the most funniest clown ever... I looked at them with anger and they stood there just smiling at me. I looked at them and looked down and rushed towards my car.. I drove away.. not caring.. or trying not to care... I was about to commit suicide.. but I decided to get revenge back... in the near future... I knew I would get Geet back so badly for hurting me.. all those years..

So after graduation.. and about 3 years after that... I had my own successful hotel business.. Armaan Shilpa were both doctors.. Meera and Sameer both had successful businesses as well.. and finally Geet had her all famous Handa constructions and lone behold Khurana constructions belonged to Maan... I saw Geet in an interview with Fox news.. and I saw Maan in an interview with CNN..they were both successful architects.. constructing all over India.. Dubai.. etc.. I saw my flame of revenge coming back for Geet.. and of how she hurt me..

So I had gone to the club last night.. got myself drunk as hell and I went to Geet's house.. I had earlier gotten her address of her house.. and I had shot all the guards and Geet recognized me.. she pleaded.. she fought.. for gods sake that woman was strong.. but I knew that I was alwasy stronger.. I dragged her into the car and took her to the cottage and well... raped her... I felt good.. my revenge was over.. I was done.. I ruined her..

She came back to me the next morning and handed me a file which said that Khurana chain of hotels was auctioned.. because I was in billions of dollars of debt.. and the bank took my house.. my properties and hotels.. and left me on the street. You know which b***** took all of this? your lovely Geet Handa.. she proved herself... she took her revenge back.. And I was left alone.. again.. with revenge flaming in my heart..

--------------------------------------------End of Flashback----------------------------------------

Everyone stood there in complete silence and " Okay well.. khatam kahani kids.. I'll be back soon" laughed Dev. He turned around and head out of the room and they heard his car zoom away into the distance. "Meera, Sameer.. tum dono Daadi maa aur Aryaan ko upar lekar jao.. abhi aur isi waqt"ordered Maan in his stern voice. They obeyed and left upstairs.. leaving Armaan Shilpa and Geet Maan just shell shocked of what just happened.. their history ran through their eyes like a movie..

Part 30

Naina who was watching all of this looked so scared.. scared that Maan would kill her.. she knew things.. she had to keep mum... She looked at everyone and quietly dragged herself out the door and disappeared. " Nainaa.. .where are you-" said Geet as she was cut off. " Jaane do usko... I don't want to see her face" said Maan coldly

Armaan walked up to Maan and put his hand his shoulder and said, " Maan.. mujhe pata hai kay aap dono ghalat nahin hai.. and its not your fault... don't blame yourselves". Maan was just flaming in anger and Geet could feel it. She turned around and faced Maan and said, " Maan.. choriye.. just leave it please...". Then Maan blew up, " ARYAAN IS MY SON.. AND GEET IS ONLY MINE.. NOT THAT DEV'S.. NOT HIS.. MINE... HE MADE A BIG MISTAKE MESSING WITH MAAN SINGH KHURANA.. I'M DONE WITH HIS BULLS*** ". Geet stepped back in fear a little and looked into her husbands eyes... he looked so angry.. but within that anger.. she saw fear... fear that he would lose his wife and son. She stepped towards him and put her hand on his cheek " Maan.. Aryaan aur mein sirf aapke hai.. aur aapke hi rahenge". Maan looked at Geet and she managed to crack a tiny smile of hope.. it certainly cooled him down to look into her pure eyes. He put his hand on her hand while it was on his cheek and said, " I'm sorry Geet..". Geet nodded and said, " Maan.. aapki ghalti nahin hai.. and now we have to deal with dev... please.. just let this go for tonight and we'll both deal with this tomorrow".

She took her hands off of his face and turned towards Armaan and Shilpa. She walked towards him and he was looking at her with questions in his eyes. " Shilpa ki koi ghalti nahin hai Armaan... usko kabhi nahin kuch kehna... hum sab nadaan thay... na samaj thay.. bus.. thori si ghalti ki thi.." said Geet with a  little smile on her face. Shilpa broke into little tears and hugged Geet tight, " Geet.. im so sorry... I should have never took that letter away from you.. I swear to God kay mein tujhse bus mazaak kar rahi thi".

Geet hugged her back,  " Shutup stupid.. teri koi ghalti nahin hai.. halaat bus kharaab ho gayye thay...". Armaan smiled and said, " Aapka rhona aur sorry kehna khatam ho gaya to Miss Hoshiyarpur.. aap jaa kar araam karein.. you just got discharged...aur waisay bhi agar phir se hospital jaane ka iraada hai to mein aapko bata doon kay meri date Shilpa se cancel ho jayegi". Geet broke out of the hug and put her hands on her waist, " Jii Doctor buddha Malik... aapko sona hai naa?". Armaan laughed and Maan came upto Geet and put his hand around Geet's shoulder. " I'll take her away... I know shes a little..." said Maan with a smirk. Armaan laughed even harder and Geet opened her mouth out wide. "Armaan MALIK.. how dare you make fun of Geet? and Mr. Khurana JI.. you are just too much okay?" said Shilpa as she sided with Geet. They all broke into laughter. Armaan controlled himself a little bit from his laughter and said, " Acha guys.. hum chalte hai.. Goodnight". " We'll drop you to the door" said Maan with a smile.

Maan and Geet came back from dropping Armaan and Shilpa from the door, they found Daadi sitting in the living room looking worried. Maan and Geet sat down beside Daadi Maa on opposite ends. " Beta... humay bohot gabrahat ho rahi hai...." said Daadi maa with a worried look on her face. Geet side hugged dadi maa and said, " Aap chinta mat kijiye.. main aur maan hai.. hum nipatlenge". "Haan dadi maa.. aap chinta mat karein.. yeh Dev to aisa hi hai.. bachpan se hi aisa tha" said Maan with a smile. " Aap hamaray saath Delhi chalein Daadi maa.. aapko akele Jaipur mein chorna humay theek nahin lage ga" said Geet. " Beta... yahaan par mera janam hua tha.. aur mein yahaan par hi rahungi" said Daadi maa. " Par dadi maa.. koi nahin hai yahaan par". "Beta.. aapka business Delhi main hai.. aur aapka nuksaan hoga business mein agar aap nahin jayenge" said Daadi maa with a hopeful smile.

 " Main aapko chor kar nahin jaa rahi" said Geet as she folded her arms. Daadi maa laughed and kissed Geet on the forhead and said, " Aap bachon jaisi baat mat karein.. hum aapko kabhi chor kar nahin jayenge". Geet softened her expression and Maan said, " Daadi maa.. aap ko Udaypur jaana tha na:?..". " Jii bete.. humnay apni behen se milna tha.. main kal subah nikal rahi hoon.." said Daadi maa with a pinch of relief in her voice. " Jii daadi ma" said Maan and Geet together. " Acha aap dono soo jaein.. kal jaldi nikalna hoga" said Daadi maa as she got up to go to her bedroom. Maan and Geet followed up the stairs and disappeared into their bedroom.

The next morning, Geet was going absolutely insane trying to make sure that she packs everything correctly and that she doesn't forget anything. She was still in her night clothes and her hair was in a messy bun. She had her glasses on and she was going through her list like a typical " granny" according to Maan. " MAAAAAAAMMAAAA. AAP KAHAAN HOO...." said Aryaan as he ran into Geet's bedroom and crashed into her. " Oye hoye ladoo.. kya huaa?" said Geet as she dropped her list on the floor. Aryaan giggled and picked it up for her and handed it to her. " Mama maama... I can't wait till we get home to Delhi.. im going to play with Yash again.. and then.. we are going to play pranks on the silly girls. Geet was scanning through her list and put it down and smiled at her son. She scooped him up and sat down on the edge of the bed.

She placed him beside her and said, " Can mama give you something ?". Aryaan's face brightened at that thought his mom will give him a gift. Aryaan nodded and Geet continued, " Aryaan.. you are a special baby... and I'm so lucky to have you as my baby... I want you to have this arii". She handed a black string with a pendant attached to it and put it around Aryaan's neck. Aryaan looked very confused... " Baby... this is a taveez... keep this with you... it is your personal memory of me and your papa.."said Geet soothingly. " If you ever feel that we are not close by, just remember us with this Taveez and we'll be right there with you"concluded Geet. Aryaan smiled, " Thankyou mama.. and aap aur papa mujhe kabhi chor kar nahi jayengi naa?". Geet hugged her son and said, " No... me and papa are in your heart.. never far away". Aryaan stopped smiling for a second and said, " MAMA.. I forgot to pack my transformers . mama.. main abhi lekar aata hoon". " Jaa.. lekar aa.. jaldi se.. " said Geet as she broke out  her hug and Aryaan jumped onto the floor and ran straight towards his room.

Geet, Maan, Sameer and Meera left Jaipur in the early morning and arrived to Delhi mid evening. Aryaan ran straight towards his room and towards his toys of course. "Home sweet home.." said Geet as she took a breath of relief. Maan looked more relieved but was still tense and angry about what happened in Jaipur. " Oh ho jii.. aap bhi naa.. tension tension.. ghussa ghussa" said Geet as she rolled her eyes jokingly. Maan looked at her and said, " Geet.. .please.. aab shuru maat ho jaana.". And there was it.... Geet was blabbering on about something as they went upstairs towards their room.

The next morning, Maan and Geet woke up to go to the office as soon as they dropped Aryaan off to school on their way. As they both entered, all the office staff stood up to greet them like every morning. Geet and Maan continued to their own office rooms and Maan said, " Geet.. adhay ghantay mein mere cabin mein aana.. I need to talk to you". Geet understood and went into her cabin to look over the work that happened over the couple of weeks.

Part 31

A few minutes passed and Geet was looking over files that were piled on top of her desk courtesy of Tasha and Romeo. Geet finished a couple of files off in those 15 minutes and the rest she decided to take a break. She laid back on her chair and turned around to face the window that was wide open and looked out to many parts of Delhi. She sighed and thought, " I remember meeting Maan on this type of day.. cloudy and sunny... as if my life that was full of clouds was clearing.. because the sun was coming out.. who knew.. Maan would be my sun...". She closed her eyes and remembered that very scene that changed both their lives.


"Where is your Geet Madam?... I've been waiting for her in the meeting room a"demanded the angry voice. " Sir.. woh. abhi aati hoongi.. unho ne kaha tha kay woh thori si late ho jayengi.. sorry sir.. " said the secretary worriedly. "Please give her a call right now.. she's treating this like a joke! abhi phone lagao.." said the angry voice. The secretary shook in fear and picked up the phone to call Geet. And the person turned around and went towards the meeting room again.

And then thats when Geet entered her office and everyone stood up and greeted her. She was sweetly replying back and was walking as if she didn't have to worry about a thing. Geet stopped at her secretary and said, " Suhana? whats the problem? you called me?". "Ji. mam.. woh uh.. Mr. Khurana aapka intezaar kar rahe thay". " I know... can't he wait?.. impatient eh?.. acha suhana.. aaj tum jaldi ghar jaasakti ho.. i understand its your sister's wedding?.. go and help with preparations..aur haan.. don't forget to give her my gift"said Geet with a smile. Suhana smiled widely, " Thankyou Mam!". Geet smiled back and went towards the meeting room. As she entered, her team was behind her... they were all in perfect suits.. and were very well groomed.

Maan turned his seat around to look at this Geet Madam that her office staff so lovingly calls her... how irresponsible! He looked at his files with anger... and then he looked up at Geet trying to calm himself down. Maan stood up and Geet walked upto him with a smile, " Hello Mr. Khurana.. nice to meet you". She took out her hand to shake his and he did the same and as their hands met.. Maan couldn't take his eyes off her eyes... hazel eyes.. minimal.. yet perfect amount of makeup.. he hated it when girls caked it on.. they looked even more worse.. Hair is kept open and rosy pink lips that didn't look like she had tons of lipgloss on... a perfect out fit.. not even skimpy.. modest and professional... he liked that.  "Just perfect" thought Maan. Geet frowned a little and said, " Are you okay Mr. Khurana". Maan clicked out of his thoughts and said, " Nice to meet you Miss. Handa". They let go of eachothers hands and Geet said, " Please sit down everyone". Everyone sat in their respective places.

"Thankyou for coming everyone.. and my apologies for the slight delay.. I had some personal business to deal with.. but we will begin with the presentation now"said Geet as she stood up and addressed everyone in the room. Maan looked at her with skeptical and arrogant eyes. Geet had a charm and a sweet way to talk to everyone... she sounded convincing. As the meeting began and towards the middle Maan was impressed with Handa staff... they were professional... very competative. Geet had that smirk on her face... she thought " He thinks that he can buy my company?.. he hasn't seen what I can do yet... arrogant.. saru type". As the meeting concluded, one of Maan's team members, Adi stood up and said, " Miss Handa.. Khurana constructions is interested in buying your company.. we offer you 45 crores for your company.. do you agree?". Geet leaned back on her chair and had a smirk on her face.. the clever kind.. " What an irresponsible and unprofessional woman... she leans back on her chair thinking this is all a joke.. " thought Maan. She gotup from her chair and said, " No I don't and I am NOT selling my company Mr. Khurana... not even for 45 crores... ". Maan looked at her as she smirked, " Miss Handa.. we are making you an offer.. please think it through". " No. I am NOT selling my company.. Mr. Khurana.. how about I buy your company? for lets see.... 50 crores.. small amount eh? " said  Geet as she had a big smirk on her face. Maan stood up and looked at Geet with his cold stare. " This meeting is done.. thankyou for your time Miss Handa" said Maan with a cold tone of his voice. "Thankyou.. Mr. Khurana.. I know you all must be very busy... " said Geet with a sweet smile yet a very bittersweet tone. Geet shook hands with Maan and him and his team left the office.

" Saruuu insaan Meer!.. pata hai? he wanted to buy my company... another futile attempt by another " hotshot architect"said Geet with a mouth full of chips. Meera laughed and said, " Geet tu bhi naa.. itni bittersweet banjati hai.. I wouldn't blame him..". " Shutup Meeer.. tu meri side sse hai naa.." said Geet with a frown. "Acha.. uska naam to bata.. hot tha kya?" said Meera as she poured coke for both of them. Geet thought for a second.. "kya naam hai.. haan.. Maan Singh Khurana". Meera stopped pouring her coke and looked at Geet with surprised eyes. " GEEET! MAAN SINGH KHURANA!! WHAAAT?" said Meera as she was shocked. Geet frowned at her.. " kya?". " GEET.. WOH MAAN SINGH KHURANA.. DON'T YOU REMEMBER HIM FROM UNI??... HE WAS ALWAYS IN YOUR CLASSES... HE WAS YOUR SILENT COMPETITION" said Meera loudly. " OYE.. shutup yaar.. tu mazak kar rahi hai kya" said Geet with calm eyes but a hyper tone. " He was one of the dhak dhak's of our unii yaar.. Armaan.. and Maan and his youngest brother Sameer" said Meera excitedly. Geet looked as if she didn't care.. " Who cares?" said Geet as she stuffed chips in her mouth. " YOU MET OUR LONG TIME DHAK DHAK AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN RECOGNIZE HIM.. GEEEET!" said Meera as she smiled widely. " Oh yeah.. I remember"said Geet with a smile on her face. " I remember you and Shilpa being BOYYYY CRAZYY.. you over Sameer.. and Shilpa at Armaan... kya  hai yaar" said Geet with a laugh. Meera smacked her on the arm and said, " Geeeeeeeeet!!! tu itni stupid hai naa kay bas.. pagaaalll ho gayii hai" said Meera. "Sab tujhe aur Maan ko ideal dream couple kehtay thay.. both of you were the dreeamm boy and girl.. you beautiful.. simple smart.. and him.. wel.. strong... smart.. handsome.. quiet.. hayeeeee marrjawaannnn!!" said Meera with a big smile on her face. " I know yaar.. I don't even know him.. acha.. tu na.. movie lagaa. warna main ghar chali jaaongi" said Geet as she got tired of hearing Meera get giggly about this. "Acha.. laagati hoon.. merii maa.. " said Meera as she frowned and turned the movie on.. As she was putting inthe DVD, she mumbled to herself with a large smile, " Sameer Singh Khurana..". "Kuch kahaa tu ne?" said Geet with a confused look on her face. "Nothing.. acha shutup.. movie start ho rahi hai"said Meera with a grin. Geet shrugged and both got lost in watching their movie.

"Maan bhai.. aap kahaan hai.." called Sameer as he lookedfor his brother everywhere in the KM. " Main yahaan hoon.. " called Maan from his home office. Sameer entered.. the chocolate boy he was... cute.. smart.. charmer.. he was what every teenage girl would ask for. He smiled and said, " How was your day bhai  and meeting ?". Maan turned around and looked at his brother, " Frustrating.. . whats her name.. she owns Handa constructions.. haan.. Geet Handa.. God.. she was irriatating.. so irresponsible and carefree." sighed Maan. Sameer stopped in his tracks and said, " Whats her name again?". Maan repeated it, " Geet Handa". Sameer broke into a bigger smile.. " I knew it.. you would meet her someday". "What?" said Maan in between files. "Maan bhai.. shes GEET HANDA.. we all went to uni together.. she was your silent competition in classes...." said Sameer excitedly. " I don't remember" said Maan as he put down his files. " Geet handa.. *sigh*... she was the dream girl in uni... every guy looved her.. she was simply beautiful... smart.. she didn't care about boys.. she didn't care about how she looked.. just confident and sweet" said Sameer. Maan stopped and looked at his brother and noticed his tone of voice... He knitted his eyebrows together... " And I should care why?". " Maan bhai.. every one paired you up with her.. you guys were the ideal dream couple.. I remember her friends.. the 3 beautiful bunch together left the uni breathless.. Geet, Meera and Shilpa" said Sameer. " Oh I remember... you and Armaan use to mention her.. acha Sam.. zara kaam khatam karne do" said Maan as he went back to his files. "Ok bhai.. see you later" said Sameer with a large grin. As he went out the door he mumbled, " Meera Khanna..." with a large dreamy smile. " Kuch kahaa Sameer?" said Maan as he took his attention away from the files. " Nothing bhai.. I'll see you later" said Sameer as he exited out of the room.

Geet that night returned home and went straight to her room and changed into her night clothes.. She had a weird day... she needed rest...but she couldn't sleep after what Meera mentioned... She didn't care.. but why is she thinking about it? She walked over to the large french windows and looked at the dark sky lit up with the Moon and stars. It was a calm night.. unsually peaceful.. The wind didn't seem cold.. but warm and sweet... it was weird..

After working a couple of hours.. Maan retired to his bedroom to rest a little bit. He had a weird and frustrating day... He didn't feel sleepy.. he didn't know why... he couldn't get what Sameer said out of his mind.. He walked over to his large windows and looked at the dark sky lit up with the light of the Moon and stars. It was a calm night... he didn't know why... he smiled a little.. he felt at peace.. He leaned at the window frame and looked out at the sky.

--------------------End of Flashback-------------------------

" Geett.. are you okay"said Maan as he entered her room to find her looking out of the window totally lost. She startled out of her thoughts and stood up... " Nahi maan.. im okay.. chaliye.. you needed to see me right?". Maan looked at her lovingly and held her hand, " I remember the first time we met... you totally got me with your looks babe..". Geet smiled and said, " Oh ho.. aapko kuch discuss karna tha na? chaliye.. aur ghar pe bata ti hoon.. Mr. Khurana..". Maan smiled and led her out of the room still holding her fingers lovingly.. feeeling their softness just like the first time.

Part 32

Maan led Geet into his large cabin and they both sat down on the little couches on the other side of the room. Maan still had grasped her hands softly and he looked at her very closely noticing Geet's puzzled expression. " Kya hua Geet... tum mujhe aisay kyun dekh rahi ho?" said Maan with a smile. Geet smiled and said, " Kuch nahi Maan.. acha aapko kya kaam tha?". " Haan Geet... I was going to talk about how we are going to deal with this Dev issue. Geet's smile turned into a frown. " I know Maan... how are we going to do it? He might want Aryaan's custody because he thinks that hes Aryaan's father.. Maan.. both me and you know what happened that night... Aryaan is our son..I was taking birth control the time that Dev raped me... I just use to take it just in case for some reason.. but I didn't when.. " said Geet as she trailed off. Maan smiled at her, " I know baby.. I know what happened that night.. it was when me and you both became one..". Geet smiled shyly...and Maan continued on, " Okay Geet... make sure you hire our lawyer... Prem.. and make him aware of what is going on and check if he has the DNA reports just in case Dev wants Aryaan's custody... and his company is in debt again and I know that the bank has seized it again.. and you'll do the same thing again...and oh make sure you talk to Naina.. I want to know what that woman was up to and what Dev was up to.. I want everything out of her..". " Acha Maan.. I'll get it done.. don't worry.." smiled Geet. " Okay Geet.. I have to go to a meeting quickly.. agar kuch kehna ho to don't hesitate to interrupt me" said Maan as he got up and kissed her hand. Geet blushed a little and exited the room along with Maan.

Geet went into her cabin and sat down and called Mr.Prem Juneja... " Hello Prem bhaiya?" said Geet. " Hey Geet.! kaisi ho tum?? aur Maan kaisa hai" said Prem. " Main theek hoon bhaiya aur Maan bhi.. bus sab ko miss kar rahi thi..". " Main wohi soch raha tha.. kay Mrs. Geet Singh Khurana.. aapko hamari yaad kaisay aayii?" joked Prem. " Prem Bhaiya!" said Geet in a whiny voice. " Acha sorry baba.. kya hua? sab theek hai naa?". " Acha yeh to bataein kay Heer kaisi hai? usko meri yaad nahi aati?" said Geet with a amused voice. " Haan aati hai.. Mumbai is different sis.. Heer can't stop talking about you.. but she is always busy in her fashion designing company" said Prem. " I miss her too.. and oh you guys are coming right? Well.. I have an excuse for a lawyer and designer vacation to Delhi"said Geet. " Kyun Geet.. kya hua?" said Prem with a concerned voice. " Nahi bhaiya.. listen.. have you gotten the DNA reports back? and the case too" said Geet. " Yep.. milgayii.. and don't worry.. we'll be coming in a week or so.. I know Dev already has a case on you" said Prem. " Thanks bhaiya and hug Heer for me.. !!!" said Geet with a smile. " Okay.. aur kuch?" said Prem. " Nahi.. acha bhaiya.. i'll talk to you later". "Acha bye.. take care sis" said Prem as he put down his phone.

" Okay so thats done.. now I can finally relax.. and then I'll see where that Naina is.." said Geet as she yawned and leaned back on her chair. She closed her eyes and remembered that very scene again that was very clear in her mind. 


"Meera!! chal yaar... we're getting late.. shopping pe jaana hai.. the business dinner is  in almost 6 hours!!" yelled Geet as she waited for Meera at the door. Meera ran down the stairs and grabbed her purse and ran out the door with Geet. "Tu drive kar.. im tireed" said Meera as she handed the keys to Geet. " Theek hai yaar.." said Geet. Both the girls got into the car and drove towards the mall.

They both reached the place and went straight into the store that had tons of sari's since both were going in them. Geet was so picky with her sari's but she finally found one.. perfect.. she would wear white  and because black and white  was the dress code. " Geet.. teri choice achi hai yaar.. mujhe bhi help kar zaraa." said Meera in awe. Geet smiled and said, " Theek hai.. ohh check this one.. ". Meera instantly liked it.... . she didn't care.. Geet knew what she was talking about. They both purchased their sari's and began looking for shoes. " Chal.. wahaan chalte hain.. " said Geet as she pointed to the other one on the other side. The girls went into the shop and went into the stiletto's section.

" Sameer.. mujhe shoppping nahi karni.. you know I order this stuff from London.. I don't know why we need to come to this crowded mall" said Maan with a sneer. " Bhai.. you are here to help me.. you are so good with dressing up.." said Sameer. " Okay fine.. I'll check for you in the next section.." said Maan as he went in one of the sections.

"GEEETT.. yaar kahaan hoo.. " said Meera as she blindly looked everywhere for her bestfriend in the store. " Ouchh.. watch where you're going" said Maan as he bumped into Meera. "Oh sorry.." she said as she picked up her sandles and looked up at Maan. Her eyes went wide and she broke into a smile. Maan looked confused.. and he waved his hand in her face.. " Are you okay?". Meera snapped out of it and  suddenly  said, " Dhak dhak!". Maan was surprised and looked annoyed aftewards. " Excuse me?" said Maan with one eyebrow up. Suddenly, Geet walked up from the other isles and found Meera and discovered Maan Singh Khurana. She looked puzzled and walked upto her best friend and into Maan's face... " Meera.. tu theek hai na? " said Geet with a worried look on her face. Meera turned around and said, " Maa.nnn.. dhak dhak karne lagaa!!". Geet looked at her best friend as if she went pyscho.

Just then Sameer walked up to Maan who was entirely confused of this whole incident. He stopped dead in his tracks and he had a big smile on his face, " Geet Handa?.. I can't believe it.. " said Sameer who was still smiling as if he saw Katrina Kaif. Geet looked as puzzled as Maan and said, " Yes and you are?". Meera turned around and as soon as she turned around she felt as if she would die right there. Sameer looked at Meera and Meera looked at him.. " Sam?" said Meera shocked and Sameer said " Meera" . Geet and Maan looked at eachother with a confused expression and then Sam and Meera hugged eachother. Geet and Maan moved away shocked and Sam and Meera started talking as if they were childhood best friends. Geet collected her thoughts and turned around to face Maan with a smirk" Well.. nice to meet you again Mr. Khurana" said Geet. Maan collected his thoughts and went into defensive arrogant mode and said, " You too miss. Handa..". Geet smirked even more and tapped on Meera's shoulder, " Chal.. yaar.. ghar jaa kar ready hona hai". She dragged Meera away and Meera waved goodbye frantically as if she saw Shahrukh Khan. Both the brothers turned around and purchased their items. And both girls left  the store.. actually Geet was dragging her away.

Later that evening, Geet and Meera were ready and they went into the car and the driver drove them all the way there. They stopped at the front where the entrance was and people were going in and out. Geet and Meera took a deep breath as if they were going to their first prom... As they got out of the car, everyone stopped to look at them. Geet went first out of the car and Meera followed nervously behind her. Meera started to fidget and Geet looked at her reassuringly. Meera stopped and continued behind her. The man standing at the entrance of the hotel immediately let Geet into the door. As they entered, a bunch of eyes turned around to look at them. Geet smiled and looked straight ahead. People were staring in awe and one person even said, " What two beautiful ladies.. oh wait.. I know them.. Meera Khanna and finally  *sigh* Miss. Geet Handa".

" Sameer... stop fidgeting with your phone." said Maan as he looked at the program. Sameer stopped and looked up. His mouth went wide open and Maan noticed it and turned around to face what he was looking at. His eyes stopped and stared... " Holy mo---is that.. Geet Handa?" thought Maan as he fully checked Geet out. And of course Sameer couldn't take his eyes off of both the ladies. " Beautiful... " said Sameer softly. Maan looked at Geet with devouring she sat down. Geet was laughing and meeting everyone around her as if they were her childhood friends. She was on good terms with everyone and he heard so many good things about her from everyone.

"I'll go say hello to a couple of people Bhai.. I'll be back" said Sameer as he got up and walked towards Geet's table. Maan rolled his eyes and started talking to one other businessmen. Sameer walked upto Geet's table and both looked towards him and smiled. " Sameer right?" said Geet as she got up and shaked his hand. She smiled warmly and said, " I heard from Meera that you went to the same uni as us..". " Well Meera's right and by the way.. aap dono bohot ache lag rahe hai.. black suits you Meera" said Sameer as he winked at her. Geet's eyebrow went up in amusement.. and she pushed Meera a little with her shoulder and whispered, " Oye hoye..  Meeeeera and Sameer". " Chup kar Geet" whispered Meera. " Did you say something?" said Sameer pretending not to hear what Geet and Meera just said. " Nothing.. come sit with us Sameer..   tumhare boring bhaiya to boring aur saru hi rahenge.." said Geet jokingly. Sameer laughed and said, " I;m afraid I can't ladies.. but thankyou for our little convo.. see you later Meera" said Sameer as he winked at her again and turned around and walked towards his table. Both the girls giggled and continued onto another convo with other people.

Maan was silently watching the conversation and thinking, " She looks beautiful.. well brains and beauty". Maan snapped out of his thoughts and went into his no women rule. Sameer looked at his brother smirking and sat back down. " She is a nice girl Bhai.. you should get to know her" said Sameer trying to sound convincing. " Sameer... NO. " said Maan.  "Okay sorry.." said Sameer.

" May I have your attention please" said one of the MC's. " We will be giving out the awards for the year.. and our first award is". continued the MC. This process went on for atleast two hours when they finally reached the most awaited award. Maan smirked and just looked around and Geet smirking as well. What a pair! Maan was getting ready to get up.. yes! again he would get it."And the best business person of the year goes to... Miss. Geet Handa" said the MC. Geet and Meera got excited and Geet stood up confidently and went towards the stage. She passed by Maan's table and looked at him from the side. He looked furious and quite annoyed whereas Geet was proud.. Geet took the award and smiled at everyone... She took the award and went down from the stage and went to sit on her table.

As the dinner was going on, everyone was congratulating Geet with warm wishes. She smiled sweetly and finally Maan pushed his ego and pride aside and went to go congratulate her. He walked upto her when she was still talking to Meera. Meera looked at him and Maan cleared his throat. Geet turned around and Maan said, " Congratulations Miss Handa". Geet smiled and thought, " Oh hot damn... hes not so bad.. he looks so hot in the suit". "Excuse me?" said Maan. Geet snapped out of her thoughts and said, " Thankyou... and please call me Geet.. we are probably well acquainted with eachother now". Maan said, " Please call me Maan... and yes I agree with you". Geet smirked and said, " Well.. I'll talk to you later... Maan". Maan felt a tingle through his body when he heard Geet say his name. " Of course.. Geet... " said Maan with his husky voice that somehow drove Geet crazy inside. Geet didn't know why she loved his husky voice and the way he said her name was just... sensual.. Meera was dying.. .she couldn't take her eyes off of their pair. They couldn't get enough of eachother.

After dinner it was Maan's habit of going but he didn't know why he just wanted to say. " Chalein Bhai?" said Sameer. " No.. lets stay.." said Maan as his eeyes looked for Geet. Sameer knew what his brother's eyes were trying to find. Sameer just smirked and sat back down.

" Ladies and Gentlemen, we have opened the dance area for anyone who would wish to dance" said the MC. " I didn't know they had that" said Maan. "They do bhai.. its different this year.. I don't know why". said Sameer. Just then an idea came to Sameer and he decided to walk over to Geet and Meera's table. Maan watched his brother and had this sort of jealousy erupt in him. "May I have this dance Meera?" said Sameer holding out his hand. Geet signaled her to take it and Meera was gettinng shy but she took his hand. They went onto the dance floor and started to ballroom dance like all the other couples on the dance floor. Geet watched and suddenly, a young man asked Geet to dance. Of course Geet knew him and she said yes. Maan watched with possessiveness and jealousy. He didn't know why he was getting to be like this and thought, " Who cares?.. its just her.. shes not something special". Maan continued watching her talking and laughing to the person she was dancing with. Maan had enough and got up and walked towards Geet. He put his hand on the man's shoulder and looked at him with his " Keep your paws off of her" face. The man let go puzzled and Maan grabbed onto Geet aggressively.

Geet was startled and just looked at him. Somehow he loosened his grip but his face was as serious as ever. Geet felt a tingling through her body has his hand was on her back. She closed her eyes for a second and looked up at him. He looked into her eyes and she looked into his chocolate brown eyes and she got lost. Every couple stopped and moved out of the way where Maan and Geet were dancing. They looked at them in awe and passed comments such as " They look like a match made in heaven". Maan was devouring her with his eyes and Geet was teasing him with hers even more. They danced for a couple of minutes and soon Maan snapped out of it and let go of her softly. Geet didn't want it to end and she felt so lost suddenly and she was defintely swept off her feet. " Thankyou for this dance.. Geet" said Maan. Geet nodded and Maan helped her off the stage. She went towards her table and was just swept off her feet. She didn't know why.. but his touch sent tingling sensations through her body... as if his fingers were made to touch her skin...

The night ended and everyone was leaving to go home. Geet and Meera put on their shawls and headed out. They went near their car whre the driver was waiting. Sam and Maan head out the same time. They all waved goodbye and Geet smiled at Maan who was looking straight at her. As they got into their cars, Maan and Geet's eye contact wasn't ending. Not until their cars departed opposite ways".

---------------------------End of Flashback-----------------------------

" Geett... its time to go home baby.. lets go" said Maan as he entered her room. She startled out of her thoughts and got up and collected her things. She walked upto Maan and winked at him as they exited her room. Maan looked at her with his bedroom eyes and said, " Noww you're totally done Geet... abhi batata hoon ghar jaa kar". Geet laughed and both exited the office and drove home.

Part 33

The next evening  Geet and Maan and freshened up and headed down the stairs to eat dinner. The whole morning, Maan was getting so touchy with Geet... he couldn't keep his hands off of her! He decided to tickle her all the way there. . " MAAN! stop itt please... Aryaan dekhlay ga." pleaded Geet as Maan tickled her.

" Aryaan yahaan par nahi hai par..Heer aur Prem hai yahaan par.. " said two voices trying to hold back their laughter. Maan stopped tickling and Geet stopped laughing and looked around and found that the voices came from the living room. They both looked at eachother and went into the living room with careful steps. " BOO!" yelled Heer as she jumped out of nowhere and scared Geet and surprised Maan. " Whooaa!! Heer! kya hai yaar.. " jumped Geet. Heer hugged Geet tightly and started chattering nonstop. As usual both were giggling and talking about how they missed eachother. " Geet ki bachi.. mujhe bhool gayii?" said Prem as he walked out in front of them. Geet looked at Prem and broke out of her little hug and catchup session with Heer. Geet went into her bhaiya's arms and said, " Bhaiya! aap bhi naa.. main aapko kaisay bhool sakti hoon..".

"Maan bhaiya!" said Heer as she walked upto Maan and he hugged her softly. " Kaisi ho Heer?" said Maan smiling. They all broke out of their hugs and all of them sat down. " Bhaiya.. aap kab aaye.. mujhe ek phone bhi nahi kiya kay aap aa rahe hai" said Geet with a frown on her face. " Acha baba.. sorry.. agli baar phone kardoonga!" said Prem as he held his ears for an apology. Geet laughed and said, " Thanks for coming guys! I missed you so much!". " Nice to see you again Prem!" smiled Maan. " Arey yaar.. Heer ko 24/7 sun kar mere kaan pak gayee thay." joked Prem. Maan laughed and said, " Same here Prem.. Geet ko sun kar mere bhi kaan pak gayee..har waqt baat karti rehti hai.. ruknay ka naam bhi nahi leti". " Hawwwww..." said Geet and Heer with a shocked expression. " Oh ho...agar aapko humsay itni takleef hai to,, hmphh.. " said Geet and Heer with their eyes squinted in anger. " Acha meri maaa.. kabhi nahi kahenge" said Prem and Maan.They all laughed and continued to talk for another hour.

Suddenly, someone rang the doorbell and Nakul answered it and found that a lawyer has come to the door. The lawyer entered and Nakul led him inside towards the living room where they were all talking. The lawyer had a sense of style coming in and had a smirk and sneer on his face. They all stood up and looked towards the lawyer. " Siddhant...?" said Prem with a serious look on his face.. which slowly evolved into an angry one. " Prem Juneja.. nice to see you again..!" said Siddhant sarcastically. Maan looked at Siddhant with his cold glare. " Maan Singh Khurana... wow! a star family indeed!..." said Siddhant with a smirk. "What do you want" said Geet with a angry glare at Siddhant. " Hello to you too Love... waisay.. tum wahi ki wahi Geet Handa lagti ho... stylish... etc etc.." said Siddhant. Maan was furious and tightened his fist. Siddhant sensed the angry Maan.. " Tsk tsk Maan.. you shouldn't get angry too often.. it affects your health" said Sid with a smooth tone. " Siddhant.. what do you want... and why are you here" said Prem. " Oh well my dear colleague... I have to battle a case against you... remember our little deal?" said Sid. Prem's eyes narrowed and walked upto Sid and took the file from his hand.

Prem opened it and there was the case hearing orders. Prem shut the file and handed it back to Sid who still had his stupid smirk on his face. " Dev my friend.. is here to claim your son... Aryaan is it? yes.. Aryaan.. and he wants his custody... " said Sid. Geet's eyes widened and she walked in front of Sid and stood in front of his face. She smirked, " Wipe that stupid look off your face Siddhant Mehta... don't be confident... you'll lose like last time..". " Oooo! Geet Singh Khurana is challenging ME?... how exciting... you know.. we should take a picture of this... !!" said Siddhant with a fake excited face. Geet smirked, " Don't forget you're talking to Geet Singh Khurana.. and you're in the house of Maan  and Geet Singh Khurana.. so have some respect for yourself and get lost". Maan stepped in front of Sid and gave him the angry glare... " Get lost Sid..." Maan pushed him back and Sid stumbled a little bit out of balance. Sid regained his balance and still had that stupid look on his face. " Whooa. dude.. yeh mera naya suit hai.. relax..." said Sid brushed the dust off. " I love to sit and chat but I have  to go now .. and Geet love... I'll see you in the courtroom... " said Sid has he turned around and headed off.

Maan was fuming with anger and it only took Geet to put her hand on his arm to calm him down a bit. " behetiye.. " said Geet. They all sat down and Prem broke the awkwardness, " Maan.. don't worry.. Siddhant to aisa hi hai... I'll handle it.. and I promise I won't let Dev win custody of Aryaan. Maan weakly smiled at Prem and looked tense again.

" Heeer!!" said Meera as she entered with Sameer. Heer got up and hugged Meera tightly, " Kaisi haii!?!! kab aayi Canada se". " Abhi ek mahina ho jayega.. almost.. " said Meera . " Kaisay ho Prem? " said Sameer as he hugged Prem. " Theek hoon.. tum kaisay ho?" said Prem. " Main to theeek hoon.. and when did you guys come?" said Sameer. " We just came a few minutes ago... I'm here to fight Geet and Maan's case... Dev wants custody of Aryaan" said Prem sadly. Sameer frowned, " Can't he just get a life?... pata nahin Dev kahaan se yeh attempts karta hai..". " If I knew Sam.. I would tell you" said Prem. They all sat down and chatted for a couple of hours until Prem and Heer left for their hotel later on in the night. " Bhaiya.. stay here naa.. please..??" said Geet as she hugged Prem. " Nahin Geet.. I already booked a hotel room" said Prem. " Prem.. rukh jao... This house is big enough for all of us" said Maan. " Thanks for the offer guys.. par maine book karliya tha.. bus apni behn ko dekhnay aagaya. " said Prem with a smile. " Sorry Geet.. maaf karna.. itni short notice mein hum kya kehtay" said Heer reassuringly. " Chalo.. its getting to be rainy.. bye everyone!" said Prem. They both headed out and drove away into the far distance.

They all went to bed that night just wondering what just happened that very day... it was a weird one.. Maan broke the silence and turned to face Geet as she was laying beside him.. with her eyes wide open. " You aren't sleepy either..?" said Maan as he stroked her hair and forhead. She turned towards him and hugged him tightly. She started to cry and Maan was consoling her. She tightly hugged him as if he was going away from her. " Shh.. I'm here Geet..." said Maan as he hugged her back tightly hiding Geet in his arms. " Aryaan is our baby.. Maan.. please..." said Geet as she sobbed lightly. " I know he is.. and I promise you nothing will happen... trust me" said Maan softly. Geet trusted Maan with her life.. and she was relieved.. thats all she needed to hear from him. Maan lifted Geets chin and brushed his lips on hers causing that one last tear to escape from her eyes. She kissed him back harder, showing her pain and passion. Maan enveloped Geet into his arms and squeezed her tightly into him... She began running her hands through his hair and felt his muscular back. Maan was so into the moment of passion that he began stripping her of her night dress. " Maan.." moaned Geet... Geet stripped Maan of his wifebeater and let him into her.. feeling his muscular body on top of her tiny petite one.

That night, Geet laid beside Maan squeezed into him with her hand on his chest. She was sleeping peacefully and Maan was still awake.. remembering that very day that Geet truly stepped into his life.. and how he finally got to where he is with Geet.. beside her.. and with her

Part 34


That night Maan couldn't stop thinking about the whole evening.. and of course Geet... her name brought a smile to his face... filled his dreams with colors that he's never seen before...
Maan was laying on his bed and smiling to himself of his meeting with Geet.

Suddenly Maan heard a knock on his door and he got up and opened it. It was Sameer and Maan let him in. " Sorry Bhai... I just wanted to talk to you.. or err... just remind you... " said Sameer with a weak smile. He knew that Maan had a temper... he couldn't risk getting his face getting punched if Maan got so angry. Maan yawned and said, " Kya baat hai Sam? itni raat ko?". " Woh bhai... I just wanted to say that.. Please try to forget Priya.. she was your past Bhai.. don't let your past ruin your future.." said Sameer carefully. Maan stiffened up as he heard Priya's name first time in two years... " Sam.. we've been over this... please.. I don't want to talk about it" said Maan looking away. " Bhai... Geet is a nice girl.. please consider her.. forget Priya.. she cheated on you with Yash... shes no more... you know she's gone..." said Sam. Maan started to get angry... " Sameer.. stop it. go. ".  " No bhai.. im not leaving.. you've punished yourself enough.. " said Sam. " Sameer... jao yahaan se.. raat ho gayi hai.. soo jao" said Maan as he tried to keep himself in control. Sameer put Maan's hand on his head, " I know this is entirely dramatic .. but promise me you'll forget her ONCE AND FOR ALL". Maan turned his head in surprise and he knew he couldn't break the promise... " Okay... " said Maan lightly. Sameer smiled and hugged his brother and said," Thanks bhai.. and I promise you.. you'll find her... shes there.. waiting for you". He got up off the bed and left Maan's room. Maan looked confused but he shrugged it off and slid back into bed and went to sleep.

The next morning, Maan had a to leave early for an meeting far away from the city. As he was driving, he couldn't stop thinking about Geet. He tried so hard to forget her and concentrate on what the presentation was basically proposing. " Why is she in my thoughts so much?" said Maan. He decided to turn on the radio and it played, " Ho gaya hai tujko to pyar sajana" from DDLJ. Maan immediately turned off the radio and concentrated on driving..

Maan reached the building and he had his office staff right beside him and his right hand man Adi. " Adi.. sab aagaye?" asked Maan has he walked ahead. Adi was trying to catch up with him and in his usual stutter, " Yyy..eess sir". Maan reached the inside of the building and went into the meeting room. Turns out the meeting lasted only till the early evening and he decided to explore the areas a little bit. He walked out and went into an area that had an orphanage which basically looked like a mini cottage. He walked into it further and saw a group of children playing in the sprinkler..  He smiled to himself lightly and walked on the side just admiriing the beautiful work done to the cottage type orphanage.

Suddenly, he heard a familiar giggle where the children where playing and he turned around to see who it was. As he turned around he saw Geet... she was playing in the sprinkler with the children laughing so hard and splashing... She was wearing a beautiful anarkali... a deep red that complimented her skin. Her hair was open and she had a beautiful diamond bindi on her forhead... she was wearing red churiyaan which made noises has she played. He could hear tiny anklets that were on her beautiful feet... She looked like an angel in the rain.. her natural beauty showed even more in the rain. He looked so mesmerised seeing Geet that he completely forgot that it started to rain. She stopped playing and sent the kids inside and the ladies that helped in the orphanage helped the kids inside. Geet frowned a little bit but she crept away from the cottage and started playing in the rain. She was splashing her feet in the grass that was extremely wet from all the rain. He could hear her sweet anklets and laughter... He was completely drenched and he unknowingly stepped towards Geet. He reached her.. and went behind her and she was still mast in dancing. He grabbed her hand and he pulled her towards him. She was surprised and she hit his rock hard chest. She looked up at him with surprised eyes... He stared at her and she looked a little afraid... Geet snapped her fingers in front of his face and said, " Aap? yahaan.. helloo? sab theek thaak hai na ji?". Maan snapped out of it and stepped back. She smiled at him a little bit.. it was Maan.. she knew he could never hurt her.. she didn't know why.. but she just felt it in her heart. " I think main ghalti se aagaya.. sorry.. " said Maan as he turned around. " Oh hello ji.. raat ho gayi hai.. ab kal subah hi nikalna hoga.. they shut off the roads this time. " called Geet. " Oh shit.. seriously? yaar.. kahaan phas gaya.. " mumbled Maan. Geet heard him and said, " Oh and theres no hotel.. sorry.." . " Abay YAAR.. I should've never left" said Maan frustratingly.

" I have a solution... my cottage is nearby.. if you want.. you could stay... " said Geet behind him. " Oh no.. nahi.. its okay" said Maan as he started to walk away. " Okay.. suite yourself.. " said Geet as she turned around to go the other way. She knew that he would come.. " Chup kar Geet.. nahi aayega." thought Geet. Maan stopped and looked around.. he didn't have his camping stuff.. he turned around and caught up with Geet. " Actually.. " said Maan as he walked fast beside her. She only smiled to the side and said, " Chaliye.. this way". She went through a series of trees and bushes and finally came to a small but cute cottage. It was constructed so simply but the little details only architects could point out. " My personal cottage... I love this out of city thing." said Geet as she opened her doors with her keys. Maan couldn't stop staring at her.. her wet hair.. revealed her slender neck and two dori's that were tied behind her suit.. her back was showing a little bit... Geet opened the door and Maan entered and found a modern but nice area. " I don't have any dry clothes... but.. I might have something... of bhaiya's.. " said Geet as she went into a room and rummaged through a closet. " She has a bhaiya?... " thought Maan. Geet walked upto him and handed him a pair of sweatpants. . Maan looked at it and then looked at Geet.. " Oh.. hum sab yahaan par lodi manate hai.. and we all usually camp out here.. and bhaiya often comes to the cottage as well.. so its his clothes". .. said Geet as she answered the questions lingering in Maan's eyes. " I don't have a shirt.." said Geet with a weak smile. " Oh its okay.. I'll manage.. thanks" said Maan arrogantly. Maan turned around and Geet said, " Washroom wahaan hai.. ". Maan nodded and went in. Geet went the other way and into her room and changed.

Maan and Geet both came out the same time and surprised eachother. Maan looked at Geet with her casual white shalwar kameez... and with a towel in her hair. Geet looked at Maan.. he was wearing a white wife beater... and shirts.. " Oh hot damn... hes pretty muscular... abs.. strong arms.. long sexy legs" thought Geet. Geet mentally slapped herself for that comment. " She looks so good in white.. angel... simplicity.. her curves.. the fitting was perfect." thought Maan. Maan mentally slapped hismelf for that... Geet broke the silence and said, " Dinner? I;m sure you're hungry.. ". Maan nodded, " Whats for dinner?" . " Dal makhni.. bengan.. " said Geet. Maan shriveled up his face, " uhmm.. im good.. thanks.. ". Geet took the towel off of her hair and let her hair fall to her shoulders and back. Maan just continued to stare at her. " Oye.. kya huaa.? agar khana nahi hai to batadijiye.. yahaan 5 star ka khana nahi milega.." said Geet as she looked so frustrated with him. Geet rolled her eyes and shrugged.. and she left to the kitchen and left and took out a plate for herself. She sat down on the breakfast table and started to eat like a child. Maan watched her.. she looked like a child enjoying icecream...

Maan's stomach started to growl and Geet looked at him and then looked to her food pretending to tempt him. Maan got annoyed.. he got up and Geet stood up to go get him a plate... As she was taking out the food.. she was smiling to hserlf.. " Saru insaan.. itni bari ego rakta hai.." thought Geet. She brought out his plate and put it in front of him. He started to eat.. more like he was scarfing it down. She watched him and giggled to herself a little bit. "Waisay tum yahaan kyun ho?" asked Maan. " Yahaan par charity function ho raha hai.. and I own that orphanage.. and those kids are my angels.. " said Geet witha smile. Her smile made Maan's heart skip a beat. She continued to blabber on and Maan just listened to it all.

After dinner was over, she brought him coffee and sat down beside him. She turned around and faced him. " Aap yahaan kyun hain.. shouldn't you be in some business meeting?" . " I am.. "said Maan as he was drinking the coffee. It was so good..

Suddenly, the lights went out and Geet stood up and Maan stood up as well. She just froze.. and Maan looked around for a candle. Suddenly, there was lightening and Geet grabbed onto Maans arm. She hid herself in his arm and he looked at her.." Are you okay". " Nahii! mujhe lightening se darr lagta hai" said Geet as she closed her eyes tightly. Maan slid her hands and put them into his hands. She slowly opened her eyes and found a candle lit by the windows. His touch sent shivers down her spine. He turned towards her and lifted his free hand onto her cheek and cupped her face. She was shocked... but she didn't know why she let him do that... she just felt like giving up.. She suddenly lifted her hand and put it on his chest.. near his heart... his skin had goosebumps.. Suddenly he let go of her hand and took her into his arms... he went into her room still holding her gaze and he laid her on her bed. He was about to leave when Geet stopped his hand.. " Why did I do that?" thought Geet. He stopped and she pulled herself up from the bed and was cm's away from his body. She put her hand on his cheek and hten slowly slid it off. Suddenly Maan caught her hand and kissed it... She closed her eyes... He stepped even closeer toward her until their bodies were together as one soul. He was so close that she slowly sat back down on the bed and he was literally inches away from her lips. He was on top of her and he kissed her forhead... she put her hands around his neck and signaled him to come closer. Their breath was racing... Maan could feel her soft breath on his face... Finally they were so close that their lips met and their kiss went even more passionate... Maan slid down from her lips to her neck and kissed the bare skin.

She moaned in pleasure felt his body with her hands.. all over.. chest.. back and neck.. He couldn't get enough of her. Suddenly Maan stopped... and pulled himself away. Geet snapped into it and stood up.. She looked so embarassed... and Maan looked around...

"I'll sleep in the living room.. just tell me if you need anything" said Maan as he turned around and exited her room. She stood there.. breathless.. speechless.. and weak on her knees.. " What the HELL GEET.. KYA HO GAYA TUJHE." thought Geet..She took a deep breath and went into her bed and pulled the covers over her.. She couldn't stop giggling softly..and smiling to herself, " Geet... chup kar! kya ho gaya tujhe.. bus kar..." thought Geet. She couldn't stop smiling and finally after 20 mins she decided to get a glass of water. She crept out of her room and found Maan was sleeping softly on the couch. " He looks so sweet" said Geet.. She mentally slapped herself for that.. " Pani lay.. aur soo jaa.. Geet.." thought Geet. She went into the kitchen and grabbed herself a glass of water. She walked out and saw Maan again... she looked around and walked towards him. She put her glass down on the table and knelt near him. She stroked his hair softly and said, " I love you Maan...". She kissed his forhead and gotup and turned away. As soon as she went into her room she closed the door and slept.

Maan opened his eyes and smiled to himself, " I think I love you too Geet.. ". Maan stopped smiling and said, " No.. main iskay saath aisa nahi karsakta.. she deserves someone better...". " But I love her... I don't know why that happened.. but it did..." thought Maan. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Maan woke up to find Geet already awake and preparing breakfast. He got up off of bed and said, " Geet.. I should be going now.. thanks for letting me stay". " Aisay kaisay..? breakfast.. aap kahin nahi jayenge.. bhaiya kehtay hai kay breakfast khana zaroori hai.. warna poora din acha nahi jaata" said Geet as she put a plate down for him anyways. Maan loved that she wasn't letting him go... and he just nodded, " Okay.. " . Geet smiled and both ate breakfast together.

Geet led him to her car that was parked near the orphanage... and she said, " Do you need a ride?". Maan hated that he had to depend on her.. but he had no choice ," If you could drive me to my car thanks.." said Maan looking away annoyed. Geet scrunched up her face, " Chaliye". They both sat in the car and Geet drove him to his car.

Maan got in his car and drove up to her car and said, " Thankyou Geet..". Geet smiled, " Koi baat nahi... ". " Here is my cell number in case you need anything Geet" said Maan as he handed her his card. She took it and smiled , " Thankyou Mr. Khurana". She winked at him and drove away.. and he was sitting in his car dumb struck. He shrugged it off and drove the opposite way of her.

------------------------------End of Flashback-------------------------------------------

"Maan... uthiye.. office nahi jaana?" said Geet as she was already ready. " Haan jaana hai.. thanks for waking me up." smiled Maan. He got up off the bed and kissed her on the lips and went into the washroom. She fixed up their bed smiling to herself... she always slept peacefully in Maan's arms...

Part 35

"Maan... uthiye.. office nahi jaana?" said Geet as she was already ready. " Haan jaana hai.. thanks for waking me up." smiled Maan. He got up off the bed and kissed her on the lips and went into the washroom. She fixed up their bed smiling to herself... she always slept peacefully in Maan's arms..

Maan and Geet went to the office as soon as they dropped Aryaan off to school that morning. " Geet... I won't be able to sit in the meeting today... you are one of the co owners of the company... can you sit in my place?" said Maan as he looked through his files. "Acha Maan" said Geet as she sat in front of him looking bored out of her mind. She continued to stare at him... for some reason he looked so good today... Maybe it was last night??.. She blushed... and just smiled to herself. Maan looked up at her, " Kya hua Geet?". " Kuch nahi... " said Geet as she smiled more softly. Maan looked at her and then looked at the files again. She couldn't stand it... he looked so delicious... maybe her hormones were going crazy after last night... She stood up suddenly and walked over to the other side of the desk where Maan was sitting .She turned his chair to face her, " Uthiye Maan...". "Geet.. kya hua.. main thora sa busy hoon.. " said Maan looking a little bewildered.

" UTHIYE MAAN SINGH KHURANA..ABHI AUR ISSI WAQT" said Geet loudly. Maan looked shocked and stood up..." Geeet??! this is an office.. what do you think you're doing!?!1". She started to walk closely toward him teasing him with her eyes.. He walked backwards getting a little freaked out. She and Maan switched places... this time Geet was backing Maan upto the wall.. and Maan was staring at her surprised. She put her hand on his chest and backed him slowly towards the wall.. She finally pushed him hard against the wall and put her hands on the wall to block Maan from getting away. " Ge.. Geeet.. kya kar rahi ho tum" said Maan surprised. " Chup.. Bilkul CHUP.. I can't stand it anymore.. Maan.. aap itnay sexy kaisay lag sakte hai..hayyeee rabbaa..!! I can't control myself" said Geet with clear frustration on her face. He looked at her speechless.. " W*Fffff?" was only going thru his mind. She looked at his shirt and he looked at it too.. She slowly began buttoning his vest... and as she was.. she was kissing him.. he lost control... he held onto her waist and pulled her closer.. she continued to button his shirt down until she completely ripped it off of him.. She was breathless from the kisses and finally said, " I love you Maan.. " . He pulled her against him even more and she could feel him getting aroused.. He was kissing her madly.. He pulled back for a minute.. and said, " Ek minute". He closed the blinds.. locked his door.. completely depriving light and any unwanted entrance. She was getting excited.. " Maan.. aajayiye...". He rushed towards her and took her waist and pulled her closer. She looked at him innocently and naughtily... " Yahaan par baby banane ka iraada hai Mrs. Khurana" winked Maan. " I'll continue with our session at home Maan.." said Geet and she kissed him. He stripped her off her duppata kissing her chest slowly which made Geet moan, " Maan.. ". He untied to dori's and slipped her kameez down.. and kissed every single inch of her body. She put her hands on his neck and pulled him closer to kiss her even more in every spot of her body.

He picked her up in his arms and led her to the large couches and laid her there.. She had arms wide open and he went into her arms and on top of her. She was caressing his back and torso... " Geet... I love you so much.."moaned Maan. He was sucking at her neck and she hugged him even tighter letting him into her.

Suddenly, Maan's phone started to ring and he ignored it and continued on. Geet stopped him and said, " Maan.. phone uthayiye..". " Geet.. not noww.. its too late". Geet pushed him away, " Go  answer the phone Maan!!!.. im here" smiled Geet. Maan looked frustrated and got up off of her and picked up his cellphone. " Hello? Haan... abhi aata hoon.. ". Maan put down his phone and walked over to Geet and sat beside her and stroked her cheek. " Ihave to go jaan.."said Maan softly. " Maaan.. nahi.. don't go... " whined Geet. " Abhi aata hoon.. don't wait for me jaan... its lunch time.. " said Maan slowly getting up. " Acha.. ek aur kiss do" said Maan. " Nahi..  too bad... " said Geet as she turned away. Maan turned her towards him and leaned in. He gave her a quick kiss and got up to get his shirt. Geet got up and put on her kameez. She fixed her hair and mangalsutar... while Maan put his shirt and vest back on. He fixed his hair and put on his tie.. He was back to looking more.. well.. proper.. and Geet was back to looking as she did.. not the girl with the messy hair and no kameez. Maan turned on the lights and saw that Geet was having a tough time tying the dori;s. He walked upto her and helped her..and then he whispered, " Thankyou Mrs. Khurana.. that was wonderful... mujhe nahi pata tha kay meri biwi itni romantic ho sakti hai". She giggled alittle and said, " Go Maan.. clients aapka intezaar kar rahe hai..". She walked away winking at him, " Raat ko.. you me and no one else..". Maan's heart skipped a beat.. He quickly rushed out of the room and went out of the office.

Geet went home after Maan left and saw a man sitting in their living room with his legs crossed. He was sitting so that Geet couldn't see his face. " Excuse me? aap kaun hai" said Geet as she called over his shoulder. " Ahhh.. that was the most sweetest excuse me after 6 long years" said the man. " Siddhant... tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho?" demanded Geet angrily. " Oh love... tum kitni bipolar ho.. kabhi sweetly baat karleti ho.. kabhi ghussay se" said Sid. " Shutup.." yelled Geet. Sid put his hands up, " Okay Mrs. Khurana.. and by the way.. tell your bhaiya that the court hearing is in two days.. he better show his face.. " said Sid with a sneer. " And? okay. good. thanks for telling us.. and btw. the door is that way" said Geet with a nasty tone. " Okay.. are you sure my dear darling love that you won't ask me for tea?" said Sid with a smirk . " Go Siddhant Mehra" said Geet as she pointed to the door. Sid smirked and left the door.

Geet sat down for a bit frustrated at what just happened.. " Nakul kaka..!" called Geet. " Jii bari bahu... " said Nakul as he ran up towards her. " Araam se.. acha apne is faltu insaan ko aanay kaisay diya?" said Geet impatiently. " Bari bahu.. he wouldn't leave unless you or chote saab came in" said Nakul looking down. " Ainda.. aap kisi ko ijazat kay bina hai aanay denge.. if he or she is insisting then call us.. acha aap jaa sakte hai" said Geet as she tried to soften her tone of voice. " Ji bari bahu.. khana nikal doon? " asked Nakul. " Nahi aap ja sakte hai" said Geet looking at him with a softer expression. " Jii" said Nakul as he left.

Geet closed her eyes for a second and a ring from the doorbell came.. and she got up and answered it.. She looked at the person and it was Naina and she was crying. "Tum?!" said Geet. " Geet.. please darvasa nahi band karna.. mujhe tumhe kuch batana hai" said Naina as she looked around. " Please" begged Naina. " Acha.. andar aao.. jalde se kaho.." said Geet as she let her in and led her to the livingroom. " Kaho.. kya hai?" said Geet impatiently. " I know you'll hate me even more after this.. but.. I.. and Dev.." said Naina in semi tears. Dev's name just made Geet angry, " Kya? jalde se bolo". " He told me to poison you.. and I sneaked into your house through the back doors... and I put it in your tea.. " said Naina quickly. Geet's eyes went wide open, " KYA?". " IM SO SORRY GEET.. BELIEVE ME.. AGAR MUJHE PACHTAVA NAHI HOTA TO MAIN YAHAAN KABHI NAHI AATI.. " said Naina with a pleading voice and eyes. " SHUTUP... " roared Geet. " TUMHARI ITNI HIMMAT.. YOU STUPID B******... " yelled Geet. Naina looked so scared.. Geet was furious... She went upto Naina and gave her a tight slap. Naina fell to the ground and cried.. " I'm sorry.. please forgive me.. ". " NO AND NEVER.. GET LOST.." roared Geet. " I will give my testimony against Dev in court.. but please... don't get me arrested.. main vadaa karti hoon kay main yahaan se doooor chali jaaongi" pleaded Naina as she folded her hands. Geet grabbed her  off the floor and said, " You are so glad that Maan isn't here.. he would've ripped your every bone out.." The sudden mention of Maan made Naina even more scared.. " Please.. maan ko nahi batana.. " pleaded Naina with full tears. " NO! MAAN WILL DEAL WITH YOU.. JUST WAIT.. " yelled Geet.

Suddenly Maan entered the door to find this whole scene going on and Naina crying out loud. " Geet! kya ho raha hai yahaan par.. aur Naina tum yahaan kya kar rahi ho" said Maan with an angry glare. " ASK HER YOURSELF MAAN.. ASK THIS NEECH AURAT WHAT SHE DID"screamed Geet. Maan walked upto Naina and grabbed her by the arm tightly. Geet let go of her and stood back with her blood boiling. Naina loosened herself up and fell to Maan's feet.. " Maan mujhe maaf kardo.. mujhse bohot bari ghalti ho gayi.." pleaded Naina with big tears. Maan stood there looking impateintly around not caring about a thing she was saying. " I'll tell you Maan.. please give me a chance" said Naina. Geet looked at Maan and said, " Ek mauka dijiye.. she has a lot to tell you" . Maan nodded and said, " Get up.. " Naina got up and looked down..

Part 36

" Maa.nnn.. woh.." said Naina still not looking at Maan in the face. " Jaldi se bolo" said Maan impatiently. " I.. Dev.. we... KILLED YOUR CHILD" spat Naina in a frightened tone. Maan could not believe his ears.. " WHAT DID YOU SAY?" yelled Maan as he was about to grab Naina and tear her every single tissue and bone out. " I.. Dev.. told me to do this.. I put slow poison in Geet's tea... I snuck into your house.." said Naina looking at the ground as if she was counting her last moments in this world.

That was it.. Hell broke loose.. Maan found out.. He grabbed Naina's hair and pulled it down, making her face visible to him. He let go of her hair and then slapped her in the face so hard that she had blood coming out of her nose. Then again Maan dragged Naina across the room with his hand pulling her hair..Geet ran after him.. she was scared of what he would do.. He threw her at the doorsteps and then angrily he took out his cellphone and called the commissioner. "Maan please.. no. please.. let me go.. I swear to God I'll testify against Dev.. please just let me go.. Maaann1!!" screamed Naina with a frightenned look on her face. Maan didn't listen to her.. he was just talking and Geet stood there with her arms folded, " Naina.. you're lucky Maan didn't kill you right there...". She looked at Naina with utter disgust. " Geet.. please! mere par rehem karoo.. please.. dammitt.. im sorry" pleaded Naina as she folded her hands begging. Geet looked at Naina straight across, " Kaisi aurat ho tum Naina.. kisi doosri aurat ki khushiyaan cheen kar tumhe mazaa aata hai kya?". " Geet.. please.. agar mujhe pachtava nahi hota to main kabhi naa aati.. please.. mere par rehem karoo.." . "Nahi Naina.. you deserve this.. you stole my child.. you stole Maan aur Geet Singh Khurana's child.. kitni neech aurat ho tum. actually.. you don't even have the right to be a woman.. if you did.. you would never have done that" said Geet.

Naina was crying and after a few minutes the police came into the KM. " Le jayiye.. I should never see her face..ever again... make sure she rots there.." said Maan with an angry glare. " Mr. Khurana.. thankyou.. AUR CHALO.. LEKAR JAO ISS AURAT KO" said the inspector. Geet stood there looking at the murderer of her child.. her innocent baby.. Maan's baby.. Maan and Geet's pari. Maan looked at them leave and shut the door.

Geet was standing there frozen... absolutely shocked.. and Maan walked upto her.. and touched her shoulder a little bit. Tears came down Geet's eyes and her face was as sullen as ever. "Geet..." said Maan softly as he put his arms around her. As soon as she got into his arms she broke down... so bad.. she felt weak on her knees.. she was crying so hard.. she was screaming, " THEY MURDERED MY CHILD.. MY BABY.. MAAAN.. PLEASE BRING IT BACK TO ME..". "Shh.. its okay Jaan.. please.. I'll handle it.. stop  crying" said Maan as he took her into his arms even tighter. " MAAAN.. MY BABYY.. PARI.. PLEASE.. PARIII." screamed Geet. Just then, Nakul came out to see what the comotion was. Maan told him to leave with his facial expressions.. . She slowly but steadily was almost falling to the floor.. " MAAAANN" screamed Geet even harder as she was crying. " Geet! please chup ho jaoo.. ". " NOW HES GOING TO TAKE MY ARYAAN.. NO... HES NOT.. MAAN. PLEASE. I.. II PROMISE ILL BE A BETTER MOTHER.. MAAN.. HES YOUR CHILD.. I SWEAR TO IT.. MAANN.. MY BABY.. MY PARII.." screamed Geet.

Suddenly, Meera and Sameer entered the KM and found Geet crying so hard. Meera ran upto her and knelt beside her.. She was red.. she was crying.. her mascara was all over her face.. she looked like a complete mess. Sameer knelt beside her and stroked her hair lovingly, " Maan bhai.. what's going on" demanded Sameer. " Baad mein.. " said Maan softly. Sameer nodded and Meera said, " Geet. please yaar.. chup ho jaa.. chal upar chalte hain". " NAHI NAHI NAHI..HE MURDERED MY CHILD.. INSIDE OF ME.. " yelled Geet. Maan helped her up and took her upstairs into their bedroom and Meera and Sameer followed behind them.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and Sameer turned around and looked towards the door. " See who it is Sam.. ill go with Geet" said Meera. Sam ran down the stairs and went to the doors of the KM. " HI sam!!!" said Shilpa with an excited voice. " Andar aanay ki ijazaat hai kya?" teased Armaan. Sam looked down and around them. " Kya hua Sam?" said Armaan with a serious look on his face. " bhabhi.. " said Sam as he was in loss of words. Armaan and Shilpa understood and walked inside suddenly and Sam closed the door and they all ran towards Geet and Maan's room. They found Geet going absolutely crazy and demanding, " Maan.. my pari.. please bring her back". Shilpa and Armaan ran towards her bed and Shilpa sat beside her trying to calm her down, " Geet... shaant ho jaa.. shhh..". Suddenly, Geet felt a little dizzy and then fainted to the bed. "Geet!" yelled Maan. Armaan stopped him, " Maan go out of the room.. go now..". "Armaan.. Geet!!" said Maan looking scared. "GO MAAN" said Armaan loudly. Sam took Maan and stalked out of the room. "Shilpa.. we need to do a checkup"said Armaan.

Shortly 15 mins later, Armaan came out of their room and looked at Maan. " She is in a state of shock Maan.. she has a delicate mind.. and a soft heart.. its tough for her to handle this.. she needs rest" said Armaan as he put his hand on Maan's shoulder. " Is she okay Armaan?" said Maan worriedly. " She's alright Maan.. I just need to get a few tests done.. come to Sanjeevani tomorrow.. I think I might know whats up" said Armaan as he smiled weakly. Maan embraced Armaan and broke out of it quickly, " Thanks man...".

The next morning, Maan took Geet to the hospital where Shilpa was there and she took them in right away. " Kaisi hai tu Geet" said Shilpa trying to smile. " Theek hoon" said Geet with a serious tone and a sullen look on her face. "I'll take it from here Maan.. just wait there" said Shilpa as she put arm around Geets shoulder. Maan nodded and sat down.

After 20 mins, Shilpa looked more happier.. in fact she was smiling so hard.. Geet looked at the walls.. .just lost. Shilpa bit her lip and touched Geet'shoulder. Geet was startled and looked up at her with empty eyes. Shilpa smiled warmly, " Congratualations Mrs. Khurana.. you're pregnant". Geet froze.. Shilpa smiled harder, " Arey pagal! tu maa banne wali hai.. ". Geet broke into a large smile with tears in her eyes. She stood up and hugged Shilpa suddenly. She was smiling so hard.. crrying and laughing at the same time.. "Chal.. Maan ko jaa kar bata.... I'll go get Armaan"said Shilpa as she led Geeet out of the room.

Maan stood up as soon as he heard Geet come out of the room. He sighed and looked up at Geet... He was shocked.. why was she so happy all of a sudden? Geet ran towards Maan and went into his arms! Maan hugged her and she couldn't stop crying and laughing at the same time. "Kya hua Geet?! kuch bataoo" said Maan as he seemed worried. She broke out of the hug, " WE GOT OUR PARI BACK MAAN!!... I'M PREGNANT AGAIN". Maan looked so shocked but he broke into a smile and hugged her tighter... " Thankyou so much Geet.. you gave me another present.. I love you so much Geet.. thankyou" said Maan as he was so happy. Geet started kissing him all over his face, " I love you Maan.. our parii.!! she came back".

Armaan and Shilpa were standing there watching this with a warm smile. Armaan put his arms around Shilpa's shoudlers and held her close. She said, " I have news for you too Khurana's". Maan and Geet turned around and looked at her with confused faces. " Some competition for you Geet... I'm a mommy too!". She bit her lip and was so happy and Armaan was hugging her so closely. Geet and Maan rushed upto Shilpa and they all did a group hug. " Congratulations Shilppuuu..." said Geet as she was crying and laughing.

They all broke out of the hug and Maan put his arms around Geet's shoulder and Armaan did the same to Shilpa. " Lunch.. my treat.. " said Maan as they all walked out of the hospital. Shilpa and Geet had their hands on their stomachs ," I can't believe it Shilpuu.. pehle kyun nahi bataya.. " said Geet as chirpy as ever.. " Saans le.. lunch mein baat karte hain... ". They all went out for lunch that afternoon all happy of their news.

Part 37

" Maan... I can't believe that Shilpuu is preggo too!! mujhe yakeen nahi aaraha.... " chirped Geet as she ate her lunch. Shilpa only blushed and Armaan smiled at her, " Hum batane wale thay... we even came over to your house last night.. but you were unwell.. so.. it was tough". Geet's smile sort of vanished until Maan put his hand on  hers to tell her to let it go.. it was over.. they had their pari back. " Acha Geet.. maine baby room ki shopping nahi ki.. tu mere saath chalnaa.. " said Shilpa. " Sorry shilpa.. yeh department mera hai" said Maan with a smile. " Par maan.. shes my best friend.. mujhe iskay saath jaana hai" said Shilpa with a frown. " Maan! don't ruin the fun!" said Geet acting like she was asking her father for candy. " Acha Geet.. its funny.. we're both the same weeks pregnant... iska matlab.. we deliver the same time.!! how exciting!" said Shilpa as she was so excited. " ACHA!?! SHILPAA.. PEHLE KYUN NAHI BATAYA" said Geet loudly as she was even more excited. " Geet!" said Maan trying to hush her. " Sorry... acha.. Maan.. Aryaan ko pickup karnay ka time ho gaya hai.. aap jayiye.. I want to tell my bbaaaby!!" said Geet with a wide smile. " Oh haan.. acha Geet.. main jaata hoon.. Armaan can you drop her home?" said Maan as he kissed Geet on the forhead and was about to leave. " Theek hai.." said Armaan smiling.

Now all Armaan could hear is.. constant chatter.. as if his wife forgot that he was there. He was literally falling asleep... " Armaan.. chalein" chirped Shilpa as she got up. " Oye.. pati dev.. CHALEIN?" said Shilpa jokingly as she tapped his shoulder. Armaan jumped out of his chair sudddenly as he was startled as ever. " Chalein" said Shilpa as she pulled him. As they were getting out Shilpa stopped, " Armaan.. mujhe chaat khani hai...". " Arey yaar.. shilpa.. abhi to itna khaya hai.. motiii ho jaoogi" said Armaan as he was half joking and half serious. Shilpa's eyes widened. " Dr. Armaan Malik.. you are a male and as a male you don't need to have kids.. you dont have cravings like women do.. and pregnant women like myself are not as strong and muscular as you are.. so do me and our baby a favor.. we both want chaat". Geet was just hysterically laughing.. " Armaan.. phas gaye.. karna parega.. trust me.. uni se jaanti hoon isse... pagal kardegi par zidd nahi choregi". " Abey yaar.. seriously Shilpa.. okay fine.. chalo.." said Armaan putting his hand on his forhead looking a little tizzy and frustrated already. Shilpa smiled and rushed towards the chaat stall.. Both Geet and Shilpa ate their chaats as if someone was going to take it away from them. Armaan just watched and thought, " Oh god.. agar abhi se yeh cravings hai.. to baad mein kya karoonga". Shilpa and Geet were finished and Armaan helped them both into the jeep.

He dropped Geet home and saw that Meera was sitting with Sameer just cuddling up with him and watching a movie. " Oye hoyee.. kya ho raha hai yahaan parrr." winked Geet as she teased them. They both turned themselves around and had the " deer with the headlights look" on their face. They both stood up and saw Geet with a large smile on her face.. they thought she was going crazyy!! " Bhabhii.. kya huaa? itni khush kyun nazar aarahi hain" said Sameer as sweetly as possible. " Paarii!!" said Geet as she was dancing around. They both walked towards Geet and Meera said, " Kya parii? kaun parii Geet?". "Arey Meer!! pari wapas agayii.! and FYI... im becoming a mommy again!" said Geet with a BIGG smile on her face.. as if she won a million dollars.. well she would act like that if she did.. :p she was already a millionaires wife!

"KYA!!" said Sam and Meera together. .. " YEPP! CHACHI AUR CHACHU... MASSSII AGAINN!!" yelled Geet. " Main daadi maa ko phone karti hoon.." said Geet as she was bouncing around. "Whoa.. Bhabhi araam se.. " said Sam almost catching her from falling. So Geet called Daadi maa and of course DM was sooo happy! The whole world seemed so  unreal for Geet!

That night, Maan and Geet stood at their window just talking for a while. " Maan.. mujhe abhi bhi yakeen nahi aaraha.. " said Geet warmly. Maan put his hand on her cheek and said, " I know jaan.. its so much to handle for both of us..  well.. ill have a priincess to spoill!!". Geet laughed and said, " Maan.. I know you're right.. it is a girl.. I can feel it". Geet put Maans hand on her stomach and said, " Parii.. daddys here!". Maan smiled.. he knelt down and started talking to pari.. ," Hi baby.. im your papa.. Maan Singh Khurana.. you have an older brother too! and a beautiful mother... don't worry.. we'll sneak out for icecream once you come" said Maan as he kissed Geet's stomach. Maan talked to the baby for a while as Geet was in her rocking chair and maan on the floor just talking.. Geet was so lucky to have a hubby like him.. she thought she was the luckiest person in the world. Maan noticed that Geet slowly fell asleep on her chair and he took her in his arms and put her on the bed softly. He kissed her forhead and went to his side of the bed. Geet went into Maan's arms and slept there peacefully and Maan held her tight..


Geet went into her house and called up Meera right away to tell her what just had happened.. she knew that she was in love... with Maan Singh Khurana.. She had to tell Meera.. So she dialed her number and Meera picked up, " Hey Geet.. kaisi hai?". " MERE GHAR JALDE SE AA.. KUCH BATANA HAI TUJHE" said Geet excitedly. They were acting like two little school girls... Meera rushed into Geet's house and they both sat down together. " Main apna serial chor kar aayi hoon.. kya baat hai?" said Meera. Geet just giggled. " BATA NAA.. " pleaded Meera.. " Well.. you know how I was gone to the charity function... and well.. guess who shows up?". "Acha shutup.. bata deti hoon.. you suck at guessing.. well.. Maan Singh Khurana."said Geet with a lovestruck face. " KYAAAAAAAAAAAA" yelled Meera!. " Acha apni stupid si serial wali acting mat kar.." said Geet with a frown. " OMGG GEET.. SERIOUSLY? OMGG WHAT HAPPENED.. BATA JALDI SE" said Meera as she was getting very anxious.

" Well.. the banda he is.. he doesn't know that the roads close at evening time.. and especially the time where he was roaming around.. and well.. baarish ho rahi thi.. aurr hotels bhi nahin hai wahaan.. tooo.. i offered to let him stay in my cottage.. and we talked like friends.. pata hai Meera.? itni bari si ego rakta hai.... anyways.. so.. I noticed he was staring at me like no tomrrow.. I thought I had something on my face.. khair.. acha.. to.. jumping to the most romantic part.. light chali gayii aur bahar storm tha..  aur.. tujhe pata hai kay main iss cheeson se darti hoon.. so in fear I grabbed onto his arms.. itna sweet ban raha tha.. and we eventually.. got very intimate.. and mujhe thappar mat marna par.. we almost.. you know.. that.. " said Geet as she was out of breath. Meera just had a shellshocked face.. " GEEEET! PAGAL.. TU NE MUJHE PHONE KYUN NAHI KIYA.. W*HH!!". " Sorry yaar par tujhe pata hai naa.. cell mera kaam nahi kar raha tha.." said Geet apologetically. " Its okay.. par.. OMGG. I CAN'T BELIEVE ITT!!" screamed Meera as if she met SRK. " I know.. and Meera.. I think I like him more.. and I think.." said Geet shyly.. " Tu isse pyar karti hai naa?" said Meera with a smile. " Yeah. sort of like that.. kuch aisi baat hai" said Geet blushing and biting her lips. " Pagli.. acha ek kaam kar.. usko meeting kay liye bula.. aur.. dil ki baat kehde" said Meera. " No.. abhi nahi.. aab main usko tarsa kay rakoongi... just wait and watch Miss. Khanna.. what Miss. Geet Handa does".

" Just wait and watch bhai.. trust me.. she'll say yes" said Sameer with an excited face. " I know... Sam.. I just don't know how to say it to her... Well.. just wait.. just fix a meeting with her.. for  business purposes" winked Sam. " No.. but Sam. I know she won't accept me.... I just have a feeling . a bad one" said Maan with a half smile. " Nahi bhai.. don;t think that.. bus aap jayiye aur dil ki baat kehday" said Sam. Maan nodded and hugged his brother..

The next day, Maan called Geet over for a meeting.. " a business meeting". As soon as she came into the office, everybody stood up.. Even Adi who looked so surprised. " Thats Geet madam.. " said one of the employees Sasha and Tasha.. " Shutup.. unko welcome karo" whispered Adi. " Welcome Mam" said Adi with a smile. Geet put out her hand and Adi could not stop staring at her.. " You are Adi.. Aditya Rai?" said Geet as she smiled warmly. Adi looked as if he would melt.. " Simplicity at its best" thought Adi. He snapped out of his thoughts and shook her hands and said, " This way Mam.. after you.". She walked in front but stopped, " itni formal honay ki kya zarroorat hai yaar? Adi.. mujhe ek baat batao.. tumhare Maan sir kaisay boss hai.. does he treat his employees right". She was babbling on and on.. and Adi was just out of words.. " Is she testing me?". " Ji mam.. bilkil maan.. I mean Maam.. " said Adi as he stuttered. Geet stopped and smiled at him, " its okay. .acha apne ppooore office staff ko kaho that Maan sir has let them leave for the day..". " Maam! I can't do that.. . Maan sir mujhe naukri se nikal denge.. "  said Adi with a worried face. " Koi baat nahi.. I'll handle your Maan sir.. go.. NOW" said Geet with a more serious and demanding tone. Adi jumped and ran the other way.

Geet entered Maan's office and saw him talking to someone.. that person was facing Maan.. She went in with a smile.. Maan turned around to see Geet and looked at her with loving eyes. His face was serious but of course he waas melting. The person turned around and it was Dev.. and Geet stood there frozen but soon snapped out of it.. she walked towards him. "Hi Geet.. this is my brother.. Dev Singh Khurana". Dev looked at her with a smirk on his face, " Nice to meet you.. Miss Handa.. Ive heard a lot about you" . Geet looked at Maan with tears in her eyes.. and she turned around and ran away. Maan ran after her.... She ran outside to the parking lot and it was raining.. very hard. Maan stopped her by the arm and spun her around, " GEET! KYA HUA". "BUS MAAN SINGH KHURANA.. BUS.." said Geet with angry tearful eyes.

----------------------------------------End of Flashback----------------------------------------

Geet woke up suddenly and found it to be the morning and Maan was still sleeping sound. She kissed his forhead and went out of bed to get ready for the day.

Part 38

"Geet... meri file kahaan hai... " said Maan as he rummaged through his " organized pile". " Oye hoye.. what a typical husband... Maan.. sorry.. aap khudi dhoond lijiye.." said Geet as she got Aryaan ready. Maan frowned.. he went crazy... he needed Geet there..

As Geet was getting Aryaan ready she said, " Ladoo.. guess what? mama's going to have another baby like youu". Aryaan smiled, " Mamaa! a sister right? I can protect her like papa protects you.. .". Geet nodded and smiled, " Haan ladoo.. of course.. you have to protect her..!". Suddenly, Aryaan's smile vanished for a second, " Aap mujhe bhoolengi to nahi naa mama?.. ". Geet looked up at him as she knelt down, " Of course not baby! you are my Ari.. maama's arii".She hugged him tightly and he broke out of it suddenly, " Mama.. I love youu". She kissed him on the cheek and said, " Chal teri bus bhi aagayii.. chal.. bhaag warna Chachu tumhe late karenge". "Oh haan mama.. main bhool gaya" said Ari and as flashed out of the room running down the stairs. Geet followed him and she dropped him outside.

As she came in, she heard, " GEEET.. GEEEEEEEEEEEEET.. GIIITTHHH". "AAYIII" said Geet as she slowly went up the stairs. She finally reached the upstairs portion and found Maan going completely insane. Geet looked around at the mess of papers.. " MAAN.. I JUST CLEANED THAT UP.. ". She looked around and foudn the file lying in the corner and she almost bent to pick it up.. until Maan stopped her and bent down and picked it up.. " I got it". She smiled at him and put her hands on her back, " My back is already tired of going up the stairs for your son.. ". Maan smiled at her and kissed her on the cheek, " Tum aaj office nahi aaogi.. araam karo.. Meera bhi ghar mein hai aaj.. so she'll take care of you" . Maan was almost out the door until Geet said, " Rukiye!". Maan stopped and turned around,She walked towards him and hugged him tightly, " Aajj tussii boohoot hi sexy lag rahe hoo.. kya baat hai Mr. Khurana. " Geet yaar.. late ho raha hoon aur tumhe mazaak sooj rahi hai" said Maan as he was half smiling. " Theek hai.. biwi romantic ho rahi hai.. aur pati.. jeez! kya ho gaya hai!" said Geet breaking out of the hug and crossing her arms.. " Seriously Geet.. late ho raha hoon.. tum jaa kar araam karo" said Maan kissing her on the forhead and fast walking out the door. Geet sighed and said, " Chal Geet.. Tv room mein jaate hainn" .

She walked in and saw Meera sitting there watching her soap operas.. She sat down and put her head on Meera's shoulder, " Tu aaj phir serials dekh rahi hai.. ". " Shutup.. .. pata hai..Tulsi sach jaan gayii hai" said Meera as her eyes were glued to the Tv. Geet rolled her eyes and got up and went to the other couch and laid down. She closed her eyes and went back into the scene again..


" Bus Maan Singh Khurana.. BUS!.. Bohot ho gaya.. You Khurana's should take up a business in tricking girls.. I swear.. you would get the most profit" said Geet with angry tears in her eyes. It was raining down very hard and both Geet and Maan were drenched. Maan's eyes widened in anger, " Tumhari itni himmat Geet Handa.... what do you think you are? some president? someone I should care about? Someone that is special to me?.. get a life Handa.. you need one!". Geet got angry and she held onto Maan's collar, " Don't even try Mr, Khurana.. just dont... dont get me to do something you'll regret". Maan pushed her hands off his collar and looked at her with disgust, " Mujhe haath mat lagao.. tum meri kya lagti ho? excuse me. Handa.. I have no interest in dealing with you and your kind of women.. .. ". Geet's eyes were completely red and she broke down hard right there.. in front of him.. He looked down at her.. and his expression softened.. She was crying so hard.. and the rain was making it even worse.. " You all Khurana's are just traitors.. disgusting men.. I can't believe that I fell for you... I can't believe that I actually saw a man in you Maan.. you betrayed me.. my trust.. everything. Maan looked at her with stillness and a expressionless face.

She got up and held onto his hand and dragged him with her. " GEET. WHAT THE HELL.. " said Maan getting even more angrier. " Chaliye mere saath.. I want to tell and show you something..SIT IN THE DAMN CAR MAAN.. SIT IN THE DAMN CAR.. " said Geet half screaming and half crying. For some reason Maan stood there and lookedat her.. Her eyes were trying to tell him something. He looked away and sat inthe car. She drove fast.. through  roads.. through  towns.. and finally reached to a spot.. " Why is she bringing me to the camp spot?" thought Maan looking so lost for a second. " Get out of the car Maan.. " ordered Geet as she wiped her tears and got out of the car. She walked him through the forest and " Geet.. mujhe kahaan lekar jaa rahi ho.. W*H Geet.. I have no time for this.. and especially for you.. " said Maan as he was furious with her. She finally reached a spot and entered the small cottage.. he looked around.. it was so dark and deserted.. She went into the room where her life changed.

 She stood there and looked at his face " You want to know why Im upset?" . " That would be great!" said Maan sarcastically looking so bored. " You know what happened to me here?." said Geet as she was trying to calm herself down. Maan looked at her.. " Kya? ". " I got raped here Maan... I had my virginity taken away from me. " said Geet with an expressionless face. Maan looked her sort of shocked, " Kya?". He froze, " What is she talking about?". " If you want.. you can tell the whole world.. Geet Handa was raped.. the best businesswoman in Delhi.."said Geet with empty eyes. Maan looked at her so shell shocked that he was feeling sorry for her and he just wanted to hug her.. keep her in his arms.. " And who did this to me? Well.. your younger brother Dev Singh Khurana.. " said Geet looking at him with her red eyes.. Maan glared at her, " What the hell are you talking about.. my brother Dev can't do something like that.. why should I believe you". He rolled his eyes, " Whatever.. mujhe kyun farak parega?". " Why you should believe me? ask your disgusting brother yourself.. actually he wont.. he acts like a chuha in front of you..

" That  B**** took my life away from me.. a woman's dearest possession.. her respect.. her body.. " screamed Geet. Maan stood there just watching her.. Geet ripped her duppata off and moved her hair out of the way, " MAAN.. YOU WANT PROOF.. HERE.. LOOK.. MARKS.. ALL OVER.. ". Maan looked at it.. they looked like they weren't healed.. Her skin looked so scratched up.. it looked like an animal attacked her.  " IS THAT ENOUGH FOR YOU.... I HOPE THAT IS.. NOTHINGS ENOUGH FOR YOU KHURANA'S.. YOU USE AND ABUSE.. DISGUSTING!" screamed Geet. She was screaming and crying.. Maan stood there looking at her.. " She couldn't lie about that.. ". He softened his face and he went upto her and helped her up.. he hugged her tightly and she just cried and cried, " I hate you Maan.. I hate you so much.. ". "Shh... its okay.. " said Maan as he hugged her even tighter.. She was grabbing onto him even tighter, " Maaan... " said Geet with tears in her eyes. " How can you be his brother... you are so different from him Maan.. WHY? why aren't you like him and take a part of my body too.. just for damned revenge... for a broken heart" said Geet in the middle of sobbing. Maan was getting so angry.. he couldn't see tears in her eyes.. he saw so much honesty in those eyes.. She ripped out of his embrace, " You want more proof Maan.. I'll give it to you.. She went into the store room and went into the box where she hid the ripped clothes.

She came back out and walked into his face, " HERE.. YOU WANT MORE PROOF? " she threw on the floor. He looked at her with sorry eyes. " Geet.. please.. i understand. ". " NO MAAN.. ITS DONE.. YOU WANT PROOF?". Maan picked up the fabric and saw its rips and blood stains.. he looked at it and his eyes were errupting anger.. he clenched the fabric and looked at Geet who had tears in her eyes.. He took her hand, " CHALO MERE SAATH..". " Maan. where are you taking me??" said Geet trying to get out of his hold. It was too tight.. so typical.. He dragged her all the way outside and walked until they reached Geet's car... " Give me your keys.. NOW" demanded Maan with angry eyes.. Geet took them out and gave it to him.. " Get in the car Geet..." ordered Maan. She sat down and looked straight ahead.. He drove fast and reached KC.. .and went into his office still clenching the fabric.. and she looked at him with angry puzzled eyes.. Maan looked around but then went into Dev's personal cabin and saw Dev pinning a girl against the wall.. She was crying... ". Maan got angry and went up and turned him around and punched him in the face. " GET OUT OF MY HOUSE AND OFFICE DEV... GET OUT.. NOW" yelled Maan with full rage. Geet got a little afraid. " But bro.. yeh ladki mujhpar.." said Dev holding his cheek that hurt badly. " GET OUT DEV.. HOW DARE YOU.. YOU HURT GEET.. NOW YOU HURT ANOTHER GIRL? DISGUSTING.. YOU AREN'T EVEN WORTH CALLING A KHURANA.. GET LOST DEV.. AND DONT COME BACK HOME.." yelled Maan in his face with his eyes. " Oh so its about this b**** isnt it? I knew it.. she would tell you things bro.. " sneered Dev.

" GETTTTTTTTTTTTTT OUTT.. " yelled Maan and it shook Dev.. .everyone came rushing into the office.. Dev left out the door and Geet was just standing there looking so angry. " GET BACK TO WORK.. OR ELSE YOU'RE ALL FIRED" roared Maan. They all quickly ran out and went back into their places. Maan stood there with a hurt look on his face and he turned around to look at Geet who was still in tears.. " I'm sorry Geet... ". She turned around and ran out of the office.. He ran after her... and stopped her and grabbed her hand and spun her around.. It was still raining so hard.. He knelt down, " Please accept my apology Geet.. I never meant to hurt you.. .. I could never hurt you... you came like an angel in my life... i can;t take my mind off of you.. and truly.. and madly I say it Geet.. I love you.. ". Geet looked at him shocked but then walked closely toward him and knelt down, " I love you too Maan.. don't be sorry.. .Its not your fault Maan.. it will never be". He smiled at her.. ," You won Handa.. and Maan Singh Khurana lost.. ". She smiled at him and said, " I lost my heart to my Dhak dhak.. thats all I can say.. " . He kissed her forhead and they hugged so hard..

The rain stopped and it was just cloudy... Both got up and realized, " Mere kapre itnay ganday ho rahe hain.. yuck.". " You shoudl get home Geet.. I'll drop you.." said Maan. She nodded and they both got into his car and he drove her home.. She got out of the car but Maan stopped her by the hand and said, " You won't let me in?". She blushed.. " ji.. aajayiye.. " . He smiled.. and got out of the car and she was about to get her keys out until Meera opened the door.. Meera's eyes widened, " GEET? KYA HUA.. TERI HALAT? aur.. ". Meera looked at Maan who was shivering, " Aur.. Maan Singh Khurana.. aap?". Her face looked so surprised.. Geet frowned, " Yahaan par saare sawaal poochay gii.. yaa andar aany degii". " Haan.. andar aa.. jaldi see" said Meera letting them in. " The washroom is that way Maan.. " blushed Geet... Meera squinted at Geet.. " Kya hua Geet" whispered Meera. " Chup kar.. baad mein baata ti hoon".

Maan freshened up and he came out with his wifebeater drying his hair with a towel. Meera came out and dropped her cup. Maan turned around and looked at her.. " Are you okay Meera". She melted and had a cheesy smile, " Dhak dhak karne laga!" thought Meera. She thought she was in heaven. Geet came out suddenly as she was already dry and ready.. " Meera.. tu theek hai naa? aur meri chai! thanks yaar,... drop kardi" said Geet frowning. Meera was still and frozen staring at Maan. Geet looked at where she was looking and waved her hand in her faace.. She snapped out of it and said, " Sorry.. phir se banati hoon. aur aapko coffee ya chai peeni hai". " Coffee.. " said Maan smiling at her slightly as he was weirded out. "aa Meera.. jaldi se.. " said Geet pullling her away. They got into the kitchen and Meera burst, " GEEEEEEET KAMEENI.. TU NE BATAYA NAHI.. IDIOT.. MEIN TUJHSE ITNA NARAAZ HOON KAY BUSS.. ". Geet looked at her, " Sorry yaar.. sab kuch jaldi ho gaya.. ". " Its okay.. acha baad mein batana.. Waisay... yehh Maan Singh Khurana yahaan kya kar raha hai.. tere ghar.. ? " winked Meera.. "Chup kar.. woh aarahe hain" said Geet as Maan came in. " OOO.. aarahe hain" teased Meera.

Maan came in and Geet gave him his coffee and they all had a little chit chat session.. " Mujhe jaana chahiye.. " said Maan getting. " Okay.. " said Geet trying not to blush... She didn't want him to go. Maan saw it in her eyes but only smiled. Geet led him to the door and Meera followed.. but she soon realized that it was a lil private time between the,m.. She only hid behind the opposite wall eavesdropping..

" Thankyou Maan.. apne mujhe par yakeen kiya.. " said Geet looking away shyly. He touched her cheek, " I'll call you tonight... keep your phone on you.. and I think we should get to know eachother. "You are right.. we should.. " said Geet looking down at her feet. " I'll get going.. bye Geet.. take care" said Maan kissing her forhead.. He left and Geet only waved to him.. sighing and looking so in love..

Meera jumped out from behind and scared Geet. " MEERA.. KYA HAI YAAR.." yelled Geet. " BATA BATA.. JALDI SEEEE!!" said Meera excitedly. Geet took her arm and they sat down in the family room and Geet was telling her as if she had her first crush..

-----------------------------End of flashback-------------------------------------------------

"Geett!" yelled Meera as she dropped her bag of chips.. " KYAA" said a startled Geet as she got up off of the couch. " TULSI DIED! HER SON KILLED HER... PUSHED HER DOWN THE CLIFF." yelled Meera. " O MY GOD. .tu ne mujhe dara diya.. and shut off the serials Meer.. seriously" said Geet rolling her eyes. " Sorry.. acha... jaldi se ready ho ja.. hum bahar lunch karenge" said Meera as she got up. Geet nodded and slowly got off the couch and went upstairs to get ready for lunch. " Shilpuu bhi aarahi hai.. " called Meera from the opposite sides of the hallway.. " Acha.. jaldi se.. 10 min main ready ho ja" said Meera.. Geet groaned.. " Theek hai.. wait kar.."

Part 39

" Shilpa yaar.. khaa na jaldi se.. baby shopping kay liye bhi jaana hai" said Meera as she stuffed her mouth full of fries. " Shutup.. tu moti ho jayegi agar itna kayegi" said Shilpa looking at her with squinted eyes. " Shutup both of you... dimaag kharab kar kay rakh diya hai" said Geet as she rubbed her head. Shilpa and Meera stopped arguing right then and looked at Geet with concerned eyes. " Kya hua Geet?" said Shilpa with a worried tone. " YAAR.. PATA NAHIN KYUN.. par.." said Geet looking down at her hands. " Kya?" said Meera looking at her with equally concerned eyes. " Don't find me disgusting.. chappal mat marna.. par... My hormones are going crazy" blurted Geet. Shilpa looked at her, " Geet? kya matlab hai tera?". " My hormones are going so crazy Shilpu... kay... All I want is.. Maan.. thats all.. " said Geet looking down not daring to look up at her friends. Shilpa giggled a little, " Hota hai yaar.. pata hai.. Armaan ko pagal kar kay rakh diya hai.. pata nahin kyun.. probably hormones.. par jab bhi exercise karta hai.. my godd... I just want to eat him alive.. " ." EWW YAAR.. KYA HAI.." said Meera looking a little sick. " Shutup.. jab tu pregnant hogi naa.. jab tujhe samaj aayega" said Shilpa. " Um... yea well... thats a problem.. because... " said Meera looking suddenly guilty..

Geet turned around and looked at her, " MEEERA?". Shilpa broke into a big smile, " Hua kya?". Geet opened her mouth in shock, " MEEERR!.. TUU?". " Nahi yaar! preggo nahin hoon.. tere tarah.. par.... " said Meera looking down at her tea. Shilpa and Geet looked at eachother with big smiles and started laughing.. " Tu itni cute hai naa.. kay buss.. kehday naa.. tu aur Sam?" said Shilpa with a big laugh. " Bohot hi romantic dialogues bolta hai.. aur bohot hi romantic hota hai.. " said Meera blushing. " Oye hoyeee... marjawann Meeruu!" said Geet as she winked at Meera teasingly. " Shutup.. acha ghar chalte hainn. Shilpa tu aarahi hai naa? hamaray ghar?maine Armaan ko text kardiya hai.. woh tujhe raat ko pickup karega.. kehta hai kay woh khudi kaam karlega.. tu preggoo hai naaa" said Geet. 

Shilpa blushed and Geet just giggled, " Acha chal.. bill kahan hai?". " Geet.... main pay kar rahi hoon.." said Meera snatching it off the table. " Main bari hoon.. tu achi bachiyon ki tarah gari main beht" said Geet glaring at her.. Meera looked at her, " You are learning way too much with Maan veerji.. seriously.. ghoorti hai..". " Chal.. jaa.. main aati hoon" said Geet giggling a little. Meera and Shilpa went and Geet went to the cashier to pay. As she came up, she took out her credit card but she dropped it on the floor.. She almost bent to pick it up until someone did it for her. Geet straightened her spine and sighed.

" Thankyou" said Geet not looking at the person. " You welcome love.. kabhi bhi kuch karna ho.. to mujhe phone kar dena" said a familiar voice. Geet frowned and turned to look at the person. Her eyes went wide in anger," SID?". " Aahhh.. you are too sweet love.. phir se sid kahoo" said Sid. " Shutup and leave.." said Geet snatching the credit card and paying the cashier. He leaned on the counter and said, " Suna hai kay tum phir se maa banewali ho". Geet turned to look at him, " Thanks for the congratulations.. now move..". She pushed passed him and he said, " Ohh.. atttitude.. bohot khoob.. oh btw.. attitude court main dikhana.. zaroorat paregi". She clenched her fists and just chose to leave.. She didn't have time for this.. not for him... not for anyone connected to Dev.

She had a bad day... first Maan totally ignoring her.. and then that stupid idiot of a man Sid.. " disgusting" she thought. She was sitting on her bed and Aryaan was sleeping on her lap.. She stroked his hair.. and just smiled... " My baby.. " she thought. She kissed him on the head and just looked at him lovingly. Suddenly Maan came in and he was as usual taking off his tie and he plopped himself on the bed. " Busy day.. itna thak gaya hoon" said Maan sighing. No reply.. Geet was just lost.. He turned around and looked at her, " Geet.. kya hua?". She snapped out of it, " Maan.. aap zara ari ko apne kamray mein sula dein.. meri kamar duk rahi hai". He nodded and slowly picked Ari off the bed and took him into his own room.

He came back shortly after five minutes and he found Geet still sitting there.. lost.. " Geet??" said Maan as he sat down slowly. She looked at him, " Ji maan? apne kuch kaha?". " Nahi par tum itni ghum sum kyun lag rahi ho.." said Maan as he put his hand on hers. She put her other hand on top of his and looked at him with tears in her eyes, " Maan.. tomorrow is the court hearing... They won't take my baby away right?". Maan looked at her with soft eyes," No Geet.. kabhi nahi.. main aisa kabhi nahi honay doonga.. I promise you.. Ari will be here". She smiled, " I know Maan.. par pata nahin kyun.". " Nothing Geet.. don't think about it too much." said Maan with a smirk. " Kyun nahin?" said Geet with a slight frown. " Kyunki mujhe jaagna parega... tum mujhe sonay nahi doogi" said Maan with a little laugh. Geet smacked him lightly on the arm, " Excuse me Mr. Khurana.. maine kab kaha?". " Ouch.. dard hua.. mujhe nahin pata kay meri biwi itni mazboot hai.. " said Maan as he jokingly rubbed his arm in pain. " Haww.! aab mujhe pehlwaaan samajte hain..? Mr Im so invincible..." said Geet turning away.

Maan laughed and turned her around suddenly and pinned her to the bed. " Aab kahaan jaaogi jaanemaan!" said Maan in gabbar voice. " MAAN!" said Geet trying not to laugh. " I'll love you even when you get all round and big.. and possibly more than Pari.. hopefully.. if my princess doesn't win my heart over". .said Maan smirking at Geet. " Haww! Maan! excuse me.. the reason you will have Pari is because of me.." said Geet frowning. " It was a joint effort Geet.. I helped.. remember?" said Maan winking at her. " Bus kijiye.. sharam karein.. 2 bacha ho  jayenge.. aap apna bachpana nahi choortay. " said Gee blushing. Maan laughed and suddenly kissed her on the lips, " Mrs. Khurana.. you are MINE tonight.. thats it.. ". Geet giggled.. and Maan.. well.. was obviously romancing with her..He certainly can't keep his hands off of her..

The next morning, Geet and Maan woke up and got ready.. it was the trial today.. and possibly the only one... Geet was just trying to keep herself calm and collected. Maan took a day off of work and had Ari take a day off of school.. Ari had to be present in court.. it was an order.. The whole family was to go.. Sam and Meera were lost too.. but they held it together for Geet and Maan.

They all drove in silence all the way to the court.. and Meera was just holding Geet by the shoulders and taking care of her. " Kuch nahi hoga Geet.. tu fikar mat kar." said Meera putting her hands over Geet's hands. " I hope so Meer.. I hope so.. " said Geet trying to smile.

They all were present in courtroom and Prem and Sid were already present in the courtroom as well. Heer, Meera.. Shilpa were all there to support Maan and Geet.. Prem was nodding in assurance.. " Kuch nahi hoga Geet.. main hoon naa..". The judge entered the courtroom and everyone stood up. " You may all sit down" said the judge as he sat down on his seat. Everyone sat back down and the judge ordered the case to be presented by each side. First Sid was to present his side.. " Your honor.. my client Dev Singh Khurana is here to claim his supposed son Aryaan Singh Khurana... He believes that Aryaan is his child.. and might I say your honor.. he is correct.. Aryaan is Dev Singh Khurana's son..and Not Maan Singh Khurana's"  said Sid. Sid nodded and sat back down on his seat just smirking. " And you Mr. Prem Juneja.. "  said the judge. Prem stood up and said, " My clients Maan Singh Khurana and Geet Singh Khurana claim that Aryaan is their son and they have sufficient reasons in believing so.. Aryaan is their child..". Prem sat back down and the judge nodded, " Thankyou Mr. Juneja and Mr Mehta. ".

The next two hours were very crucial.. Prem and Sid were arguing back and forth.. the two best lawyers in Delhi.. fighting against eachother.. opposite sides.. It was classic.. Finally.. came the time that Sid pulled out proof and presented it to the judge.. Geet got very worried.. she clung onto Maan's hand, " Maan...!" whispered Geet worriedly. Maan nodded and just held her hand.. " Your honor.. this is a document where it says that Aryaan was born on 12th of March 2005.. and right now his age is 6 years..  and I would also like to call my client Dev Singh Khurana to make a statement". Suddenly Dev stood up and went upto the witness box ," When did you know Geet?" asked Sid. " I've known Geet since university.." said Dev trying to look all innocent. " Okay. .and I believe that you graduated a few months earlier from university.. and you had known Geet.. and kept contacts with her..". Geet's fists clenched..and Maan only glared at Sid.. he felt like punching the crap out of him. " Yes Ive known Geet.. we had been in a relationship in university.. " said Dev smiling a little. " Oh alright Mr. Khurana.. please sit down in your seat" said Sid smiling. "Your honor.. I would like to call Uday Kapoor.. a former classmate of Geet and Dev." said Sid. " Proceed" said the judge writing a couple of notes.

" Udayy?1?! he was Dev's best friend.. of course he would believe his lying best friend. idiot.. " muttered Geet.. Uday went upto the witness box and Sid asked him, " Is it true that Dev and Geet were in a relationship.. ". Uday nodded, " Yes.. they were always together..". Sid smirked," That is all your honor". He sat down and Prem stood up, " I would like to ask Mr. Kapoor a few questions.. if you allow me. " . " So Uday.. can I call you that? " said Prem with a  smile. " Yeah of course" said Uday rolling his eyes. " Okay so tell me this.. were you, Dev and Geet in the same faculty?" said Prem. Uday stopped for a bit, " Uhm no.. I was in Medical.. Dev in business and Geet in architecture". " Were you in classes together..? spent time with eachother a whole lot?" asked prem. Uday froze and stuttered.. he knew where this was going, " Uh we all were busy in uni and studying.. par.. dev na.. woh.. Geet kay saath har waqt rehta tha". " Yes or no " said Prem. " Uh.. No" said Uday looking away. " So did you know Geet? if you all spent time with eachother supposedly then please tell me... did you ever look at Geet in not a friend sort of way" said Prem looking at him with questioning eyes. Uday looked at him with disgust. " Did you ever touch her? I mean.. did you like the way she looked every day?.. from the looks of it.. she was the most popular and attractive girl.. " said Prem. " I object your honor" said Sid standing up. " Sit down Mr. Mehta.. please continue Mr. Juneja"

" NO MAN. EW.. Geet was like my sister.. " blurted Uday. " So your honor.. this tells me that their witness is very unreliable .. hes saying one thing and saying another one minute.. " said Prem looking at the judge. The judge nodded and said, " You may go Mr. Kapoor". Uday looked at Dev who was angry.. he shrugged and sat down on the benches.. " It is time for a court break.. please come back in about 15 minutes" said the judge. The judge stood up and left to his quarters and everyone stood up. Geet clenched Maan's hand and Ari's so tightly.. " Maan.. mujhe dar lag raha hai" whispered Geet.. " Chalo.. kuch kaa lete hai.. its not good to keep you hungry.. we'll get somthing to eat.." said Maan as he took Ari's hand and Geets.. Everyone left the courtroom quietly.

Part 40

" Papaa! papaaa!! mujhe icecream khana hai" said Aryaan as he pointed to the icecream stall as he held Maan's hand. " No Ari.. pehle khaana.. then icecream" said Geet as she squinted her eyes in the sun. " Mamaaa.. nooooo I want icecreamm! papaaa.. please laa doo naaaaa" whined Aryaan as he crossed his arms. Maan knelt down and smiled, " Ari.. pehle khaana kaa lein.. phir papa aapko icecream kila denge". Aryaan couldn't argue with Maan... althought Geet was always the easier person to argue with.. Like father like son... " Okay papa." said Ari as he looked to the floor frowning. " Acha.. aise kartein hai.. lets go to that restaurant.. we'll eat something good.. chicken nuggets? and then icecream" smiled Maan. Aryaan's ears shot up and he looked up at Maan with happiness.." Okay papa!!". Maan laughed and scooped Ari in his arms... " Mama ko chordenge.. boring hai naa? she refused your icecream" said Maan teasingly. " Haww Maan! maine kab kahaa.. its the rule in the house.. Aryaan knows it.. pehle khana phir dessert.. " said Geet as she put her hands on the side of her waist.

" Don't worry Aryaan... you'll get to eat icecream all the time with Papa" said a familiar voice.. Maan turned around and so did Geet.. Geet suddenly got angry.. it was absolutely the wrong time to be fighting with her.. She walked upto Dev and looked him straight in the face, " I won't ever let Aryaan come near you.. ". Dev snickered, " Okkay Geet.. think whatever you like... " Maan walked upto Dev with Aryaan in his arms.." Aryaan.. is MY son. got it? " said Maan in a very angry tone." Bye Ari... " sneered Dev. "Who is that papa? " asked Aryaan... " No one Ari.. no one.. let's go" said Geet as she turned on her heels and took Maan's hand and they all went the other way.

Everyone sat in the same area.. and of course they all ordered lunch and of course Mr. Aryaan Singh Khurana was eating his chicken nuggets... They all were chatting. .except Geet who was absolutely quiet.. Geet then looked to everyone's food and hten hers.. she suddenly felt sick.. she needed to throw up..

Geet shot out of her seat and quickly looked around to find the washroom.. She saw it and ran into it.. Maan stood up, " Geet?. kahaa.. helloo! ". Armaan smiled a little, " Hota hai Maan.. she's pregnant.. a very light appetite.. ". Maan sat down.. and then suddenly Shilpa looked at Armaan's food and then to everyone else eating, " You guys are making me sick..". Suddenly she felt something at her throat.. She shot out of her seat and ran into the washroom.. Armaan stood up, " Shilpa-.. ". Maan stopped his arm and said, " Hota hai Armaan.. tumhari biwi bhi pregnant hai naa?". Armaan smiled a little from embarassment.. and sat back down.. " Oh God.. I'll go check if they are okay". Meera got out of her seat and went into the washroom..

All the guys were sitting there and Sameer spoke up a little, " Arey yaar.. is that how ladies really are when they are pregnant.. i feel sorry for you guys.". Maan and Armaan looked at him with a smile and Maan said, " Jab tum papa banewale hogay.. to main phir tumse poochoonga. ". " No way.. " said Sam stretching. Armaan thought for a minute and said, " Pata nahin.. par.. ". " Kya?" said Maan looking at him. " I know I'm a doctor.. par.. Med school didn't teach you or tell you that your wife will go absolutely insane" said Armaan looking at his food. " Kya matlab" said Maan with concerned eyes. ." Jab bhi main exercise karta hoon to pata nahin kyun Shilpa... she goes insane..Don't find me disgusting guys.. its a boys thing.. Ari close your ears" said Armaan with a faint smile. Ari was too busy and but he still closed his eears.. Armaan continued, " She looks like she wants to pounce on me right there.. she always wants me to skip work and just.... OKAY yaar,.. fill in the blanks.. ". Sam raised an eyebrow.. and he looked at Maan who looked so guilty " I know what you mean Armaan... Geet is going insane..she takes advantage of every tai chi session I have... she looks like she wants to pounce on me right there.. " Sam broke into a tiny smile, " wow.. confessions of a pati". " Oh shut it man.. you're married too.. " said Armaan rolling his eyes.. " its so interesting.. par.. I was wondering if you could give me advice" said Sam looking at his hands.

" What sort of advice?" said Maan raising an eyebrow.. " Meera get's so freaked out when I go near her... we go out to dinners.. i try romancing with her.. she just gets fidgety and shy" said Sam trying not to look up. Maan and Armaan broke out into laughter.. they were just laughing hysterically " Bechara.. Sam.." said Maan in the middle of laughter. " Ho gaya aap logon ka?" said Sam. Maan and Armaan stopped laughing and went serious, " Of course.. girls are like that Sam.. thori si sharmili type hoti hai.. pehli baar.." said Armaan. " Sam... just get her comfortable slowly... " said Maan with concerned eyes. " Maan's right Sam... slowly and sensually.. gifts.. touches.. and then.. a little some of that.. and then... dot dot.. fill in the blanks.." said Armaan looking so confident. Maan nodded.. "Chachu's.. papa..can I take my hands off of my ears?" said  Ari looking so tired. Maan smiled.. he put his hand on Ari's cheeks, " Of course beta.. ". Aryaan smiled.. and continued to eat his bread.. .

Suddenly all three ladies emerged from the washroom laughing and talking hush hush about something.. " Ho gaya ladies? chalein..?" They nodded and Geet took Ari's hand and they all went into the courtroom where everyone was slowly filing in. Everyone continued to stand up and the judge came in, " You may all sit down". Everyone sat down quietly and the court proceedings continued, " You may commence Mr. Mehra". Sid stood up and smirked, " Thankyou your honor... May I call upon Geet Singh Khurana?". "You may" said the Judge. Geet sighed and stood up and went to the witness box, " So Mrs. Khurana.. tell me... when did you and Mr. Khurana get married?" said Prem. " Maan and I got married on July. 14th 2004" said Geet. " How did you know Maan before hand?" asked Sid.. " Our companies had deals and we met through the meetings.. " said Geet. " Did you know Dev in university?" said Sid. " Yes I did". " Thankyou Mrs. Khurana.. that is all".  Geet went back to her seat and held Maan's hand."Your honor.. may I present proof to you?" said Sid. " You may"said the Judge.. Sid went to his table and grabbed a file.. it was the DNA reports.. he opened it and scanned it.. and gave it to he judge. The judge read over it.. " It seems like Aryaan Singh Khurana is Dev Singh Khurana's son...".  Geet had enough.. she shot out of her seat, " ARYAAN IS MY SON.. MAAN SINGH KHURANA'S SON.. DEV IS LYING... I KNOW THAT CHEAT...".
" Mrs Khurana please sit down" said the judge frowning at her. Maan pulled her down slowly and just nodded.. " shh.. its okay..". "Mr. Juneja.. it is your turn" said the judge. Prem stood up and said, " Your honor.. may I see that file?". The judge looked at him.. " You may..". One of the court helpers handed the file to Prem. Prem read over it and smirked, " Your honor if you look closely.. the company who provided a report is currently dealing with fraud...". The judge frowned, " Is that true Mr. Mehra?". Sid looked at his hands.. and did not reply.. " Your honor... Mr. Mehra does not have anything to say does he?" said Prem smirking. " Your honor.. may I present something to you?" said Prem. " You may". Prem brought out two files,

 " This is a DNA report basically saying that Aryaan Singh Khurana is Maan SIngh Khurana's son and it is provided by the health officials that own Sanjeevani hospital..". Sid froze.. " Oh shitt" he mumbled... Geet shot out of her seat.. the suspense was killing her.. " I have a confession to make Sir." The judge looked at her, " What is it Mrs. Khurana?". " May I come to the witness box" said Geet shaking. Maan looked ather, " Geet.. no.. please..". Geet walked over to the witness box.. "  I have a harsh truth that may soil my reputation.. but to prove that Aryaan is my son I have to... and I say sir that Dev Singh Khurana raped me a few years back.. before I met Maan.. " The whole courtroom went quiet.. Maan closed his eyes in terror.. " Geet! yeh kya kiya tumne" mumbled Maan. " Out of revenge sir... Dev raped me... and I chose to stay quiet about it.. and I will tell you exactly when this happened". Dev looked at her with a sneer.. " Mrs. Khurana.. please continue" said the judge frowning..

" This monster.. Dev.. raped me.. left me to die.. I lost all hope until Maan came along.. he brightened my world.. accepted me for who I was.. I'm not strong your honor.. I'm a woman.. with feelings... I was used.. abused.. thrown away like garbage... The Geet standing here today is because of Maan.. " said Geet with tears in her eyes.. Maan looked at her affectionately.. " How else would Dev want to claim Aryaan? He thinks Aryaan is the product of his abuse?" said Geet with an shaky voice. "I want Dev to answer this question.." said Geet as she stepped off the witness box and wiped her tears. " Mr. Dev Khurana.. please come to the witness box". Dev stood up.. his smile vanished and he looked at his hands..

 " Is it true?" said the judge. Dev was quiet and he couldn't look up.. Sid was just dying.. he needed Dev to speak up! " Speak up Mr. Khurana!" ordered the judge. " Or else I will assume by your silence that Mrs. Khurana is right" said the judge. Dev looked at the judge and at Sid.. " I.. she.. uh.. she..". " Mr Khurana.. you are dragging matters.. I will now assume that Mrs. Khurana is right.. " said the judge. Prem stood up.. " May I offer some proof your honor?.. here is the DNA reports for the night Geet was raped.. the clothing revealed not only blood but Mr. Dev Singh Khurana's personal additions.". "I object your honor" said Sid. " Mr. Mehra.. please sit down" said the judge. Sid went quiet..

After a few minutes the judge spoke up and he said, " On the basis of all evidence.. and all statements, I proclaim Aryaan Singh Khurana to be Maan Singh Khurana's son and along with that I sentence Dev Singh Khurana to life in prison for attempted murder and rape". Maan and Geet broke out into a large smile.. and everyone else did too. Geet squeezed Maan's hand and had tears in her eyes.. She hugged Aryaan tightly and kissed him on the cheek so many times.. " mama.. don'tt.. you're embarassing mee" said Aryaan as he wiped the lipstick off of his cheek. Geet laughed alittle. " The court is now finished.. " said the judge as he got up and left to his chambers.. Everyone stood up and congratulated Maan and Geet. The police took Dev away and Sid was so upset..

" I hate you geet" yelled Dev.. " CHAL" said the inspector. Maan walked upto Dev who was struggling against the police. " Tumne mujhe kya samjha hai Dev? Tumhe laga kay tum Maan Singh Khurana ho harasakte ho.. think again lil bro... agli baar.. agar ek ungli bhi tumne mere ghar pe uthayi to be ready to face worse" said Maan smirking at him.. " You win this time bro.. " said Dev with a upset face. Geet stood there and held Ari tight to her.. " Le jao isko" said Maan. The police officers nodded and they took Dev away. Maan walked upto Geet and put his hand around her shoulders and Aryaan switched sides to hold Maan's hand.. " Lets go home" said Geet. They all went down the courtroom steps and suddenly someone emerged from the bottom and they had tons of medical nurses and paramedics after them

"GEEET.." said a familiar voice.. Maan and Geet stopped and turned around. Maan's eyes widened, " Naina!?!?". " Yeh yahaan kya kar rahi hai.." said Sameer with a concerned face. " Pata nahin.. " said Meera. Geet stood there surprised.. " She looks like she's just been to the mental hospital... halat dekhi hai iski" said whispered Armaan.. Shilpa shrugged and Heer and Prem looked at eachother worriedly.

" GEET PLEEASE" demanded Naina as she looked half crazy as ever...

Part 41

Geet and Maan contined walking towards the car which had a large park surrounding itt.. and Naina kept on running.. finally she caught up with her, " Geet please.. meri baat ek baar sunlo" pleaded Naina with helpless eyes.. Geet looked at her with anger.. ," Why should I help people like you?". Maan stepped beside Geet and kept Aryaan away from her... " Naina.. yahaan se chale jao". Naina went to Geet's feet and begged, " Please please Geet..ek baar". Geet sighed.. " How embarassing". She helped Naina up and took her arm and dragged her the other way.. The nurses and paramedics were near Naina until Maan stopped them.. he nodded and they stood back..

Geet threw Naina in front of her and said, " KYA HAI. JALDI SE BOLO NAINA..". Naina looked so helpless.. her hair was ruffled and messy.. mascara and eyeliner blackened her face.. she had tears in her eyes.. bruises on her forhead and cuts all over her face.. and she had a bandage on her head and wrists.. " Geet.. please..woh tumhe maar dalenge.. just go from here.. away from Delhi.. Dev sent his goons after you. ...". " How disgusting Naina..Why would I believe you..  " said Geet. Geet turned her face away and Naina said, " Geet please.. go from here.. I beg you..".

Suddenly, there were gunshots in the air and there was a swarm of men running towards Geet and Naina... Geet was scared.. and Maan pulled Geet's hand and Naina's and they ran down behind the stall and hid there.. Geet was crying.. Maan held her and Aryaan close... Naina was shaking.. " Dont even think about going Naina.. its suicide" said Maan sternly.. " Noo! I have to end this.. now!" said Naina as she ran from the stall and Geet saw it.. " She tried to save my life Maan.. i cant let her die.." said Geet as she wiped her tears and broke out of Maan's hold. " GEET! KYA KAR RAHI HO". Aryaan was so scared, " PAPAA!". Geet ran from the stall and ran up towards the frotn where the goons.. Armaan, Shilpa, Meera and Sameer, Heer and Prem ran down towards the stall.. " Ill take care of him Maan Veerjii" said Meera as she grabbed Aryaan and put him in her arms.. Maan put his hand on Sam and Meera's cheek " Thankyou". " Im coming with you bhai" said Sam as he almost ran up. " NO. STAY HERE.. DON'T GO" said Maan as he pushed Sam away and ran up.

" GEEEEEEEEEEEEET!" yelled Maan.. Geet was running.. she  was pregnant.. she totally forgot.. She ran after Naina and Maan finally caught up with them and reached the front where tons of goons surrounded all three of them. Maan pulled Geet towards him and put her behind him. " WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING GEET" yelled Maan. Geet was in tears. " Maan.. she tried to save my life.. i cant let her die". " NO DAMMIT... SHES NOT WORTH IT.. " yelled Maan..

" Wah wah.. kya scene hai.. laila majnu aur ek dayan...." said the head goons..." Shutup and let her go.. you want money..? fine. I'll give it you" yelled Geet in tears. " No darling... but you would be a great addition" said the head goon lauhging. Maan got angry and punched the head goon in the face.. " DONT YOU DARE RAISE A SINGLE FINGER UPON MY WIFE.." said Maan as his eyes were red in anger.. All the goons rushed towards Maan and he one by one beat them up.. Naina was scared and she ran towards Geet.. Geet put her arms around Naina's shoulders and stood there.. " Geet.. naina ko lekar jaoo."... Suddenly one of the goons hit Maan from behind  and struck his back with a hockey stick.. "MAAAAN!" yelled Geet as she let go of Naina and ran towards Maan and helped him from not falling for a second. Maan regained his senses and pushed Geet away a little, " Go Geet.. I'll handle it". " NO MAANN.. I CAN'T.. DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH MY HUSBAND.. "screamed Geet...

Naina watched frmo behind shaking and she suddenly saw the head goon coming up from behind Maan and Geet with a gun.. She saw it and ran in front of them as he shot the bullet.. The bullet hit Naina straight in tthe chest and Maan and Geet turned around and held Naina. " NAINAA" yelled Geet as her eyes went in shock.. Suddenly from behind the goons there was the police that surrounded them.. with guns and police cars.. " PUT YOUR HANDS UP... " yelled the inspector.. Naina smiled faintly and she had tears in her eyes.. " I'm sorry Geet.. for all Ive done with you and Maan.. Im sorry for killing your baby...". The bullet was digging deeper into her chest and she breathed a little harder.. " No naina.. I won't let you die.. please.. dont go" cried Geet. " Nothing will happen Naina." said Maan with concern in his eyes.. Naina laughed a little, " dramatic ending for a dramatic girl.. I was foolish.. Geet.. you are so lucky to have Maan.. he is your Maan. .no one else's.. you both are angels.. in eachothers lives.. ". " No nainaa.. pleasee.." pleaded Geet in big tears.. Naina breathed harder and slowly closed her eyes, " im sorry" she faintly said..

Naina was dead. Maan and Geet looked at eachother.. Geet was crying so hard.. Maan put his arm around her, " Shh.. its okay Geet.. kuch nahi hoga..". " Maaan!" cried Geet.. Everyone rushed towards Maan and Geet and saw that Naina was dead.. " Oh no!" said Meera. Sam looked at her and put his arm around her.. The nurses and paramedics rushed towards Naina and they all carried her towards the ambulance.. The paramedics put a white sheet over her body and put her into the van.. The van drove away leaving everyone standing in shock... Maan and Geet looked at eachother and they all went into the car soon affterwards and drove home..

That evening, no one talked at the dinner table.. and they all filed to their bedrooms looking very upset.. Maan put his arms around Geet who sobbed in his arms and he took her to the bed and laid her down.. She was in his arms just like small child.. She slowly cried herself to sleep and Maan closed his eyes..  and he remembered that same year.. again..

Part 42: Enjoy and comment


Maan called Geet that night and Geet picked up, " Hello?". " Hello to you too Miss Handa.." said Maan in a husky voice. Geet blushed, " Hi Maan..". " Why are you whispering Geet?" asked Maan. " Kyunki meri pyaari dost apni stupid si serials dekh rahi hai doosray kamray mein... aur agar mein zoor se baat karoongi to meri shamat aajayegi" said Geet with a laugh, " Oh... is that it.. okay.. btw... main tumhare balcony kay samnay kara va hoon.." said Maan with a naughty smile. Geet was shocked, " Maan!?!!? we just saw eachother two hours ago.. kya haii.. agar Meera nay dekhliya.. to ". " To kya?" said Maan. " Geeet.. bahar aao" ordered Maan sternly. " Oh hello.. excuse me.. mujhe order mat karein.. main aapki biwi nahin hoon" said Geet with a frown. " Bansakti ho.. wanna try?" joked Maan. " Okay FINE.. aarahi hoon.. wait up". Geet tip toed out of her room and went into the balcony area.. she had just taken a shower and changed into another outfit... She was drying her hair as she came out... She saw Maan standing there with his arms crossed.. She came out.. and he just couldn't stop staring.. she looked so beautiful with her wet tresses.. and simple outfit.. The moon was shining on her beauty.. Her skin looked so radiant.. so pure.. more angelic than ever.. For some reason she looked so familiar to the woman he saw in the forest previously.. He shook off the thought.. and there Geet stood in front of him and was blushing.. " Thanks for coming out Geet.." said Maan huskily.

Geet nodded and stood beside him looking outside over the view of Delhi.. the city looked so calm.. afterall.. it was past midnight.. She turned around and said, " I never imagined this to happen Maan...". " Me either Geet.. but I'm glad it happened.." . Maan put his hand on hers and pulled her closely towards him... She was a little surprised but she calmed down a little and Maan kissed her hand.. and he turned her around and hugged her from behind, " I love you Geet...". Geet smiled, " I love you too Maan..". She closed her eyes for a minute.. she felt peace in his arms..

Suddenly, she heard Meera calling... " oh no! Meera.. acha... Maan aap jayiye.. please..". " Nope.. Meera to hai naa.. its not like its your mother...." joked Maan with a slight smile. " Maan! please don't joke around with me.. GOO!" ordered Geet. " Whoa Miss. Hoshiyarpur.. araam se.." said Maan as he put his hands up. Meera was approaching the door and she saw a little figure near Geet.. she frowned and went towards the door. ." MAAN GOO!" said Geet as she was worried.. Maan kissed her on the cheek quickly before going down the ladder..

"Meera? tu.. umm.. serial khatam ho gaya?" stuttered Geet. " Haan par.. tu ghabra kyun rahi hai?" said Meera frowning.. " Acha chall.. woh kya.. kya naam hai yaar.. Kausauti Zindagi aaraha ho ga.. chal.. dekhte hain" said Geet as she pulled Meera's hand away. Meera frowned.. and shrugged and left down stairs with Geet.

The next morning, Maan went to Geet's office to check where she was.. since she didn't call him all day... Maan was waiting and showing her receptionist hell for Geet not being there.. " Sir please.. aap intezaar karein.. Geet mam aati hongi". Suddenly from the meeting room, Geet emerged talking with an old man and she was so concentrated on what he was saying that she didn't notice anyone in front of her... She bumped into Maan suddenly and looked up, " Maan!? aap.. sorry.. meeting main busy thi.. ek minute main aati hoon.. just wait in my cabin... its yours anyway.." said Geet smirking a little. Maan smiled and turned to go towards her cabin but he suddenly heard , " Miss Handa.. would you like to go to dinner with me? Aap jaisi achi businesswoman to lakhon mein ek hain" said the older man cheaply. Geet looked at Maan who stopped and smirked and said loudly enough tfor maan to hear.. afterall she was testing him, " Okay.. where should I meet you Mr. Malhotra" .

Maan's eyes fumed with anger... he clenched his fists and turned around on his heels and walked typical MSK style..He stood in front of Geet and said, " Mr. Malhotra.. nice to see you again.. waisay aapki biwi ghar pe wait kar rahi hogii.. should I call her?.. Mrs. Malhotra would be thrilled to go to dinner with you". Maan smirked and Mr Malhotra knew that he had no chance against Maan Singh Khurana... " Um.. no Mr. Khurana.. you are right". Mr. Malhotra looked a little frightened and turned away and left the office building.. Geet folded her arms and looked around teasingly and addressed her receptionist, " Jalne ki boo nahi aarahi Karishma?". The receptionist giggled a little and said, " Nahi maam.. ". Geet winked and high fived Karishma..She turned towards Maan who was fuming in anger.. " Chaliye" said Geet..

Maan took three deep breaths and walked with Geet.. and as they entered, " Behtiye" said Geet calmy. Maan couldn't hold it in, " WHAT THE HELL was that Geet??!.. that man.. disgusting.. he was hitting on you..". " To? when you weren't in my life there were many old men like Mr.Malhotra hitting on me... " teased Geet.. Maan took Geet hands and spun her around towards him, " Miss. Handaa.. you are minee.. no one is allowed to even look at you in a lustful way... "  said Maan protectively. Geet softened and she put her hand on his cheek, " Im sorry..". Maan softened his expression, " Its okay". " Par maza to aaya thaa.. aapka expression dekh kar mujhe to hasi aarahi thi" said Geet as she tried not to laugh. "yeah yeah... get it out of your system Geet." said Maan rolling his eyes.. " Acha.. chalein.. lunch kartein hain.. i brought alloo paratha's.. " said Geet as she took out her tiffin.. " You still take your lunch in a tiffin..." said Maan with a frown. " Yeah so?" said Geet looking up. " And alloo paratha's... are fattening.. " said Maan. " Oh hello.. excuse me.. ek khalenge to aapke abs deflate ho jayenge kya" said Geet teasingly. " No not really..par I'm trying to save them for you.." winked Maan.Geet blushed, " Acha aajiye.. warna khana nahi milega". Maan smiled and sat down and ate food with Geet as she babbled on and on..

About a few months passed by and Geeet and Maan were totally in love... who would have known.. the two best business people dating.. Geet didn't techically call it dating.. but a getting to know him more period.. she loved him immensly.. and Maan.. well. he loved Geet to his core... Every girl that use to drool on him would immediately get jeallous of Geet and move out of her way.. Geet meant no harmm.. she was just the "Girlfriend" of possibly the most hottest man in Delhi...

Finally, Maan decided to propose to Geet and Geet was expecting the same from him as well... It was a rainy night and Geet was sitting in her living room curled up in her blanket reading a book... it was the late evening when she heard a knock at her door and she sighed and got up to recieve it.. She opened it and saw Maan completely wet and drenched.. my oh my.. he looked even hotter wet.. thought Geet... She blushed and Maan pulled her outside and ran into the car and she sat inside. " Maan.. where are we going". " Shh.. bohot bolti ho tum" said Maan softly. They reached a spot that Maan picked out.. it was in the forest and as soon as Geet entered.. it was lit up with candles and it had a tent with a little stage type thing set up with a table.. She gasped.. " Maan!1". Maan pulled her towards him and took her to the stage that was decorated.. She said, " Maan.. Im not even dressed up.. you shouldve warned me". " You look beautiful in anything Geet.. " said Maan. She  sat down and they talked for a while until Maan took her hand and went into the rainy area... and knelt down in the middle of the grass.. " Will you marry me Geet?". Geet had tears in her eyes and Maan pulled out a ring and took her hand.. She nodded unable to say a world and Maan put the ring on her finger and she knelt down and hugged him..

" Maan.. my family is coming from Hoshiyarpur.. my daarji and my papa and mom as well." said Geet as sat in the cafe with Maan. Maan froze, " Oh I totally forgot about that..." . " Oh and Prem bhaiya is coming too!". said Geet excitedly. Maan sulked a little and Geet noticedd," Maan.. my parents are nice people and Prem Bhaiya is too.. I love them to bits.. ". " Youll do great Maan.. you are a such person.. and the one I love.. my parents have never been the harsh traditional type.. " said Geet as she put her hand on his.. Maan felt a little better and said, " Maan Singh Khurana kisi se bhi nahi darta Geet". " Oh ho.. yeh tevar shaadi ke baad nahi chalenge.." said Geet.. Maan laughed and they both went home.

Geet's family arrived the next morning and as usual daarji was absolutely thrilled to see his granddaughter... he owned  a large business in Hoshiyarpur and the Handa's were one of the most richest families in almost all of punjab.. They had the traditional values but still encouraged everyone to think modernly.. " Daarrji" yelled Geet as she flung into his arms.. " Geet puttar! kaisi hai tu? dekh tu kitni patli ho gayi..". "Geet!!" said Rano Handa and Vansh Handa... She was in daariji's large arms, " humay bhi gale laga le daarji ki bachi" said Rano. Geet laughed and broke out of daarji's embrace and hugged both of her parents.. " Thankyou for coming Mummy papa.. and daarji. .waisay meri Prem Bhaiya kahaan hain?" said Geet.. " Main yahaan hoon Geet" said Prem as he stepped into the door. Geet ran into Prem's arms, " Bhaiya.. I missed you so much.. thankyou for coming". " Tere dulhe raja kahaan hain?" said Rano... " Aap log aaj Maan ki daadimaa see milenge.. phir shaadi ki mahurat" said Geet.

That evening, Geet's family came to Maan's house and Daarji was very impressed, " Good choice puttar.." . Daarji only cared about Geet's happiness and was your average loving grandfather.. Maan stepped down with his Daadi and Sameer... " Behetiye." said Daadimaa with a smile. Everyone sat down and Maan touched daarji's feet and Rano Handa's and Vansh Handa's as well.. ." Jeete raho puttar" said Daarji patting him on the back. "Hum kitnay khushnaseeb hain kay Geet hamari bahu banewali hain..." smiled Daadi. " Aapse mil kar bohot acha laga" said Vansh Handa... Prem sat beside Maan and said, " Hi.. I'm prem.. Geet's elder brother and cousin!". They shook hands and talked for a bit.. they got along extremely well.. both were of the same nature.. The mahurat was fixed to July 14th in shortly two days... and Geet was excited as ever..

----------------------------------------End of Flashback-----------------------------------

Part 43


"Geet!.. ready ho gayii?" called Meera as she was getting ready in the washroom in  Geet's room.. afterall.. she was her best bride made before Shilpa... Shilpa was about to arrive the same day of the sangeet.. " GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETT" yelled a familiar voice. " KYA HAI YAAAR.. IM TRYING TO GET READY.. AUR SAB MUJHE TANG KAR RAHE HAI.. KYA HAI" yelled Geet frustratingly. " Duffer.. main hoon. Shilpa" said Shilpa as she walked in. Geet smiled and Shilpa rushed upto her and hugged her.. " Kaisi hai tuu?? aur waisay bhi..tere woh kahaan hai" winked Shilpa. "Shutup.. tu janti hai kay woh kaun hai" said Geet trying not to smile. " Kaun" asked Shilpa.. she was truly confused.. " Maan Singh Khurana dummy!" said Geet as she smiled a little. " Woh kaun hai?" said Shilpa.. damn for a doctor she was quite dumb in this type of stuff.. " MAAN SINGH KHURANA. YAAD HAI.. " said Geet.Shilpa thought for a minute.. and then a lightbulb went on.. " OMGG.. GEETOO.. WOH? DHAK DHAK?" yelled Shilpa.. She was jumping up and down.. " Congrats yaar! omgg I can't believe itt.. kaisa huaa..meaning.. LOWE kaisay huaa?" said Shilpa teasingly.. " Shutupp.. " said Geet.. " Okay fine.. I won't bother you..idiott" said Shilpa trying not to smile. " Chal.. im ready.. lets go.. Meeraa!" said Geet.. Meera came out and hugged Shilpa, " Kaisi hai tu?.". " Theek.. aur tu?" said Shilpa.. " Theek yaar.. yeh Geet bhi naa.. pagal kardegi.. subah mujhe utha diya.. aur kehdiya.. chal shopping kartay hain.. maine apni Sangeet outfit nahi kareedi" said Meera. " Oh hoo.. excuse me.. jab tere shaadi hogi naa.. to main tujhse poochoongii.. btw.. Sameer bhi hai.. tooo.. " winked Geet. Meera blushed.. and just said" Shutup.. chall.. come on.. sab intezaar kar rahe hai".

Maan was already downstairs and the ladies were already surrounding him... and Geet came down.. 

As Geet was coming down the stairs.. Maan couldn't stop looking at her.. she looked so beautiful.. At the stairs Geet was joined by her mother who was gently helping her downstairs.. She smiled warmly and as they reached the bottom of the stairs.. Rano kissed Geet on the forhead and said, " Khush rahe beta.. sada suhagan raho.." Geet smiled shyly and Rano led her to the place where Maan was sitting. She seated Geet beside Maan and they did all the rasams.. that they were suppose to. Well now.. Meera and Shilpa took full advantage of the fact they have a jiju now.. so.. Meera and Shilpa sat on either side of Geet and Maan.. Shilpa smiled at Maan.. " Hi I'm Shilpaa.. one of Geet's best friends...". Maan smiled, " Hi.. nice to meet you.. Shilpa". " Hayyyee! DHAA-- " said Shilpa as she was swwoooning.. Meera quickly covered her up " So veerji... Nice to meet you again..!". Geet could not stop laughing. .she tried so hard.. Maan looked at her half heartedly.. " Acha jija JI... tooo.. mamla kaisay jum gaya..." winked Shilpa.. " Haan jii.. hum bhi jaana chahte hain.. VEERjii.. " teased Meera.. " Okay okay.. yeh batiyiye... how did you guys meet.. how did this all get to the wedding.. JEEZ.. KYA HAI YAAR,, thats it.. sorry Geet.. me and Jija jii are going to have a little one on one talk" said Shilpa as she winked at Geet.. " Haan ji.. ab to aapki shamat aayi hai veeer ji. thats itt.. boys vs girls.. btw.. aapke dost kahaan hai.. aur.. apka woh" said Meera as she was cut off by a voice.. Sameer came and sat right beside her smirking " Jii.. apne bulaya..". Meera rolled her eyes.. " Nahi.. par aap kyun aaye". Maan looked at Geet with the " save me from your friends look". Geet just nodded and listened on..

" Ji.. aap koun hai?" asked Shilpa as she stood up and put her hands on her waist.. " Beshaq aap mujhe to janti hongi..." said a voice behind Shilpa.. Shilpa rolled her eyes and turned around.." Ar.. Armaan?" said Shilpa with her mouth wide open. "JI.. koi shuq?" said Armaan smiling a little. Sameer stoodup and stood beside Armaan, " Itni pretty ladies yahaan hai to hum kya karein.." said Sameer with his naughty face. " Excuse mee.. waisay aap kahaan se aaye.. Dr. MALIK.." said Meera.. " Apne nahi bulaya.. to hum kya karein... humay aana para.. " said Armaan putting his arm on Sameer's shoulder. "Chal meera.. " said Shilpa as she looked away and dragged Meera away.. They were giggling and talking until they bumped into another girl.. " Oh sorry.. are you okay" asked Shilpa. " NO IM NOT. THANKS TO YOU I RUINED MY LENGHA.. what cheap looking girls.. " said a voice. Meera looked at her.. " Naina!? W*H is your problem.. get the hell out of here. " . Naina rolled her eyes..and pushed passed Shilpa and Meera..

Naina walked towards Geet who was smiling and Maan was talking to Sam and Armaan.. She stopped in front of them and they all turned around.. Geet stood up, " Naina!?! what are you doing here!!". Maan stood up and he just looked at her.. she looked so oddly familiar.. He analysed her and she looked at him " Well well Geet.. you have yourself a good back up!". " Shutup Naina.. and get lost.. out of here" said Geet angrily. " Dekho naina.. scene mat create karo.. jao yahaan se!" said Geet trying to have a little bit of patience.. " Well.. all i came to say is congratulations for offically ruining my life.. Geet.. did you know that i absolutely HATE you?" said Naina as she rolled her eyes.. " Thanks for letting me know.. now leave Naina.." said Geet clenching her fists.. Naina went into Geet's face and said, " I swear to GOD. I'll ruin your life Geet.. you took Dev away from me.. now b**** you're going to pay for that!". Geet looked at her in the face directly, " I won't let that happen.. trust me... get lost..". "And your stupid to be husband.. i bet he doesnt know.. I can't believe that he felll in love with a prostitute like you.." said Naina angrily. Suddenly Geet got so angry and slapped her.. Naina put her hand on her cheek.. that was a hard blow.. She laughed a little, " Oh come on Geet.. Im over those uni b***slapping days.... hit me harder if you dare..". Maan grabbed Naina's arm and dragged her across the room.. and everyone was looking at them.. He brought her to the door and pushed her out.. " Get lost Naina.. " and shut the door on her face.. Naina turned on her heels and went into her car and drove away..

Geet was very disturbed.. and Maan asked her.. " Geet.. who was that?". Geet said, " She is a old uni classmate Maan.. she loved Dev and I knew that... and she thinks that Ive taken Dev away from her.. and she hates me for that.. so she showed me hell for it today..". Maan said, " I'll deal with her Geet.. don't worry.. your Maan Singh Khurana's wife to be.. no one would dare say something like that to you..". Geet smiled and put her hand on his, " I know Maan.. ". They looked at eachother affectionately..

After that evening was done, Maan went to sleep that night and quickly woke up in the morning because it was the little mehndi ceremony and then.. it was their wedding day... Maan quickly got ready and then the work started early morning with Daadimaa ordering every servant in the morning... " Jaldi se khatam karo! mehndi abhi 6 ghantay mein  shuru honay wali hai..".

Later that evening, Geet was getting her mehndi done and all the girls were sitting around her dancing and singing.. it was a beautiful evening.. " Oye hoyee.. Geeetooo! im so excited.. waisay.. yeh boys ko harana hai.. jootay churana hai". Geet blushed, " Let it go guys".. Meera smirked, " Oh hoo.. kaisay chor deinn!!". " Shutup.. jaldi se mehndi lagwa.. " said Geet. " Acha jii.. jo bhi aapki iccha.." said Shilpa smiling. Maan on the other hand.. had his haldi rasam where everyone on his side was putting haldi on him.. Geet already had her haldi rasam.. and was almost done her mehndi..

The very next day, It was Geet and Maan's wedding.. both were thrilled!!

Geet looked absolutely beautiful.. and she was waiting in her room.. Suddenly, she heard a knocking at her balcony doors.. She looked around to see if Shilpa or  Meera was there.. maybe it was Maan.. " Omg!" thought Geet. She stood up and walked towards the balcony and opened the doors.. she said, " Maan!" but then she saw Sameer.. who was rubbing his head.. and he looked at Geet.." Bhabhi.. you look so beautiful.. itni pretty ladies yahaan hongi to Sam ka kya hogaa!!" said Sameer smiling. " Sam.! why are you here.. " said Geet as s he looked around. " Aapki woh saheliyaan to yahaan nahi hai naa?" said Sam looking around with her. " No.. kyun?" said Geet.. Sam handed her a bluetooth from his pocket, " Maan bhai wants you to have this during the wedding..". Geet took it and smiled, " Thanks Sam.. apne bhai se boldena.. mujhe bohot pasand aaya..". " Okay wel.. I have to climb down... so see you later Bhabhi!" said Sam as he went down and climbed down slowly. " Araam se" called Geet. " Yeah bhabhi.. I got it.." called Sam..

Geet put on her bluetooth and pressed the button, " To aap mujhe itna miss kar rahe the" said Geet smiling." Nahi to?" said Maan replying back. Geet frowned, " Okay.. well.. since I have to have this on for the whole weddding.. why don't we talk..". " Sure.. par.. lets talk.. then when we're married.. thenn.. no talking.. just doinng" teased maan.. Geet blushed, " Maan.. aap bhi naa..."

"GEEETOOO" called Shilpa as she came in with her lengha.. Geet stopped talkng and turned around " Haan". Shilpa frowned, " Itni ghabra kyun rahi hai... chal chor.. okay well.. its time for the pre wedding stuff.. chal neechay". Rano entered and smiled, " Tu bohot khoobsurat lag rahi hai.." she kissed her on the forehead and put her arms around Geet's shoulder.. "Chal.. neechay aanay ka time ho gaya hai". Maan was downstairs.. the baraat had already entered and Maan was standing there.. looking like a total prince.. Geet was coming down teh stairs and Maan looked at her.. his eyes were glued to her.. she looked like an angel.. absolutely beautiful! She looked around and smiled as she went down the stiars.. As she reached tthe stairs, she was taken to do the pre wedding rituals.. and they both put mala's on eachtoerh..

The wedding was to be taken place in shortly two hours.. and in between that time.. Sam and Armaan were trying to find the shoes.. " Arey yaar.. kahaan hai" said Armaan. Shilpa came behind him and stuck out her tongue. " HAHAH! yahaan hai.. himmat hai to pakro!". She ran with the shoes and they ran up the stairs and Shilpa tricked Armaan by going into the storage room and she hid the shoes there.. She texted Meera, " Meer.. shoes are in the storeroom". Meera replied back saying, " Thanks.. chal aa neechay.. " Shilpa came out of the room.. she looked around.. Armaan was not there.. she sighed and went down the stairs.. As she was going down the stairs.. Sam was coming up and just smiling sweetly at her, " Hi". She said Hi back and contined down the stairs.. Sam looked around the room and finally gave up.. " Oh god.. Im going insane.. thats okay.. let the girls win.. for once" he smirked..

Now it was time for the actual wedding and both were taken to the mandap.. Maan could not stop staring,, " Maan!" whispered Geet.. He snapped out of it and smiled at everyone.. how embarassing he thought.. Finally.. it was time to put sindoor and manngalsutra on Geet.. he got the mangalsutra and put it on her.. She closed her eyes.. she had been waiting for this since forever.. Finally the sindoor tin was brought near him and he got a pinch out of it and then he looked at her affectionately.. and put on the sindoor.. she closed her eyes again.. the feeling was wonderfull... Finally the phera's were starting.. They got up and Maan went in front first .. and he held her hand while they took the phera's.. and then Geet did the same..

The last phera was absolutely legendary... Geet took her last steps for the last phera and completed it... She was offically married to Maan.. She felt like Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana already! Maan took her hand and kissed it... " I love you Geet.." whispered Maan.. She blushed and finally it was time for her bidaai..

This song was played!! hehe! i have to add that inn!!

She suddenly felt a sudden rush of sadness.. she looked at her daarji who was already getting very emotional.. She had the rice in front of her and her mother had her jholi in front of her.. and Geet threw the rice back.. and she was crying.. Maan put his arms around her shoulder and she broke down a little more.. Shilpa and Meera were crying.. And Geet went back to hug her daarji.. she hugged him hard and cried.. he was tearing up as well, " Puttar.. tu meri ladli hai.. aur ek baat
yaad rakhna.. tera yeh daarji tujhe bohot pyar karte hain.. aur mujhe yakeen hai kay tera yeh dulha tujhe bohot khush rakhe ga..". Rano went up and spread her arms out wide, " Geet!". Geet went into Rano's arms and cried.. everyone was so emotional.. " Mummy.." mumbled Geet as she was crying so hard.!! Shilpa and Meera came to hug her hard.. she couldn't stop crying!!

Prem and Geet's father went upto her and her father hugged her, " Take care my princess.. sada suhaagan raho.. aur mera ashirwaad tum dono kay saath hain..". Geet was crying even harder, " Daddy.. I'll miss you.. ". " Apne bhaiya ko bhool gayi Geet!?" said Prem behind her. Geet tore out of her fathers arms and went to her brothers arms.. " Bhaiyaa" sobbed Geet.. " Shh.. chall.. ". Geet
was crying in Prem's arms.. Prem broke out of the embrace and took Geet's hand and put it in Maan's.. " Take care of my pagli.. ". " I promise I will Prem" said Maan humbly.

Geet wiped her tears in the car where Maan, Sam and Daadimaa were sitting.. Maan put his hand on hers. " its okay Geet.. ". She smiled a little and said, " I knwo.. par maaykay ki yaad to aati hain naa.. ". Maan nodded," We'll visit everyone often Geet..".

Everyone reached the house and Daadimaa went in and called Nakul to get the thali.. everyhting was set up and they did all the rasams.. Geet and Maan entered.. She really felt like a bahu,, someone that she belonged to..

That night, all the girls were giggling and took Geet into her room... it was set up beautifully!! And they sat her on the bed.. and put her ghunghat forward so Maan couldn't see her face... Maan walked up with Sam and Armaan.. the girls blocked the door way,, " Nope! pehle paisay.. phir dulhan!". Maan rolled his eyes.. " Okay.. how much?". Sam took out his wallet and took out a couple of rupees.. and handed it to the girls.. The girls giggled and unblocked the doorway.. Armaan and Sam patted Maan on the shoulder.. They laughed a little and went the other way.. and Maan took a deep breath and went in.. and he saw Geet.. sitting like an angel.. he couldnt believe it..

---------------------------End of flashback!------------------------

Part 44


Maan entered the room to find Geet in her ghunghat as she hugged her knees to her chest. She heard Maan's footsteps and she blushed... " Hayee rabba!.. " thought Geet. Maan was smirking at her... as he stepped even closer towards Geet she started to breathe hard.. Maan could see it.. He sat on the bed, in front of Geet and turned himself to face her.. She was definitely breathing hard... her heartbeats were getting faster.. it seemed like it was going to beat right out of her!

Maan smiled at her and lifted her ghungat slowly... She wasn't looking at him.. she was looking down.. He cupped his fingers on her chin and lifted her chin up.. she looked at him with her bright and beautiful eyes.. his eyes were only full of desire and love for Geet... " Yeh raat sift hamari hai Geet... " said Maan softly.. She smiled a little and looked back down... Maan smiled at her even more... he had a little mischievous glint in his eyes... Geet could feel it... her blood was rushing through her veins... her heart was about to stop.. " I won't let anything come in our way.. " said Maan as he started to take off her mang teeka.. and he kissed her forhead.. She had chills running down her back.. She closed her eyes.. He took off her duppatta and softly put it on the bed.. He then took off her earrings and trailed her neck with kisses.. She put her hands around his neck and let him in ..she loosened her grip and he took off her necklace.. trailing her collarbone and chest with kisses.. She moaned.. " Maan"... He looked at her even more with desire.. She put her arms around his neck and he kissed her on the lips.. she let his tongue into her mouth... They were kissing even more passionately.. and Maan slowly and softly put her on the bed.. Maan took off his sherwani and Geet was devouring him with her eyes.. she could see his chisled abs and perfect body... She ran her hands down his chest and she smiled, " These abs are only mine.. and the person who has it is all mine..". He laughed a little, " You are mine and so is your body... its perfect Geet.. your tiny body fitting into mine.. its perfect,..". She smiled.. and her cheeks were red.. He kissed her on the cheek and he took off her choli... untied the doris and zipped it down..

He slipped her lengha down to reveal  lingerie... " Maan.. yeh sab aapke liye" blushed Geet.. ". " Well now Geet.. you just woke the animal in me.. " said Maan as he was on top of her.. She slipped his pants off and his boxers were only there.. " Do you mind Maan?" asked Geet innocently with a glint of desire in her eyes.. " Not at all Geet.." said Maan smirking.. She slipped his boxers off... "Do  you mind Geet?" said Maan.. " Not at all Maan.. go ahead.. its yours." said Geet seductively. He stripped everything off of her.. and she was a little embarassed to be completely naked in front of him.. He didn't care.. They went into the covers and Maan Geet were making lovee... Maan kissed her on every single inch of her body.. She ran her hands down his body... " Geet.." said Maan huskily.. He kissed her on her neck and gave her a lovebite.. it didn;t hurt.. Geet thought it was so pleasing.. "Let's turn the tables around" said Geet as she was breathless.. Maan understood and they turned around and Geet was kissing him all over and she drove him mad... Finally Maan put her against the bed and Geet spread her legs and Maan let himself into her.. She moaned.. Maan knew that he hit the right spot.. They continued to make love like this all night until both fell asleep in eachothers arms..

The next morning, Geet woke up and looked at Maan who was still sleeping. .She yawned and put her fingers on her forhead.. The mirror was in front of her.. but she could see.. Her sindoor was all messed up and hair was just messed up too.. She blushed and opened the drawers and took out the silk bathrobe and slowly slipped out of bed and put it on.. She looked at Maan and kissed him on the forhead.. " I love you Maan". She went into the washroom and took a shower.. She came out in a towel and found Maan still sleeping.. " Baby" said Geet giggling a little.. She took out a sari to wear... it was her first day and she needed to look like a bride.. She put on sari and sat down on the dressing chair and Maan suddenly woke up.. he yawned and looked at her.. " Geet.. you woke up already? and dressed" asked Maan who was clearly still tired.. She smiled, " Yes Maan.. " said Geet as she combed her hair and Maan was sitting in the bed still having the sheet over him.. he was looking at her getting ready.. " I loved last night" said Maan huskily. She blushed. " Maan.. aap bhi naa.. jaldi se ready ho jayein.. daadimaa abhi aati hongi.. agar aapko aisay dekhliya to" said Geet putting her necklace and earrings on. " To kya?" said Maan naughtily.. " Maan!" said Geet trying not to smile. She put on her makeup and she straightened her mangal  sutra.. and did her hair.. Maan smirked.. and got off the bed and put his shorts that Geet had kindly put for him.. on the side table.. He put it on and went into the washroom and took a shower..

" Maan.. maine aapke kapre bed par rakh diye hain" said Geet as she did her touchups and finally she picked up the little tin of sindoor.. She looked at it and smiled.. He noticeed.. and smiled at her.. He finished dressing up and went to the mirror where Geet had not yet put on her sindoor but was putting on her bangles.. He put finger in the tin and took out a pinch of sindoor and she faced him.. He put it on her and she smiled at him,,, He lifted her up and he looked at her with affectionate eyes, " Geet.. tum bohot khoobsurat lag rahi ho.. dil chahta hai kay main tumhe aisay hi dekhta rahun.." said Maan as he kissed her forhead..

Suddenly, there was a knocking at the door... and it was Sam and Daadimaa.. " Geet bete.. aap ready ho gayii" called Daadi maa.." Daadimaa.. they must busy " winked Sam. Daadimaa tried not to smile. ." Chup!" said Daadimaa as she hit him on the arm.. " ouch daadimaa.. araam se.. " joked Sam.. Geet was startled and said, " J.. Jii. jii Daadi maa.. abhi aayi". Maan let go of her and Geet quickly opened the dooor and Maan took out a file from drawer and started reading it..

Daadimaa smiled at her. " Good morning beta..". "Good morning Dadiimaa" said Geet as she touched her feet.. "Aap bohot khubsurat lag rahi hain" said Daadimaa as she kissedher on the forehead.. " Chaliye.. " said DM as she led her downstairs.

The whole evening consisted of the reception and everyone was enjoying the night..

----3 weeks later-------

Geet was walking around trying to finish her work.. she had calls.. she was getting Maan to buy her company.. since all of her things would be hiss.. Suddenly she felt a sick feeling in her throat.
She felt a little tired and dizzy.. and she said, " ill call you back Adi". She went into the washroom and she threw up.. She was so tired.. she came out ofthe washroom and threw herself on the bed and fell asleep..

Maan came back and Geet was in the bed rubbing her head.. " Geet?" said Maan as he sat down and looked at her.. " Kuch nahi Maan.. ive been throwing up all day.. i feel so dizzy" said Geet.. " Chalo" said Maan taking her hand and getting up.. " Kahaan?" asked Geet as she got up.. " I think its time to visit Dr. Khan.. thats not normal Geet". Geet rolled her eyes.. " Maan.. please..". Maan didn;t listen to her.. they went to the doctors office and Dr. Khan took Geet in for tests.. Maan was sitting inthe office..

After 20 mins, Dr. Khan and Geet came out and Geet was smiling hard.. she blushed at looked at
Maan... "Congratulations... Mr. Khurana.. your wife is pregnant!" said Dr. Khan. Maan was shocked.. " Kyaa?!?!". " Yes Mr. Khurana.. she is" smiled Dr. Khan. Maan smiled widely and took Geet into his arms, " Thankyou Geet.. thankyou thankyou.." as he kissed her on the lips. Dr Khan laughed and went out of the room. " Maan.. araam see!" said Geet as he picked her up and swung her around.. " Maan" yelled Geet as she laughed..

 That whole evening, everyone was over and congratulating Geet.. " Congrats! so quickkk!" said Shilpa as she hugged Geet hard. " Geettuu!" said Meera as she threw her arms around Geet...
"Meerraa." said Maan softly. " Haan haan veerjii.. araam see" said Meera rolling her eyes..

----9 Months later-----------

"MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN" yelled Geet as she clenched her tummy that was grown so bigg. Maan ran into teh room and caught Geet.. he picked her up and drove her to the hospital.. everyone was waiting outside in the room and Geet was inside the labour rooom and screaming.. " MAAN.. CALL MY MAAN. MY MAAAN.. PLEASE PLEASE" screamed Geet as she was crying.. " Mam please.. we have to deliver the child.. " said the doctor. ." NO.. CALL MY MAAN.. RIGHT NOW. RIGHT THIS MINUTE" roared Geet.. the doctors were startled and the nurse went out to call Maan. " Mr Maan Singh Khurana.. ?" said the nurse. Maan stood up  and went to the nurse. " Your wife wants you in the labour room.. she won't deliver the child" said the nurse. Maan was nervous. " Im coming!". Maan dressed in scrubs and went in.. Geet was struggling and screaming.. She saw Maan and he ran upto her.. He grabbed her hand and said, " GEET.. ARAAM SE!" . Geet smiled a little and then started pushing harder.. She was screaming.. it was
absolutely painful.. " Almost there Geet.. relax!" said Shilpa as she was in the room as one of the
doctors.. Finally the ring of fire.. the head.. Geet was going insane.. Maan was trying to keep her calm.. " Geet.. its okay.. im here.. ". Finally the baby came out and Geet felt so relieved... She was crying and the baby was crying as Shilpa picked it up and held a baby.. Maan and Geet looked at the baby..  it was all red and pink.. it was crying.. " Its a boy!" yelled Shilpa..

Geet was crying.. " Maan! my baby.. my babyy!" she pointed. Maan had tears in his eyes.. " My child.. my own..". Finally Shilpa said, " Maan.. we have to clean her up.. you have to go". Maan smiled and kissed Geet's forehead and went out of the room. He came back out with everyone asking him of what happened.. He had tears in his eyes and daadimaa was there crying as well..

After two hours, Geet was all cleaned up and resting.. its not easy giving labor! Maan went in and said, " Geet.. kaisi ho tum?". "I'm okay Maan.. I want to see my baby now!" said Geet impatiently.. Just then Shilpa came in and held the baby in her arms and said, " Here he is Geet..". Maan sat on the bed with her and Shilpa softly handed the baby to Geet and Maan. Geet could not stop her tears.. " Maan.. I can't believe it..hes our baby.. ". She held her son close to her cheek and could hear his tiny heartbeats.. Geet looked at him with so much love.. Maan was so happy.. he has a wife and son! what more could a man have?... "Maan.. what do you want to name him?" asked Geet. " Geet... you decide.. I'll decide our daughter's name.. " joked Maan. " Maan. aap bhi naa.. I went through so much labor and now you want another one.. aapko intezaar karna parega." said Geet. " No seriously Geet.. you decide.." said Maan a little seriously.. Geet looked at her son and Maan looked at his son... They looked at him lovingly for a second and both at the same time said, " Aryaan". Geet and Maan were startled.. they look at eachother for a second and then laugh a little.. " I said Aryaan because you have a double AA in your name.. and I want my son to be like you.. and have a similiar name as you.." said Geet lovingly. Maan was smiling hard.. he kissed her on the forehead and said, " I said it because he has to be a sher.. since his mother is a sherni.. and Aryaan reminds me of that for some reason.. and because you wanted a hero-ish name for your son" said Maan jokingly. " Maan.. aap bhi naa.. mazak nahi chortay.. " said Geet frowning.. " I don't know Geet.. I just knew it.. I don't know why.. Aryaan was the only thing that came to my mind." said Maan getting a little more serious.. Geet smiled at him and she kissed him on the lips.. "Thankyou Maan.. ". "Thanks to karna parega.. I did the hard work you know" said Maan jokingly. They laughed and everyone came in.. and daadimaa and sam held Aryaan.. Meera
and Shilpa were officially masi's!

Years passed and Aryaan started to talk a little and walk around.. Geet as usual was chasing him around... Maan had the perfect life.. wife.. son.. family.. everything.. He was complete.. Everything happens for the Good... Maan learnt that because of Geet...

------------------------------End of Flashback--------------------------------------

Maan startled awake and it was the morning.. Geet was still huddled into his arms sleeping soundly.. He wiped his tears and looked at her.. " My life.. My Geett. My children.. all because of her.. ". Geet suddenly woke up and looked at Maan.. She got up right away and asked, " Maan! kya huaa..". " Kuch nahi Geet.. rest.. you need it.. " said Maan smiling. " No tell me" said Geet
frowning. " I was just thinking of the last six years.. from the time we met.. till the time we had Aryaan.. beautifull.. and now another one..". Geet smiled at Maan.. " I always knew My maan was My Maan.. my respect.. my love.. my dignity.. the father of my two children.. ". She kissed him on the lips and said, " Maan.. I want to forget whatever happened yesterday.. I want to make my life with My Maan beautiful again.. " said Geet as she hugged him.. He hugged herpassionately and then the doors swung open.. Aryaan ran in and jumped into the bed. " Mama.. Papa! ". " Kya hua Ari?" asked Geet as she broke out of the embrace.. " I want a hug too mama.. " said Aryaan.. " Aaaja ladoo.. " said Geet as she scooped Aryaan into her and Maan's arms.. They hugged for so long and of course the giggles from Aryaan were all around the room!

Part 45

" Acha Arii... yeh batao..  you love me or mama better?" said Maan as he was tickling Aryaan.. He was giggling so hard.. " Papaaa!" laughed Aryaan.. " OYEE! mama ko bhool gaye.. BADMASSH!" said Geet laughing as she joined in to tickle him.. Aryaan was laughing so hard, " MAMAA.. PAPAA.. stoppp itt". Geet and Maan stopped and looked at eachother.. Aryaan calmed down a little from laughing.. Maan laughed and Geet laughed a little and said, " Arii.. neechay chalo.. mama's goign to make you pancakes...". " What about Papa?" said Maan jokingly.. " Oh ho.. Papa's on a diet.. remember. Ari?" said Geet teasingly.. "What say Ari?" said Geet winking at him... Aryaan looked at Maan and nodded innocently.. " Mama's right..". " Ari!" said Maan. Geet hugged Aryaan.. " Love you beta.. see.. my son loves me MORE.." said Geet. " Thats okay.. jab meri Pari aayegi to we're going to team up against you!" said Maan. " Done papa!.." said Aryaan. " Yep.. see.. my son said it.. thats it Maan.. aap to haar jayenge.." said Geet teasingly.. " Chalo.. thats okay Aryaan... okay beta.. enough jokes.. chalo neechay.. mama's coming" said Geet as she kissed Aryaan on teh cheek.. "SUPERRMAAAN!" said Aryaan as he jumped off the bed.. and ran outside.. Maan and Geet laughed.. and Maan hugged her," Thankyou for giving me such a beautiful family Geet.. ". " Thankyou for being My maan.. for believing me.. to helping me and to loving mee.. and finally to being the most hottest pati ever.. sometimes I think ... the girls in uni were right.. you are a complete.. my own personal Dhak dhak.." said Geet as she smirked a little.. Maan laughed..and they both got out of bed and got ready.. and their day went as normal..

-----------------------------------------9 Months Later-----------------------------------------------

"MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN" yelled Geet as she clenched her stomach and Maan ran in and took Geet in his arms and rushed her to the hospital.. " Maan drive faster please.. MAAAAN..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" screamed Geet as she tried to breathe.. " GEET! TAKE DEEP BREATHS.... IM ALMOST THERE" said Maan getting all worried! Poor guy!

Maan reached Sanjeevani and carried Geet in... " MY WIFE IS IN LABOR.. " yelled Maan... the nurses came out and put her on the beds and they wheeled her to the labor room.. " MAAAAAAANN.... AAHHGGH" yelled Geet. Maan was trying to calm her down.. "Geet araam se!". 

Suddenly from beside them there was another scream that they heard.. the doctors and nurses rushed two women.. Geet looked to her side while in pain.. " SHILPAA" yelled Geet. Shilpa was screaming.. she looked to the side, " GEEET OMGG.. ". Armaan ran up and said, " Whoa! two of them on the same day! oh GOD.. kya banega humara.. ". Maan looked at Armaan.. " Thank God dude you came... ". " Maan.. its such a coincidence.. but that sokay".

Shilpa and Geet were rushed into the same room.. but Geet was on teh other side and Shilpa was on the other side.. there was a screen between them.. Armaan was on the side with Shilpa nd Maan on the other side with Geet.. "ARRRRRRRRRMAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNN.. AAAHHH" screamed Shilpa.. " Shilpu.. yaar araam se.. its okay.. im here.. " said Armaan looking so worried.. " AREY YAAR.. KYA ARAAM SE... YOU AND MAAN TELL US THE SAME DAMN THING.." roared Geet.. Maan and Armaan went quiet.. " Push harder Geet.." said Maan.. Armaan said, " Push harder Shilpa.. you can do it.".

Finally, Geet delivered the child.. Dr Khan was the head lady in charge of the delivery of Geet.. it was her personal request.. Then, Shilpa delivered her child... " Oh my god.. oh god.. Armaan.. im done. omgg" said Shilpa as she was breathless.. she was a first time mom.. Geet however was a mom a second time.. They both were crying.. Maan held Geet.. " Its okay Geet.. you're done!". Dr Khan lifted up the child and said, " Its a girl". Maan and Geet were so happy! A daughter.. A pari.! Then the other doctor on the other side said, " Its a Boy!". Geeet and Shilpa looked so happy!  they both were crying in joy! They heard the cries of their new borns.. " Okay Dr. Malik.. and Mr. Khurana.. you have to both go out.. its time to clean up the mom and baby.. " said Dr. Khan..

After an hour, Geet and Shilpa were all cleaned up and in the same room.. it was a big room.. just reserved by Armaan and Maan.. Shilpa and Geet were talking and laughing.. Meera, Sam, Ari and Daadimaa came in to see them both..

Finally, Dr. Khan and another doctor brought in the children.. Maan was with Geet while Dr. Khan gave their daughter to them.. She softly handed the baby to them.. Geet looked at her daughter and Maan looked at her with so much love.. " Our pari Maan! pari!" said  Geet so softly.. " My pari.. my daughter." whispered Maan softly.. Maan kissed Pari on the nose.. " Hi princess.. kaisi ho?" said Maan softly.. Pari moved a little and Geet looked at him with tears in her eyes " My pari.". " I told you Geet.. its going to be a daughter.. " said Maan softly.. " I know Maan.. you were right.. ". said Geet as she kissed him on the cheek. Maan looked at Geet with love.. " Thankyou Geet.. for my pari.. .. I love you so much.." said Maan as he kissed her on the lips. She smiled, " I love you too Maan.. My Maan.. .and my Pari.. and Ari.. " said Geet breathlessly..

On the other side, " He's just like you Armaan.. handsome.." said Shilpa so lovingily. " He has your eyes Shilpa.. I just know it.. Thankyou baby.. I love you so much" said Armaan as he kissed Shilpa on the forhead.. " I wonder how the parents on teh other side are doing..". " Nurse!" called Shilpa softly.. The nurse came in and said. " Ji Dr. Shilpa..". " Can you put the partition down?" said Shilpa. " Ji maam" said the nurse. The nurse took down the partition and the parents looked at eachother.. " Congrats Guys" they said together.. they laughed.. they were parents.. they had children..

---------------------------4years later-------------------------

" PARRRIIIII.." yelled Geeet as she ran after her daughter.. Pari was running away and hiding.. " Mamaa!" yelled the little girl... She almost tripped and fell on her face until Aryaan was in the opposite room and he knew it was coming.. so he Aryaan ran up and caught his little sister, " Pari.. where are you going?" said Ari.. " Baiya. baiya.. " said Pari giggling. Geet stopped and put her hands on her waist, " Pari!.. Arii.. kya ho raha hai yahaan par?". Ari looked at his little sister.. " umm nothing mom... Pari was just running after me.. thats it..". " Aryaan Singh Khurana!" said Geet frowning. Aryaan put his little sister down and she hid behind him giggling.. he put his hand on his ears. " Sorry Mom.... I'll be more careful.. " said Ari. Geet softened her expression, " I was just joking Ari.. its not your fault.. don't say sorry.. ". Aryaan walked up a little with Pari still holding onto him.. Geet looked at him with affection, " You are the best big brother Ari.. I love you for that!". Aryaan smiled at his mother, " I always want to be like papa.. like Ive always heard you say mom.. Your Maan.. I want to be like him.. Pari is my little baby sister..  and I always will protect her.. ". Geet had tears in her eyes and Maan came up behind her and kissed her on the cheek.. Pari giggled.. " Kissyy!". " Yeh yeah yeah.. kissy wissy.." said Maan as he went up and picked Pari up. and kissed her on the cheek.

Geet looked at her son.. he said something so touching.. she was so proud.. She knelt down and he looked at her with love.. " You are like My maan.. you always have been Ari.." said Geet as she kissed his hand. Aryaan took his mothers hand and said, " I love you mom.. ". Geet got up and he huggged her.. " I love you too beta.. ".

Maan and Pari looked at them.. They smiled and went into a big hug.. big family hug.. It wasn't the end of My Maan.. It was only the beginning.


  1. awesome!!!!have u written more ff's???if yes plz give me the link